Season 5 episode 1 - not My Momma!

Evelyn suffers indigenous a stroke, i beg your pardon turns into an East shore vs. West coast sister fight over Mommy! Evelyn’s near death experience sparks a new lease on life while Traci faces a health and wellness scare of her own. Air day : 19th-May-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 2 - Man enough For Mommy

Trina hires a matchmaker for Mommy in Atlanta. Toni craves brand-new experiences and also takes the plunge. Tamar wants the Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry to attach with angels, yet Trina is not on board & tension rises Air day : 26th-May-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 3 - S*** Gets real

Tamar opens up around being fired native "The Real"; Trina suspects she has a stalker. Air day : 2nd-Jun-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 4 - no Famous enough

Towanda pour out the tea about Trina’s man. Traci worries around her surgery. Tamar gets upset when Towanda goes lacking at she fashion show. Daddy worries arise or Tamar & Trina. Air date : 9th-Jun-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 5 - five You do the efforts It!

Toni displays her biopic movie; Tamar meets she on-screen counterpart; and also Towanda confesses her mystery to Trina. Later, Trina finally encounters her sister issues.a Air date : 16th-Jun-2016Read More

Season 5 illustration 6 - you Gotta obtain Pelvic to Pelvic!

You Gotta obtain Pelvic come Pelvic! Air day : 23rd-Jun-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 7 - Toni acquired A Ditty!

Tamar is uber-anxious when she performs for Smokey Robinson. Toni expose she has actually a date. Towanda’s an enig appointment; sisters are shocked. Trina confronts she sisters. Air day : 30th-Jun-2016Read More

Season 5 illustration 8 - You desire That Old Thang Back?

Is Trina reconciling v Gabe?! Air date : 7th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 9 - Wasband"s back

Trina has actually a candid conversation through her ex that transforms sour when past infidelities are carried up. Later, Toni"s final display with Trina and Towanda performing together her back-up singers is an emotional occasion for everyone involved. Air date : 15th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 10 - What"s the T v You and also B?

Toni surprises her sisters through an unanticipated visitor come celebrate their final performance; Toni invites a man to dinner; and also Tamar insists on coaching Evelyn for her runway debut. Later, Gabe has actually a proposal because that Trina. Air day : 21st-Jul-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 11 - This Is Not about ReKindlerization...or Is It?

Trina proceeds to move forward with Gabe; Tamar"s picture shoot; Traci records a new, sexy album but her manager has doubts. Air date : 28th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 5 illustration 12 - cheat Thy sister

Gabe makes a shocking confession to Trina. Later, Tamar performs in ~ an to exclude, event; Traci top her sister at her studio session; and also Toni"s dinner is destroyed after Tamar"s insulted. Air date : 4th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 13 - Flippin" The Bird

Tamar"s shocked by she sisters" reaction to she surprise. Later, Trina issues Towanda"s new home can signify a large move; and also Trina enlists a hypnotist to assist conquer she fear. Air day : 11th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 5 illustration 14 - Broadway or Bust

Air day : 18th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 5 illustration 15 - Spilling The Tea

Air day : 25th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 5 episode 16 - Tabloids, Rumors, and Repercussions

Tamar deals with shocking tabloid rumors about her marriage. Towanda finally files for divorce. Toni gets grilled about her new romance. Traci confronts Tamar around her articles on society media. Air day : 16th-Mar-2017Read More

Season 5 episode 17 - You run Your Mouth, I"ll run My organization

Towanda"s divorce fight continues & it"s war! A suddenly glitch injures Toni right prior to she"s around to perform. A taste test quickly turns south when Tamar and also Trina acquire heated end Bar Chix! Air day : 24th-Mar-2017Read More

Season 5 illustration 18 - The mom of every Insults

The sisters" blowout fight leads to the mommy of every insults. Tamar reveals a shocking an enig she"s retained from her sisters. Trina scouts for her pop increase Bar Chix location. Air date : 30th-Mar-2017Read More

Season 5 illustration 19 - Bird ~ above The brain

Tamar finally tells she parents she secret, stunning miss out on Evelyn. Tamar grills Toni around her brand-new beau. Birdman meets dad at a household dinner. Tamar proposes a shocking invitation to her sisters. Air day : 5th-Apr-2017Read More

Season 5 episode 20 - earlier In The warm Seat

The sisters are afraid old wounds will be exposed ~ above Bishop T.D. Jakes" talk show and also a last-minute power throws castle off. A blended family members proposal shocks all as soon as Daddy says his mam attends a family members trip. Air day : 13th-Apr-2017Read More

Season 5 illustration 21 - popular music Up, Pop turn off

When the sisters hear concerning rumors prior to Trina"s popular music Up Bar Chix event, they face Trina. Trina expose the truth around a shocking arrest at her home. Tempers flare in Towanda"s custody battle. Air date : 20th-Apr-2017Read More

Season 5 illustration 22 - opposing Counsel

Tamar"s new single sparks drama once Mommy is shocked to uncover out it"s written around her and Daddy"s divorce. The gloves come off in Towanda"s custody battle. Traci walk a photoshoot for her whiskey line. Air date : 27th-Apr-2017Read More

Season 5 illustration 23 - Donde Esta Daddy?

The Braxtons come in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for their family trip-but where"s Daddy? if the sister are having fun, surprise guests threaten to ruin the vacation. Air date : 3rd-May-2017Read More

Season 5 illustration 24 - The other Mrs. Braxton

Daddy brings his wife to Mexico, stunning miss Evelyn and the girls. All hell breaks loosened when Toni invites Daddy and also his wife to dinner. After years of misconceptions, the girls find out the shocking truth! Air date : 11th-May-2017Read More

Season 5 illustration 25 - after ~ the Storm

The sisters try to relocate forward after your dramatic dinner with Daddy. Tamar make the efforts to clear the air through Daddy, however isn"t all set to invite his wife to Vince"s date of birth party. The sisters likewise bail on the party. Air date : 18th-May-2017Read More

Season 5 episode 26 - There"s Something around Mommy

In the Season 5 finale, Toni discovers a scary brand-new Lupus symptom the could readjust her life forever. Later, Towanda reveals news about her divorce; and also Evelyn finally opens up around the ladies" father and also the Mexico trip. Air date : 24th-May-2017Read More



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