This website is activate by brickandmortarphilly.com. Throughout the site, the state "we", "us" and also "our" describe brickandmortarphilly.com.brickandmortarphilly.com uses this website, including all information, tools and also services easily accessible from this site to you,the user, conditioned top top your acceptance of every terms, conditions, policies and notices declared here.

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By visiting our website, utilizing our website, using any services on the website available by us, and/or purchasingsomething from united state on the website, you connect in our "Service(s)" and agree to it is in bound by the following termsand problems ("Terms of Service", "Terms"), including those extr terms and also conditions and also policiesreferenced herein. Regards to Service use to all users of the brickandmortarphilly.com website and also the components andfeatures thereof, consisting of without limitation users who room browsers, customers, merchants, and/or contributorsof content.

Please read these terms of business carefully prior to accessing and/or utilizing our website. By accessing or usingany component of the brickandmortarphilly.com website, whether you have actually a registered account, are a Subscriber (as identified below),or space an unregistered user, you agree to be bound by these terms of Service. If you execute not agree to be boundby the regards to Service, you space not permitted to accessibility or usage the Service. If this Terms of organization areconsidered one offer, acceptance is expressly limited to these regards to Service.

For clarity, any new features, contents or tools which are included to thebrickandmortarphilly.com shop are likewise subject come the terms of Service.

You deserve to review the most existing version of the terms of organization at any time ~ above this page. Us reserve the right toupdate, adjust or replace any part of these Terms of business by posting update and/or changes to our website.It is your duty to examine this web page periodically for changes. Your continued use that or accessibility to thewebsite following the posting of any type of changes constitutes accept of those changes.

Section 1 - general Use Terms

By agreeing to these terms of Service, you represent that you are at the very least the period of majority in her state,province and/or nation of residence, or the you space at least 18 year old or the age of bulk in your state,province and/or nation of residence and also you have provided us your consent to enable any of her minor dependentsto use this site. If you room under the age of majority, you have to review this agreement with your parental orguardian come make certain that you and also your parental or guardian understand and agree come it, and also may only use theService under the supervision of an adult.

You need to not transmit any kind of worms or viruses or any code the a terrible nature.

A breach or violation of any of the terms will result in an instant termination of the services providedto you. We reserve the appropriate to refuse the service to anyone for any reason at any kind of time.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any section of the Service, usage ofthe Service, or access to the business or any contact ~ above the website v which the service is provided,without express composed permission by us.

The headings offered in this covenant are contained for convenience only and will no limit or otherwiseaffect these Terms.

Section 2 - problems of the subscription service (aka “Gold” or “brickandmortarphilly.com Gold”)

A) Overview

The “Subscription Service” (aka “Gold” or “brickandmortarphilly.com Gold”) is an online music catalogue service, by whichwe make available brickandmortarphilly.com music in the type of digital music files (the "Subscription Music") to subscribersto the Subscription service (each, a “Subscriber”, and collectively, “Subscribers”) specifically for the function ofsynchronizing such Subscription Music in audiovisual productions exclusively for exhibition on YouTube and/or Twitchchannels own and/or regulated by Subscribers because that non-commercial objectives (the “Permitted Use”), whilemaintaining the best to knife royalty cost-free advertising revenue native such networks (“Claim Free”), so long assuch person is a Subscriber or together otherwise expressly defined herein. ~ above a Termination event (as characterized below),the Claim free use of Subscription Music shall be governed in accordance with ar E (Termination) below. EachSubscriber specifically acknowledges and also agrees to not make usage of any type of Subscription Music for any type of prohibited orcommercial objectives and/or in link with any type of sponsorship (including sponsored content), merchandising,advertisements or advertisement tie-ins whatsoever, including without limitation: (a) in connection with the promotion,sponsorship and/or proclaiming of a product or service; (b) synchronizing the Subscription Music v so-called"visualization" or revolution imagery, or with no discernable (or blank) video content; (c) making any type of use that theSubscription Music various other than in connection with a Subscriber’s own and/or controlled Twitch and/or YouTubechannels; (d) making any type of so-called “bass boosted” or “nightcore” versions of Subscription Music (or anythingthat is comparable or analogous in brickandmortarphilly.com’s sole and absolute discretion); (e) looping of any SubscriptionMusic (i.e. 1 hour, 10 hour, etc.); (f) providing file sharing links to any type of Subscription Music; (g) usingany brickandmortarphilly.com native or design trademarks together a Subscriber’s channel name or icon; and/or (h) uploading, streamingor otherwise making the Subscription Music easily accessible on any type of platform various other than YouTube or Twitch. For the purposesof this Terms, us deem a Subscriber’s earning of declaring revenue from their YouTube and/or Twitch channel“non-commercial”.

