Less than 24 hours after he was hit on the head by a line drive and carted off the field, the Toronto Blue Jays pitcher was back at Tropicana ar on Wednesday.

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The 30-year-old claimed he had a skull fracture behind his left ear that doctors believe will cure on that is own, as well as a sore right knee that he tweaked as soon as he dropped come the floor Tuesday night.

Otherwise, the felt pretty great after his release from Bayfront clinical Center. He does not have actually a concussion.

"I feel really fortunate," Happ stated after limping right into a room in ~ Tropicana ar for a news conference and climbing a pair steps come sit under behind a table.

"It looks choose I moved just a tiny bit. I don"t remember act that, however it looks like it was just enough to wherein it have to have caught me in a far better spot, due to the fact that I think it could have obtained me head on," he said. "I"ve got some stitches and there"s a fracture in the skull, ns suppose, behind mine ear, but it"s not significant or threatening. We"ll allow those heal."

Happ, placed on the 15-day disabled list, had actually a quick conversation through Tampa Bay"s Desmond Jennings, that hit the line drive that captured him squarely top top the left next of the head. Happ shook hands with numerous teammates external the Blue Jays clubhouse when assuring each one: "I"m fine."

"He just wished me the best and also hoped for a quick recovery," Happ said. "Obviously, something favor that is never ever intentional. Ns let him know that ns knew that and also I appreciated him coming over. It"s a scary thing, I"m certain on his end, too."

Happ remembers release the ball.

"I don"t remember seeing it," that said. "Just instant loud ringing in my ear. Simply pressure on my ear, and also I was on the ground. The was kind of it. It took me a couple of seconds to sort of figure out what to be going on, however I carry out remember them being there ... The coaches and also Gibby (manager man Gibbons) and obviously, the trainers. Ns was coherent and also talking quite quickly."

Though he"s i was sure he will certainly pitch again, he"s not certain when.

"From everything, CT scans of the brain, neck, spine and skull, it looks nice good," Happ said. "I don"t think there"s a ton of concern."

The hit, still being replayed top top TV a day later, left few of his other players unsettled.

"I felt awful yesterday. I played through Happ last year because that a little bit," Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Villanueva said. "There"s a lot of talk out there around the gear and protective stuff. Hopefully, they"ll come out v something the won"t affect us pitching the end there, yet it"s still together a rapid game. What wake up if the sphere comes straight at her face? There"s naught you deserve to do. Friend can"t pitch through a mask on. It simply comes under to the attract of the luck, ns guess."

Major organization Baseball, meantime, is make the efforts to identify the best means to defend pitchers from comparable injuries.

The league"s senior vice president, Dan Halem, claimed a half-dozen suppliers were designing headgear for pitchers yet no product to be sufficiently protective and comfortable.

"If the doesn"t absorb sufficient impact, climate it may be ineffective," he said.

Dr. Gary Green, MLB"s medical director, stated the Head Injury standard (HIC) scale is being used to evaluate products and that a lid liner likely would need to be 8 ounces or lighter.

"We"ve discovered some things that are very lightweight, yet they"re not an extremely protective, and also then other things that can be protective but they space too heavy and don"t meet the other specifications," the said.

Robert Vito, president of Pennsylvania-based Unequal innovations Co., said a patent had actually been submitted for a product he wishes to make available in June. Vito claimed his employee met through pitchers, coaches and also trainers indigenous 26 large league teams during spring training.

"My biggest worry coming from the MLB football player Association is the winter test. Once they placed it on, it must be hidden protection the cannot be detected by the fan," the said.

In experimentation the product, he had someone smash a Louisville Slugger bat right into his chest.

"Energy is like water. It"s gained to go somewhere," Vito said. "So the energy is one of two people going to get in my body and devastate tissues, tendons and break ribs and also crush my love to wherein I"m bleeding the end internally, or it"s going to get took in into the pad and then return few of that energy to the bat, all the if protecting me."

While Unequal has used Kevlar-based products in the past, Georgia-based Evoshield employs "gel-to-shell" technology.

"There is no fast and easy solution," Evoshield CEO Bob Pinckney stated in a statement.

Green stated an typical of two pitchers had actually been struck on the head by line drives throughout the past seven or eight seasons.

"While these things are catastrophic, they"re still rarely events," he said.

Baseball stepped up its initiatives after two pitchers were struck critical year. Oakland"s Brandon McCarthy to be hit ~ above the head by a liner critical September, leading to a skull fracture, one epidural hemorrhage and also a brain contusion that compelled surgery. He to be released from a hospital 6 days later.

