Cory Matthews, the titular boy, grows up in this long-running sitcom, a clip of ABC"s "TGIF" lineup through lot of the 1990s. (It premiered once Cory was 11 and ended through him married come childhood sweetheart Topanga Lawrence.)

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Episode 1

Back 2 School

Fri, Sep 23, 1994 30 mins

Cory deals with a bully and a new teacher top top his an initial day that high school. Cory: Ben Savage. Shawn: rider Strong. Mr. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels.

Episode 2

Pairing Off

Fri, Sep 30, 1994 30 mins

A frustrated Cory consults his brothers Eric in his pursuit to discover a date. Wendy: Jessica Wesson. Ms. Kelly: Nancy Valen. Rebecca: Marguerite Moreau.

Episode 3


Fri, Oct 7, 1994 30 mins

A prank leaves Cory in a dilemma: rat on Shawn or face Feeny"s wrath. Mr. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels. Desiree: Sydney Bennett. Molly: Jill Novick.

Episode 4

Me and Mr. Joad

Fri, Oct 14, 1994 30 mins

as soon as Mr. Turner reneges ~ above a promise, the course goes on strike. Cory: Ben Savage. Shawn: driver Strong. Desiree: Sydney Bennett.

Episode 5


Fri, Oct 21, 1994 30 mins

Cory is invited to his first high-school party, but his renowned friend Shawn isn"t. Amy: Betsy Randle. Alan: wilhelm Russ. Turner: Anthony Tyler Quinn.

Episode 6

Who"s fear of Cory Wolf?

Fri, Oct 28, 1994 30 mins

Cory experiences puberty, yet a fortuneteller convinces him the he"s really transforming into a werewolf. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Frank: Don Calfa. Turner: Anthony Tyler Quinn.

Episode 7

Wake Up, small Cory

Fri, Nov 4, 1994 30 mins

Cory and Topanga (Ben Savage, daniel Fishel) make a video about sex for school and also end up spending a night together. Harley: Danny McNulty. Joey: Blake Soper. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels.

Episode 8

Band ~ above the Run

Fri, Nov 11, 1994 30 mins

Cory and Shawn type a bogus tape to impress part girls. Norm: Micky Dolenz. Larry: Billy Vera. Gordy: stack Nielsen.

Episode 9

Fear Strikes Out

Fri, Nov 18, 1994 30 mins

Cory bring away a lot of of heat when the can"t muster the nerve come kiss Topanga in ~ a party. Eric: will Friedle. Miss Tomisson: Darlene Vogel. Harley: Danny McNulty.

Episode 10

Sister Theresa

Fri, Nov 25, 1994 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) wins a girl"s heart v politeness---and he much better stay respectful since she"s Harley"s sister. Theresa: danielle Harris. Harley: Danny McNulty. Frankie: Ethan Suplee.

Episode 11


Fri, Dec 9, 1994 30 mins

when Shawn (Rider Strong) can"t decide between two girls, the asks Cory to day one if he it s okay to know the other. Cory: Ben Savage. Linda: Haylie Johnson. Stacy: Molly Morgan. Chubbie: man Capodice.

Episode 12


Fri, Dec 16, 1994 30 mins

A "turnaround" dance gives girls a possibility to ask men out, yet that doesn"t take any pressure turn off Cory. Ingrid: Natanya Ross. Allison: Marne Patterson. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 13


Fri, jan 6, 1995 30 mins

Cory and Shawn help Frankie refer his feelings because that a girl who transforms out to it is in Harley"s girlfriend. Frankie: Ethan Suplee. Harley: Danny McNulty. Amy: Betsy Randle.

Episode 14

I Am not a Crook

Fri, jan 13, 1995 30 mins

Shawn nominates Cory for class president and manages his project until politics pressure forces Cory to fire him. Alvin: Jonathan Charles Kaplan. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Paula: Shay Astar.

Episode 15

Breaking increase Is Really, Really hard to Do

Fri, jan 27, 1995 30 mins

Cory find a date for a party, yet the girl seems to have more long-range plan for their relationship. Wendy: Jessica Wesson. Shawn: driver Strong. Dominique: Musetta Vander.

Episode 16

Danger Boy

Fri, Feb 3, 1995 30 mins

as soon as his girlfriend"s younger cousin pertains to town, Eric asks Shawn---instead of Cory---out ~ above a double date. Mr. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels. Kim: Heidi Lucas. Chubbie: Monty Hoffman.

Episode 17

On the Air

Fri, Feb 10, 1995 30 mins

Mr. Feeny pulls the plug ~ above Cory and Shawn"s radio show after the guys switch to a less-than-scholarly format. Robin Leach has a cameo. Sarah: Hillary Tuck. Cory: Ben Savage. Shawn: driver Strong.

Episode 18

By Hook or by Crook

Fri, Feb 17, 1995 30 mins

A tutor help Eric cheat on a test; Cory tells Topanga he obtained mono through kissing someone. Torie: Terri Ivens. Uncle Mike: Herschel Sparber. Topanga: danielle Fishel.

Episode 19

Wrong side of the Tracks

Fri, Feb 24, 1995 30 mins

A demoralized Shawn hangs with the wrong crowd; Eric gets a dream ice-skating lesson from Nancy Kerrigan. Harley: Kenny Johnston. Joey: Blake Soper. Frankie: Ethan Suplee.

Episode 20

Pop Quiz

Fri, Mar 10, 1995 30 mins

Cory and also Shawn think they"ve got inside info on one uncoming quiz. Meanwhile, Joey and also Frankie look for a new leader to replace Harley. Griff: Adam Scott. Turner: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Mr. Feeny: william Daniels.

Episode 21

The Thrilla in Phila

Fri, may 5, 1995 30 mins

Cory"s bullied into joining his school"s wrestles team. Through cameos by Robert Goulet, Yasmine Bleeth and also pro wrestler Vader. Griff: Adam Scott. Joey: Blake Soper. Matt: Jared Murphy. Candy: Kelly Packard. Savage: Charles Carpenter. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Cory: Ben Savage.

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Episode 22

Career Day

Fri, might 12, 1995 30 mins

Shawn feels choose a fifth wheel in Cory"s house after his mommy drives off with the family"s mobile home and also his father leaves to track she down. Chet: Blake Clark. Jedediah: Peter Tork. Katherine: Darlene Vogel. Jason: Jason Marsden. Cory: Ben Savage.

Episode 23


Fri, might 19, 1995 30 mins

Shawn"s extended stay v Cory"s family members takes that toll; Mr. Feeny uses to phone call Eric the three secrets to success ~ above the SATs. Chet: Blake Clark. Turner: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Shawn: rider Strong.