B) advertising Licensing

The Subscription business is for the usage of Subscription Music for non-commercial objectives only. If you would favor touse any type of brickandmortarphilly.com music because that commercial purposes, you re welcome visit https://www.brickandmortarphilly.com/syncor email . Brickandmortarphilly.com is cursed to licensingour music ~ above competitive state on par v music sector standards and also we review and also respond come all license inquiresas quickly as possible.

C) Access

Subscribers shall access brickandmortarphilly.com gold from brickandmortarphilly.com’s website or via Streamlabs OBS live streaming software.The Subscription service is solely easily accessible for entities and persons that have registered and also created an account,who have actually the ability to enter into a binding contract (i.e. Are the age of bulk in their state, district and/orcountry of residence, not personally bankrupt, etc.), and also who salary the prescribed fees to accessibility and use theSubscription business (the “Fee”). The dues is stated in United claims Dollars.

D) Management

brickandmortarphilly.com to make reservation the ideal to amend the Subscription Music, including excluding particular brickandmortarphilly.com music from same,at all times without an alert to Subscribers. Every Subscriber accepts that the Subscription Music that is currentlyavailable could not be easily accessible at a later on date. Specific brickandmortarphilly.com music might not it is in made obtainable as component of theSubscription business due to licensing restrictions. Brickandmortarphilly.com strives to carry out Subscribers with an extensivehigh-quality catalog of Subscription Music.

brickandmortarphilly.com make reservation the best to control brickandmortarphilly.com gold in a manner that it believes, in that is sole and also absolute discretion,best services its users and also best allows brickandmortarphilly.com to keep the Subscription Service, including the appropriate tounilaterally readjust the Fee and also Subscription Music at any time. Every Subscriber hereby provides brickandmortarphilly.com the expressconsent and permission to it is in contacted via email by brickandmortarphilly.com in respect the material changes to brickandmortarphilly.com Gold,including without limitation, in respect of: (a) changes to the Fee; (b) alters to the core use of theSubscription Service; (c) updates come Fee payment attributes and/or functionality; (d) updates come the terms of Serviceapplicable come the Subscription Service; (e) updates come YouTube and Twitch so-called ‘content ID’ programs the materiallyaffect the Subscription Service; and also (f) any type of other changes brickandmortarphilly.com deems room materially vital to call Subscribersabout via email. For better clarity, brickandmortarphilly.com will not email Subscribers because that marketing purposes, uneven they haveexpressly consented to receiving such marketing interactions (i.e. Choose in).

brickandmortarphilly.com to make reservation the right to readjust or discontinue any part or all of the Subscription Service, or to end orsuspend the account of any kind of person, that, in brickandmortarphilly.com"s sole and also absolute discretion, provides the Subscription company ina manner the is not constant with the permitted Use.