McCarthy, who pitched for Arizona top top Tuesday night versus the Los Angeles Dodgers, said he won"t watch video clip of Happ getting hit.

"I don"t recognize what the GMs and the owners have to do with anything. It"s not favor they"re pitching," McCarthy said. "Until someone renders something that works, it"s going to be hard for who to stay it.

"Most every little thing that"s come the end wouldn"t have defended me, and also it wouldn"t have defended (Happ) if he gained hit directly in the ear. You"re in ~ a suggest now whereby you"re looking in ~ batting helmets. You"d have to have miscellaneous that safeguarded the ear and then the face and also beyond. Therefore it"s kind of a slippery slope. Who will need to come up v something really an excellent and really sound. Otherwise, i don"t know exactly how you answer the question."

Still, McCarthy maintains hope.

"We"ve put things top top the moon before, so ns feel like we can develop some type of a device that sit over your head and protects you," that said. "Someone will do it. It"s simply a matter of when, not if."

Detroit"s Doug Fister to be struck in the head through a batted ball throughout the civilization Series; he to be unhurt and also stayed in the game.

"I"ve heard a lot of pitchers to speak they wouldn"t mental trying it. And a many pitchers simply don"t want it," said Tampa Bay"s David Price, the reigning AL Cy Young award winner. "So i think the decision would still be left as much as that player. If it worked and also it didn"t impact anything in the mound, ns would definitely look right into it."

When a product is obtainable that MLB thinks will administer protection without getting in the way, it will ask the players" association for its input.

"I guess: v you"d need to see some prototypes," Happ said. "It would certainly be tough."

In the macho culture of baseball, the adoption of protective gear has to be slow. If Cleveland"s ray Chapman passed away when he was hit through a pitch in 1920, MLB didn"t do the usage of helmets or protective cap inserts mandatory until the national League forced them for the 1956 season. Helmets weren"t compelled until the 1971 season and, even then, lock weren"t mandatory because that players currently in the huge leagues.

An earflap on the side of the head encountering the pitcher was compelled for new players beginning in 1983. Stronger and slightly heavier carbon-fiber helmets, the Rawlings S100 pro Comp, to be required beginning this year.

"You can"t asking a pitcher to use product that he"s no comfortable with. But I"m confident that, lot like with batting helmets, we"ll number something the end that both allows the football player to beat without any type of obstruction however adds to player safety," union head Michael Weiner said. "When they obtain close to something that they think can work, climate at that allude we"re both going come look in ~ it together."

Bryce Florie doesn"t view well in his best eye come this day, the an outcome of gift struck by a line journey hit by the Yankees" Ryan Thompson when pitching for Boston in September 2000. Florie returned the following year but ended his job after just seven more huge league appearances.

Toronto pitcher J.A. Happ was taken off the ar on a stretcher after gift hit in the head through a heat drive.AP Photo/Mike Carlson"With the means everything is gift condensed, i think it"s unavoidable that it"s going to happen, that they"re walk to have actually something in the hat," Florie said. "You"ll have actually a tough time come get major leaguers and minor leaguers to say, "OK, allow me shot this out." most of them are not walking to want to be the very first guy. However if you speak to males like myself and other men that have actually been hit, up in the face, in the head, we"ll be, "Like yeah, I"ll carry out it." yet then, it"s sort of late."

Pitchers roughly the majors sounded resistant come a new product -- even after seeing replays the Happ"s injury.

"You understand the risks," Angels lefty C.J. Wilson said. "Guys get hurt crashing right into fences. Guys get hurt tripping over an initial base and blowing their knee out. This is skilled sports, and also we room paid fine to take it those risks."

MLB can implement the safety adjust in the boy leagues, together it did a couple of seasons back with augmented batting helmets, however would call for the approval of the players" union come make huge leaguers wear them.

Colorado Rockies left-hander Jorge De La Rosa stated if a helmet or liner is developed for pitchers, he"d gladly stay one.

"It wouldn"t be hard for me," De La Rosa said. "To protect versus those type of things, it"s great for us."

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey doesn"t choose the idea of put on protective headgear.

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"The game"s been played a lengthy time. Cases like that room unfortunate, yet we have to keep it our game," he said. "I don"t think you have actually to change the totality program."

And Seattle Mariners right-hander Aaron Harang thinks it would be an overwhelming for veteran major league pitchers to it is adapted to brand-new equipment.