The Blood and Guts operation is a 5k obstacle course situated at Pev"s Paintball Park. The run will certainly take place on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Participants will certainly run v a variety of obstacles (a blood and guts pit, huge logs, tunnels, a flowing stream, gauntlet that tires, climbing walls, etc.) when dodging a gauntlent of zombies and also monsters. Girlfriend will likewise have come avoid miscellaneous foam objects comes at girlfriend from every directions throughout the run. Watch you in ~ the beginning line!

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Just finished the Blood and guts run. I have actually done the other zombie run this is so much an ext fun! The zombie are way more interactive. The only thing ns wish is that ns would have actually told much more of my friends to perform this. They definitely missed out. I"m sure they will carry out this run next year. The best means I can describe it is like running a 5k haunted house, outdoor wooded obsticle course. Mine favorite component was as soon as the zombies follow you. Even through the water and also mud. They are relentless!! You need to do this run!

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The Ultimate dirt Run, problem Race and also Adventure Race overview , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 just finished the Blood and guts run. I have done the other zombie run this is so much more fun! The zombies are way more interactive. The just thing i wish is that i would need to


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