E) Termination

In the event that: (a) a Subscriber ceases to be a Subscriber; (b) the Subscription service is discontinued;(c) a Subscriber’s account is exposed or terminated; (d) the minimal license granted come a Subscriber hereunder isrevoked or otherwise terminated for any type of reason; or (e) any similar or analogous situation (each, a “Termination Event”),each Subscriber and former Subscriber acknowledges and agrees the upon a termination Event, in enhancement to any kind of otherrights or remedies easily accessible to brickandmortarphilly.com in law or equity, brickandmortarphilly.com shall deserve to cease together Subscriber’scontinued use of the Subscription Music top top a Claim cost-free basis and brickandmortarphilly.com shall be entitled, there is no limitation,to collection royalties from YouTube and/or Twitch in link with such previous Subscriber’s continued use of any suchSubscription Music. Solely in respect that audiovisual productions include Subscription Music produced while a formerSubscriber to be a Subscriber, brickandmortarphilly.com maintain the right, in that is sole and also absolute discretion, come deem a formerSubscriber’s ongoing use the Subscription Music ‘promotional’ and may allow a former Subscriber to continue usingthe Subscription Music top top a Claim totally free basis, so long because of this former Subscriber adheres to every one of brickandmortarphilly.com’s prescribedSubscription Music crediting obligations. Nevertheless the foregoing, brickandmortarphilly.com retains the best to revoke a formerSubscriber’s ‘promotional’ use rights at any time in the sole and also absolute discretion.

A Subscriber’s access to the Subscription service will continue until a termination Event. To usage the SubscriptionService, a Subscriber must carry out us with one or much more Payment Methods. “Payment Method” method a current, valid, acceptedmethod the payment, as may be updated and determined native time to time in brickandmortarphilly.com’s sole and absolute discretion,and i beg your pardon may encompass payment through a Subscriber’s account v a third party. Uneven a Subscriber cancels theirmembership before their following billing date, they authorize united state to charge the Fee for the following billing cycle come theirPayment Method. A Subscriber might cancel their subscription to the Subscription organization at any type of time, and also such Subscriberwill proceed to have accessibility to the Subscription service through the finish of your billing period. To the extent permittedby applicable law, payments space non-refundable and also we execute not administer refunds or credits for any kind of partial member periods.

F) Fees & Payment

The Fee for the Subscription Service and any other charges a Subscriber may incur in link with their usage of theSubscription Service, such as taxes and feasible transaction fees, will certainly be charged to the Subscriber’s Payment Methodon the specific payment date indicated ~ above the “Manage Subscriptions” page in a Subscriber’s account. The length of aSubscriber’s billing bike will count on the form of subscription that the Subscriber chooses once signing up for theSubscription Service. In some cases, a Subscriber’s payment day may change, for instance if the Subscriber’s PaymentMethod has actually not efficiently settled, once a Subscriber changes their subscription plan or if the Subscriber’s paidmembership began on a job not consisted of in a offered month. We might authorize a Subscriber’s Payment technique in anticipationof membership or Subscription Service-related fees through various methods.

G) limited License

brickandmortarphilly.com sponsor Subscribers a limited, non-exclusive and also non-assignable patent to accessibility and use the SubscriptionService because that the objective of synchronizing selections native the catalogue that Subscription Music in time relation withvideos produced by such Subscriber and also to cause or authorize the exhibition of together videos exclusively by means of YouTubeand/or Twitch channels owned and/or regulated by such Subscriber, top top a non-commercial basis, subject to the state andconditions the these terms of Service and not because that redistribution of any type of kind. The foregoing patent does not provideSubscribers the ideal to remix, significantly edit, or modify any type of of the Subscription Music. Brickandmortarphilly.com may make certainsoftware and/or services accessible to you v a Subscriber’s use of the Subscription Service. Such software and/orservices (as applicable) are reputed to be license is granted to every Subscriber by brickandmortarphilly.com under a non-exclusive, non-assignablelicense because that the Subscriber’s non-commercial usage (as comprehensive herein), and also each Subscriber’s use of such software and/orservices is topic to these regards to Service.

The owner of the Subscription Music made accessible through the Subscription business are plan third-partybeneficiaries the these terms of Service and will have the right to enforce these terms of Service versus Subscribers(whether or no they have ceased to be a Subscriber) and also invoke all rights hereunder including limitations the liability.brickandmortarphilly.com, together a reseller to Subscribers, does not accept order because that music dealers, exporters, wholesalers or any type of othercustomers who intend to resell. The shipment of a product or content does not transfer to a Subscriber any commercialor promotional use legal rights in the product or content other than as specifically contemplated herein.

