A local player who grew up in Virginia Beach, and also a 4 year starter in ~ UVA, Blanding can be component of the future at safety and security for the ‘Skins

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five-star standout who stepped right into the starting lineup and also had an immediate influence on the games, Blanding is a big safety who plays with good football intelligence and an unwavering meeting on each snap, yet his lack of makeup speed and his coverage constraints may pressure him into a more restricted role ~ above the next level.”

— Lance Zierlein, NFL.com analyst

“From what I can tell, fans and media men are walking to it is in surprised by wherein he end up getting drafted. His size is a large plus, however he’s slow and also he’s no a game-changer type in the box.”

-- NFC team personnel director

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The player

The Redskins 2018 team of undrafted complimentary agents is highlighted by Virginia security Quin Blanding, that was called first-team all-ACC the last 2 seasons, and who earned protective rookie the the year honors in 2014.

The 6-foot-2, 207-pounder to be a five-star recruit coming out of high school, and also was called a third-team all-American by the associated Press critical season. The ranked No. 2 for the Cavaliers through 137 tackles in 2017, tied for a team high in interceptions (four) and had 3 1/2 tackles because that loss.

So, through such an impressive pedigree, why no Blanding get drafted in April?

Probably since he lacks the speed and also explosion that would certainly make that a sure-fire impact player ~ above defense in the NFL.

An influence UDFA

Still, Blanding was determined this mainly by agree Football focus as among the ten totally free agents who might make one impact. On a list that is topped by Hercules Mata’afa, Quin Blanding appears 3rd, ranked #82 ~ above the PFF large Board. This is what PFF had actually to say around the the Redskins’ newest safety:

Former Virginia safety and security Quin Blanding, a five-star recruitment coming the end of high school, has an excellent size for the position and can develop into an affect defender versus the operation at the following level.

Blanding earned 82.3-plus run-defense qualities in three of his four years v the Cavaliers. He likewise led every draft-eligible safeties in complete run stops (29) this previous season, proving himself to it is in a pressure as one in-the-box safety.

While Blanding’s coverage qualities haven’t complied with suit transparent his career, that still has displayed enough in regards to his ability to break on routes and also make theatre on the sphere to have actually a duty in this league. And with Su’a Cravens now off the roster, Blanding has actually a strong chance of working his means into a depth role with the Washington Redskins.

Measurables (courtesy of NFL.com)


The film

Official Highlights


There’s a lot come unpack native Quin Blanding’s impressive career together a UVA Cavalier. Let’s watch what Gibbs4potus had actually to to speak after the town hall Blanding’s film.

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Record-setting tackler

Quin Blanding was a four year starter for Virginia. As much as I can tell, he never ever missed a game. In his last three seasons, he made an initial team All-ACC and was one All-American.

Blanding is terrific tackler. He made 495 tackles over his 4 year job which is the document for the college of Virginia. Blanding play on 98% the the protective snaps over his career. Those are both incredible numbers.

Blanding takes very great angles in run pursuit. That fights v traffic well. His instincts are good allowing that to make up for no having an excellent speed. For instance, Blanding tracked down and also caught Lamar Jackson twice when the Cavaliers faced Louisville.


Blanding is a fairly large safety at 6’2” and 207 pounds. That is a momentum stopper vs the run and brings many runners to a dead prevent with his strong leg anchor. Ns watched eight gamings of Blanding and also I only saw him miss out on one tackle.


Blanding has a really high football IQ. He to be the quarterback that the defensive backfield. He would look end the offensive collection quickly and also get anyone aligned properly.

Blanding played largely in region coverage with Virginia. The sees and also tracks the round well in the air. That is a really alert player and also snatched quite a couple of interceptions turn off of tipped balls with quick hands and also reaction time, however, he just averaged 4 passes broken up over his college career.


The burning inquiry is, why was Blanding — v such amazing four year stats — no drafted?

The answer yes, really comes under to supply and also demand.

Blanding lacks the true range of an NFL free safety. Return he often played the deep safety role, that was rarely a solitary high security at Virginia.

Quin Blanding likewise doesn’t have actually the desired burst that NFL groups covet in players responsible for the last heat of defense. His combine measurements consisted of 10’2” wide jump and also 31.5” vertical jump.

He didn’t provide up any type of long touchdowns in the gamings that i watched, yet he commonly played well off the receivers as soon as in deep coverage, and Quin provided his instincts and capability to check out the quarterback in bespeak to make up for his absence of peak speed (4.63 40 yard dash).

Some NFL quarterbacks v rocket arms will have the ability to take benefit of Blanding through well inserted passes as he just isnt an upstream athlete.

photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty images How would he fit v the Redskins?

Blanding will certainly most likely be minimal to playing strong safety in the NFL, and solid safeties through his size and also speed are really common.

Free safeties with Blandings size are not so common, and that is the main reason that the Redskins made decision the much much less successful university safety, trojan Apke, in the 4th round, passing over Blanding till after the draft.

Virginia’s coaching staff even used Blanding closer to the line of scrimmage much more as a senior. The Virginia Tech game is a an excellent example of this together Blanding played simply off the edge or in the slot for almost the entire game.

In mine pre-draft rankings, I had actually Blanding in ~ 18th among the safeties. I projected that to it is in drafted in the fifth or 6th round. If over there wasn’t together a deep safety course this year, that is probably about where Blanding would have gone.

I really like Blanding as an UDFA. He reflects toughness and also leadership qualities and a true feel for the game of football. With time and also repetitions, he might even come to be an NFL starter someday. Ns think he has a kind shot at making the Redskins 53-man roster and is almost a lock to earn a exercise squad spot.

DIY movie analysis

Blanding only had actually one cutup the 2017 obtainable but if you have interest in watching those games for yourself, watch the cutups the Andrew Brown and also Micah Kiser and also look because that #3 in the defensive backfield.