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Inspiring others Locally

We enjoy partnering within our local ar to offer back.

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It has been our pleasure to serve our local community through quick service and a friendly environment. In ~ Chick-fil-A college Mall, our team prides itself on being an ext than a rapid food restaurant. We enjoy obtaining to know our amazing guests and fulfilling any type of opportunity come give earlier to this neighborhood that has so graciously sustained us.

Whether you’re preventing by for a quick lunch break or joining us for an event, we think in providing our guests an outstanding restaurant experience. We carry out our best to carry out a friendly and interactive environment for family members to invest time together.

It is our hope the this site will offer as a useful source of information and also a positive expansion of your experience at Chick-fil-A college Mall. The next time you in our restaurant, please introduce yourself. It would be our pleasure to fulfill you. Thank you because that your loyalty to Chick-fil-A university Mall. Us look front to proceeding to serve our neighborhood community!



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Making a Difference

Join our growing team! Chick-fil-A college Mall is constantly looking because that energetic and hard-working team members. Us hire the friendliest people who have a heart because that customer service and also a desire to work-related in a community-minded restaurant setting. Functioning at Chick-fil-A university Mall is more than simply a job. It"s the capability to affect and touch the resides of others by creating and serving exceptional food and experiences. Below are some of the good benefits of working at Chick-fil-A college Mall.

Employee Benefits

Benefits of functioning for Chick-fil-A university Mall include having most Sundays off, competitive wages, health and wellness care access and subsidies for part positions, functional hours, and more!

Chick-fil-A leadership Scholarships

Eligible Chick-fil-A Team Members have actually the potential to receive a $2,500 leadership Scholarship, v the ability to re-apply for up to 4 years – because that a potential complete of as much as $10,000 for college when serving as Chick-fil-A Team Member. This scholarships room awarded come Chick-fil-A Team Members based upon leadership, scholastic achievement, and community involvement.

True incentive Scholarships

Eligible Chick-fil-A Team Members likewise have the potential come apply and also receive one individual, one-time compensation of approximately $25,000. This scholarships room awarded based on leadership, academic achievement, neighborhood involvement, and also demonstrated financial need.

Educational help Opportunities

In addition to scholarships, Chick-fil-A is offering access to tuition discounts and also other benefits for Team Members at an ext than 70 colleges and universities across the country, which can be an unified with either of the over scholarships. Opportunities and also eligibility differ by school, but benefits and also tuition discounts of up to 30 percent are effective immediately.

Professional work-related Environment

Those who thrive in a fast-paced and also collaborative work environment will reap a position on our Chick-fil-A team. No endure is essential to occupational in our restaurant; yet we perform require a positive, friendly, and engaging attitude!

Opportunities for development & Development

A job at Chick-fil-A offers an excellent opportunities for networking in the regional community and developing valuable skill sets because that future careers. Team members gain experience in superior customer service, maid leadership, and also professional collaboration by working very closely with the Operator and also Restaurant Directors.

Chick-fil-A likewise provides advancement and maintain programs for employees interested in furthering your career in the company. These comprehensive training program are available at intermediary and advanced levels at the Chick-fil-A that company office in Atlanta, GA.

Employees looking to more their education and learning can qualify for several Chick-fil-A scholarships consisting of the Chick-fil-A management Scholarship and the True incentive Scholarship.

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It has been our satisfied to offer our local neighborhood through fast service and a familiar environment. At Chick-fil-A university Mall, ours team prides itself on being more than a fast food restaurant. We enjoy gaining to recognize our guests and also fulfilling any kind of opportunity come give ago to this ar that has so graciously sustained us.

Whether you’re preventing by because that a quick lunch break or joining us for an event, we think in offering our guests an excellent restaurant experience. V family focused events like household Nights and Mommy and Me Mornings or v fundraising avenues like Concessions Sales and our Boxed Meal soul Night regimen for schools and other organizations, we carry out our best to carry out a friendly and also interactive atmosphere for households to spend time together. Visit our events page or authorize up for our Chick-fil-A college Mall email list to discover out an ext about events and also opportunities offered through our restaurant!