This is a overview to the next Quest, Death Mountain"s Secret, in Legend that Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Below you can discover the quest walkthrough, whereby to start Death Mountain"s Secret and all search rewards.

How come Start fatality Mountain"s Secret


Death Mountain"s secret Location

quest Giver ar
Goron hot Springs

After completing the magnificent Beast Vah Rudania quest, speak to Dugby throughout the job while the is relaxing in the Goron hot Springs to start this next quest.

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Death Mountain"s secret Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Ask about the covert treasure
Find the covert treasure
Go back to Dugby
Talk to Dugby
Talk come Dugby in ~ the Goron hot Springs and he will certainly tell you about the treasure"s location.

Find the surprise Treasure



Go back to Dugby

Return to Dugby Go back to Dugby and show that the Drillshaft to finish the quest.

Death Mountain"s secret Quest Rewards


After returning to Dugby with the Drillshaft, he will certainly let you store it because that "winning the game".

Adventure log Entries

This is a complete list of the Adventure log in entries for death Mountain"s Secret.

entry Entry text
Quest Start Dugby, the young Goron soaking in the Goron warm Springs, said: "I bid a tweshure binteen gear an ba leg of Eldin! Iz one abazing schtick! Beely bool! If boo tie it...iz boars!" it sounds choose gibberish, however maybe there"s something to it ~ all?
1st Update You discovered a drillshaft buried in a crag between the leg of Eldin and Goron warm Springs. might this it is in the treasure the Dugby mentioned? shot showing Dugby the drillshaft you"ve acquired.

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Quest Clear The treasure that young Goron Dugby hid and alluded come turned the end to be...a drillshaft! because you found it, he"s going come let you store it.

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