Section 3- Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness the Information

We are not responsible if info made obtainable on this website is no accurate, finish or current. The materialon this website is provided for basic information only and also should no be relied upon or offered as the single basisfor making decisions there is no consulting primary, an ext accurate, more complete or much more timely resources of information.Any reliance on the product on this website is at your very own risk.

This website may contain specific historical information. Historical information, necessarily, is no current and isprovided because that your referral only. Us reserve the best to modify the materials of this website at any kind of time, but wehave no responsibility to update any type of information on ours website. Friend agree that it is your responsibility to monitor transforms to our website.

Section 4 - adjustments To The Service and also Prices

Prices for our products are subject to adjust without notice.

We make reservation the ideal at any time to modify or discontinue the company (or any component or content thereof) there is no noticeat any time.

We shall no be liable to girlfriend or to any type of third-party for any kind of modification, price change, suspension or discontinuanceof the Service.

Section 5 - assets Or Services

We reserve the right, yet are not obligated, to limit the sales that our assets or solutions to any kind of person,geographic region or jurisdiction. We may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the ideal to limitthe amounts of any products or solutions that we offer. All descriptions of commodities or product pricing room subjectto readjust at any time without notice, at the single discretion that us. Us reserve the right to discontinue any type of productat any time. Any kind of offer for any kind of product or organization made on this website is void wherein prohibited.

We carry out not represent, warrant or covenant that the quality of any kind of products, services, information, or other materialpurchased or acquired by girlfriend will accomplish your expectations, or that any kind of errors in the company will be corrected.

Section 6 - Accuracy that Billing and Account Information

We make reservation the best to refuse any kind of order or subscription you ar with us. Us may, in ours sole and absolute discretion,limit or cancel quantities purchased every person, per family members or every order. These constraints may incorporate orders placedby or under the exact same customer account, the same credit card, and/or assignment that use the very same billing and/or shippingaddress. In the occasion that we make a change to or cancel an order, we may attempt to notify you by contacting the e-mailand/or billing address/phone number noted at the moment the order to be made. We reserve the best to limit or prohibitorders that, in our single judgment, appear to be inserted by dealers, resellers or distributors.

You agree to provide current, complete and accurate purchase and account details for every purchases made at our store.You agree to promptly update your account and also other information, including your email attend to and credit transaction card numbersand expiration dates, therefore that we can finish your transactions and contact you as needed.

Section 7 - Optional Tools

We may administer you with access to third-party tools over which us neither monitor no one have any control nor input.

You acknowledge and agree that we provide access to such devices on one ‘as is’ and also ‘as available’ basis, without anywarranties, representations or conditions of any kind of kind and without any type of endorsement. Us shall have actually no legal responsibility whatsoeverarising from or relating come your usage of optional third-party tools.

Any usage by friend of optional tools offered through the website is entirely at your own risk and discretion and also you shouldensure that you are familiar with and also approve of the terms on which devices are provided by the relevant third-partyprovider(s).

We might also, in the future, offer new services and/or features through the website (including, the release of brand-new toolsand resources). Such new features and/or solutions shall also be subject to these regards to Service.

Section 8 - Third-party Links

Certain content, products and also services obtainable via our business may encompass materials native third-parties.

Third-party links on this website may direct you to third-party website that room not affiliated v us.We are not responsible for assessing or assessing the content or accuracy and also we execute not warrant and will nothave any liability or responsibility for any third-party products or websites, or for any other materials, products,or services of third-parties.

We room not responsible for any type of harm or damages pertained to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content,or any type of other transactions do in connection with any kind of third-party websites. Please review closely the third-party"spolicies and also practices and also make certain you know them before you interact in any type of transaction. Complaints, claims,concerns, or questions concerning third-party products should be command to the third-party.

Section 9 - User Comments, Feedback and Other Submissions

If, in ~ our request, girlfriend send certain certain submissions (for example contest entries) or there is no a request from usyou send creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans, or other materials, even if it is online, by email, by postal mail,or otherwise (collectively, "comments"), friend agree that we may, at any time, there is no restriction, edit, copy, publish,distribute, translate and also otherwise usage in any kind of medium any kind of comments the you forward to us. Us are and shall be underno obligation (1) to maintain any comments in confidence; (2) to salary compensation for any type of comments; or (3) come respondto any comments.

