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Journey Information

over there is one daily bus native Gainesville come West Palm Beach. Travel by bus indigenous Gainesville to West Palm Beach usually takes approximately 9 hours and also 5 minutes, yet the faster Tornado Bus bus deserve to make the expedition in 8 hours and 25.2 minutes.

Distance246 mi (395 km)
Shortest duration8h 25m
Cheapest price$29.98
Trips per day1
Most regular serviceFlixBus US
Bus lines2

$29.98 is the mean price that a bus ticket indigenous Gainesville come West Palm Beach. Acquisition a bus is one affordable means to do this trip. It’s easy to discover a bus ticket in ~ this price or reduced when you usage to book your expedition online in advancement of your travel date.

The shortest bus ticket price on this route can usually be uncovered in March. That’s when the median price that a bus ticket is meant to be simply $37 – the lowest of the year.

Alternatively, if you setup to take trip from Gainesville to West Palm beach in November, suppose to spend an ext on your bus trip, together the average ticket price might surge come $47 at the time that year. However, if you book your expedition ahead of time, you deserve to still score a ticket at a lower price.

many bus suppliers charge greater ticket prices the closer you book to the day of travel, so it’s a an excellent idea come buy your bus tickets as at an early stage as possible. The best way to find cheap bus tickets is to publication at least 19 job in advance. By act so, you can expect to save $15.40 on your bus ticket contrasted to booking at the critical minute.

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There are two bus currently that have daily organization from Gainesville come West Palm Beach. However, each agency only operation one bus per day.