Made in Italy and also originally released in 1976, “Caligula Reincarnated together Hitler” is a Nazi concentration camp exploitationer. This death camp is for the ladies, and ss Commandant Starker (Marc Loud) plainly digs his work. Over there is rape, torture and, needless to say, rampant negative taste. German soldiers who are enabled to rape the female prisoners are called “they need to suffer.” So, there room women smeared with blood and also kind of half-heartedly feigning agony.Lise (Daniela Poggi) is the good-looking blonde sinner of war who endures every manner the humiliating whoopin’s in the Nazi hellhole. Women space ripped personal by Doberman’s, spanned with human being feces, etc. Not precisely a Club-Med style existence.As you may’ve guessed, the large wigs at the fatality Camp room a load of homicidal looneys. Ranting around Aryan superiority and getting every horned-up end the prospect of Germany ruling the world. They also chow under on the (apparently, damn tasty) meat of part unlucky prisoners. Happen the A-1 sauce!The movie was initially released together “Last Orgy the the third Reich”, which was misleading because there’s very tiny sex in it. However, the new title is also dumber, due to the fact that Hitler doesn’t display up in the movie in ~ all.In regards to theme, “Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler” is together sick together they come, but–its other shortcomings aside–it’s how amazing well-made. So, if you’re right into campy ’70s shock cinema, this is a can’t miss out on flick.

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