We may, yet have no duty to, monitor, modify or remove content that we determine in our sole discretion space unlawful,offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, venomous or otherwise objectionable or violates any kind of party"sintellectual building or these regards to Service.

Section 10 - personal Information

In enhancement to this Terms, our Privacy policy governs your accessibility to and use ofthe Service. You agree the by making use of the service you consent come the collection, use, and also sharing of together information(as set forth in the Privacy Policy), including the transfer of this info within or come Canada, the unified States,and/or other nations for storage, processing and use through brickandmortarphilly.com, that is affiliates, and its third-party businessassociates.

Your submission and also our handling of an individual data and information about you, whether v our website, the store,via the Subscription organization or otherwise is administrate by and done in accordance v ourPrivacy Policy.

Section 11 - Errors, Inaccuracies and also Omissions

Occasionally there might be info on our website or in the company that contains typographical errors,inaccuracies or failure that might relate come product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, productshipping charges, transit times and availability. We reserve the ideal to correct any kind of errors, inaccuraciesor omissions, and to readjust or update information or release orders if any type of information in the organization or onany associated website is inaccurate at any type of time without prior notice (including after you have actually submitted her order).

We stay no duty to update, amend or clarify details in the business or on any related website,including there is no limitation, pricing information, other than as required by law. No stated update or refreshdate applied in the company or on any related website, have to be bring away to show that all details inthe company or on any related website has been modified or updated.

Section 12 - prohibition Uses

In enhancement to various other prohibitions as collection forth in the terms of Service, you are prohibited from utilizing the websiteor its contents (including but not limited to the Subscription Music): (a) for any unlawful purpose; (b) to solicitothers to carry out or participate in any type of unlawful acts; (c) come violate any type of international, federal, provincial orstate regulations, rules, laws, or neighborhood ordinances; (d) to infringe top top or hurt our intellectual propertyrights or the intellectual property rights of others; (e) come harass, abuse, insult, harm, defame, slander,disparage, intimidate, or discriminate based on gender, sex-related orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age,national origin, or disability; (f) to submit false or misleading information; (g) to upload or transmit virusesor any kind of other kind of malicious password that will or might be offered in any means that will affect the usability oroperation that the business or of any type of related website, other websites, or the Internet; (h) to collection or trackthe personal information of others; (i) to spam, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape; (j) because that anyobscene or not ethical purpose; (k) to interfere v or circumvent the security functions of the organization or anyrelated website, other websites, or the Internet; (l) come produce any content that advertises the usage of liquor,tobacco, weapons, firearms, illegal drugs, violence, harassment, sexually clearly content, and also items or actsof a comparable nature; (m) is in violation of the brickandmortarphilly.com password of Ethics; or (n)to commit any acts or create any type of content that are, in brickandmortarphilly.com’s sole and also absolute discretion, of an overlypolitical nature and/or would certainly be taken into consideration by a reasonable human being to be inappropriate. We reserve the rightto terminate your usage of the business or any kind of related website for violating any of the prohibition uses.

Section 13 - Disclaimer that Warranties; Limitation that Liability

We perform not guarantee, stand for or warrant that your use of our company will it is in uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

We carry out not represent, warrant or covenant that the outcomes that may be derived from the usage of the business will beaccurate or reliable.

You specifically agree that your use of, or i can not qualify to use, the service is in ~ your sole risk. The Service and allproducts and services ceded to you v the company are (except as expressly proclaimed by us) detailed "as is"and "as available" for her use, without any kind of representation, warranties or problems of any type of kind, either express orimplied, consisting of all implied warranties or problems of merchantability, merchantable quality, fitness for a particularpurpose, durability, title, and also non-infringement.

