make their first appearance in ~ the joined Center because April, the Chicago Blackhawks conquered their longtime competitor Detroit Red Wings, winning your preseason opener 6-1.

Tuesday night didn’t quite feel ideal with so numerous familiar Blackhawks football player missing. That was favor the side salad the gets served before the appetizers. As for Thursday night’s game? still not rather the key course, however you can bet i was eight deep in tonight’s appetizers as soon as they were brought out. Wait, what am i talking about?

Oh, that’s right. Hockey. Ryan Hartman began off the scoring for the Hawks, showing off his midseason type by scoring a score without making use of his rod — Hartman’s signature. Brent Seabrook scored a trademark goal of his own with a blast from the allude on the power play. Alex DeBrincat scored on the strength play too (more on that in a bit) and also Brandon Saad had actually a cap trick together the hawks ran away from the Detroit Red wing B-team (and that’s probably generous).

Other 보다 the goals, the just other item of keep in mind in this one to be the injury to young defenseman Luc Snuggerud, who departed from the activity in the second duration and did not return. Snuggerud’s injury was understood upper-body and the severity the the injury will be identified on Friday, every Joel Quenneville in the postgame push conference.

Everything else around this video game looked pretty great from a Chicago perspective. Well, other than those collars ~ above the falken sweaters. Someone at Adidas requirements to settle that, quickly.

DET GOALS: Rasmussen (1)CHI GOALS: Hartman (1), Seabrook (1), DeBrincat (1), Saad 3 (3)

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Alex DeBrincat just could be here to stay

After a lackluster showing at prospect camp, the exaggeration train because that DeBrincat had slowed under a touch. It’s full speed ahead almost everywhere again ~ Thursday night. He scored his first goal the the preseason through a strength play tally in the second duration and was component of a dynamic line in addition to Patrick Kane and also Nick Schmaltz. The was continuous motion while that trio was on the ice together. The puck and the players were never ever static. Also though this to be DeBrincat’s an initial pseudo-NHL endure (insert your preseason disclaimers here), there wasn’t anything to suggest that that couldn’t knife a roster clues in the next couple of weeks.

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Yes, it"s the preseason.Yes, it"s versus a B team.But yes, Alex DeBrincat very much looks favor he have the right to play this game. #Blackhawks

— note Lazerus (

And if we’re on the topic of the football player on the line, it’s worth noting that Schmaltz had actually an impressive 7-for-9 night in ~ the faceoff dot, a significant flaw the his in 2016-17.

The defense still has actually a many questions

And we didn’t gain a ton of answers on Thursday night. When the PK pitched a shutout by death off all of seven the opportunities, the lack of 5-on-5 play do it difficult to acquire solid evaluations that the players who were ~ above the ice except for a couple of scattered moments. Viktor Svedberg made a remote backhand pass while on the PK that ended up ~ above the stick of a Detroit Red soup in the slot — no a mistake that can be made by a player who was likely currently destined for Rockford. Jordan Oesterle jumped right into the pat nicely and also made a good pass to set up Saad’s third goal. Duncan Keith and Seabrook took transforms pinging posts on the strength play. Connor Murphy didn’t do anything the end of the ordinary and Snuggerud’s night to be uneventful before his injury. Most of the D-men who space on the balloon weren’t in the lineup on Thursday night.

The goaltender place does not

Corey Crawford played just two periods, yet still had to do 30 saves while dealing with 31 shots in his 40 minute of work.

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With the falken penalty kill obtaining so much work, Crawford was called upon to make several daunting saves and also he happen the test just about every time.

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Brandon Saad (CHI): 3 goals, 8 SOGAlex DeBrincat (CHI): 1 goal, 4 SOGCorey Crawford (CHI): 31 shots faced, 30 saves