In no case shall brickandmortarphilly.com, that is parents, affiliates, subsidiaries or partners, and each of its and their directors,officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, business providers or licensors be liablefor any kind of injury, loss, claim, or any type of direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential damages ofany kind, including, without limitation shed profits, shed revenue, shed savings, loss of data, replacement costs,or any comparable damages, even if it is based in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise,arising from your use of any type of of the company or any kind of products procured using the Service, or for any type of other claimrelated in any means to your use of the service or any type of product, including, however not limited to, any kind of errors or omissionsin any type of content, or any loss or damages of any kind occurs as a result of the use of the company or any kind of content(or product) posted, sent , or otherwise made easily accessible via the Service, also if recommend of your possibility.Because some claims or jurisdictions execute not enable the exclusion or the limitation of liability for consequentialor incidental damages, in such claims or jurisdictions, our legal responsibility shall be minimal to the preferably extentpermitted through law.

Section 14 - Indemnification

You agree come indemnify, defend and also hold unauthorized brickandmortarphilly.com, that is affiliates, parents, subsidiaries and also partners,and every of its and their officers, directors, agents, contractors, licensors, business providers, subcontractors,suppliers, interns and also employees, unauthorized from any type of claim or demand, consisting of reasonable legal fees, made byany third-party as result of or developing out of her breach of these Terms of service or the records they incorporateby reference, or your violation of any law or the civil liberties of a third-party.

Section 15 - Severability

In the event that any kind of provision of these Terms of business is determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable,such supplication shall nevertheless be enforceable to the fullest level permitted by applicable law, and theunenforceable part shall be understood to it is in severed from these terms of Service, such determination shallnot influence the validity and also enforceability of any other continuing to be provisions.

Section 16 - Termination

The obligations and also liabilities that the parties incurred before the termination date shall endure thetermination of this agreement for all purposes.

These terms of service are effective unless and also until terminated by either you or us. You might terminate theseTerms of company at any time through notifying united state that girlfriend no longer wish to use our Services, or when you ceaseusing ours website.

If in our single judgment girlfriend fail, or we suspect that you have failed, come comply with any type of term or supplication of theseTerms the Service, we likewise may end this agreement at any kind of time without notification and girlfriend will stay liable because that allamounts due up to and including the day of termination; and/or as necessary may deny you accessibility to our Services(or any part thereof).

Section 17 - whole Agreement

The fail of united state to practice or enforce any type of right or delivery of these Terms of service shall not constitutea waiver of such appropriate or provision.

These regards to Service and any policies or operating rules posted by united state on this website or in respect come theService constitutes the entire agreement and also understanding in between you and us and also govern your usage of theService (including the Subscription Service), superseding any kind of prior or at the same time agreements, communicationsand proposals, whether dental or written, between you and us (including, however not limited to, any type of prior versionsof the terms of Service).

Any ambiguities in the translate of this Terms of business shall no be construed versus the drafting party.

Section 18 - administrate Law

These terms of Service and also any different agreements whereby we carry out you solutions shall it is in governed by andconstrued in accordance through the legislations of the province of brothers Columbia and also the federal laws of Canadaapplicable therein. You specifically agree that exclusive jurisdiction for any type of claim or conflict with brickandmortarphilly.comor relating in any method to your use of the website, Service and Subscription company resides in the courts ofthe province of brother Columbia.

Section 19 - problem Resolution

Section 20 - Assignment

brickandmortarphilly.com is licensed has been granted to in totality or in component assign the rights and also obligations under these terms of Serviceto a 3rd party. You might not assign this Terms of company to any type of party.

Section 21 - Term and Termination

These state of company will proceed to be in pressure until terminated by brickandmortarphilly.com. If brickandmortarphilly.com terminatesthese state of business for any kind of reason or if you violate any type of of the state or conditions in this Terms ofService or any type of related documents, your best to use the company or Subscription service will immediatelyterminate.

Section 22 - alters To regards to Service

You can review the most present version of the state of business at any type of time at this page.We reserve the right, at our sole and absolute discretion, come update, change or change any part of this Termsof organization by posting updates and changes come our website. The is exclusively your responsibility to inspect our websiteperiodically for changes to the terms of Service. Your continued use of or accessibility to our website or the Servicefollowing the posting of any changes to these Terms of company constitutes acceptance of those changes.

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Section 23 - call Information

Questions around the terms of organization should be sent out to us at.