From Monday, September 28 come Friday, October 16, we carried out a survey of 1,140 human being who plan on purchase at the very least one item throughout Black Friday weekend. The outcomes are in! Topics incorporate spending, satisfaction, late of the best days come shop, online shopping and devices, optimal stores, height items and also even a fun question at the end concerning shopper’s sobriety. Please view the bottom of the write-up for the full methodology offered in conducting the survey.

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Estimated black color Friday safety By Shoppers


Our pie chart shows that 38 percent the shoppers setup on security $1 come $250 on black color Friday. 30 percent the shoppers plan on safety $251 to $500, when the continuing to be 32 percent will invest $501 or more. The wide bulk of shoppers will invest $101 to $750.

As you most likely guessed, younger shoppers carry out not arrangement on security as much as enlarge shoppers. Just 12 percent of shoppers 18-24 consist of the $501 or more group, if 49 percent of shoppers 35 or older comprise the $501 or more group. While that is not a vast margin, the $501 or more group was comprised of 53 percent men and 47 percent women.

Since younger shoppers carry out not plan on security the large bucks this year, many of them autumn into the $1 to $250 range. 56 percent of shoppers that comprise the $1 to $250 team are in the 18-24 range. Just 19 percent that shoppers in the 35 and also older age range fall into the $1 to $250 group.

Should Stores open On Thanksgiving?

Just since shoppers do not think stores need to be open up on Thanksgiving, go not average they will skip the day entirely. Plenty of will still participate in timeless brick and also mortar shopping, while the rest will shop digital if they believe it deserve to save lock money.



As you can see indigenous the pie chart and breakdown, 47 percent that participants believe stores have to absolutely it is in closed on Thanksgiving. 34 percent claimed they must be open, if 19 percent are torn and answered no sure. Probably some an excellent Thanksgiving doorbusters this year can sway them in the correct direction.

Of the 34 percent that believe stores need to be open up on Thanksgiving, 57 percent that them are men and also 43 percent room women. Remember, this is no if they will certainly be shopping on Thanksgiving, but only if they believe stores need to be open. Of the 34 percent that think stores need to be open up on Thanksgiving, 53 percent the those loss into the 18-24 period group, while only 18 percent autumn in the 35 and also older range. Inspect out the latest Holiday Gift Guides and Top playthings from the ads of huge retailers.When perform Shoppers start Their black color Friday Research?


The outcomes of this inquiry pretty much mirror our own traffic statistics. Nine percent of dedicated Black Friday shoppers begin their research in the month the September. This number boosts to 18 percent for October and 29 percent in the an initial half of November. A massive 44 percent that shoppers wait till the second fifty percent of November, with numerous of castle most likely waiting until the work of, or the day prior to Black Friday.

Does black Friday have actually The best Deals?


As expected, the majority of our participants believe that black color Friday walk not have the ideal deals the the year. 63 percent claimed no, 29 percent claimed yes and eight percent room unsure. When many world do not think black color Friday has the deepest discounts, they will certainly still shop the regardless. That is a day wherein the as whole volume of transaction is greater than any type of other day, therefore shoppers have a far better chance of recognize items that they desire. Job such as Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and every one of the pre-Black Friday events are making part shoppers unsure of once the best deals room actually available.

What Item classification Are Shoppers many Interested In?


This question was based on interest, and also not what items our participants think they will buy the most of or invest the most money on. For this reason a shopper may arrangement on buying just clothing, however the substantial HDTV deals will certainly be the prices they desire to view the most, just in instance there is a great deal. A substantial 43 percent want to recognize the deals for electronics items an ext than any type of other category. Apparel accounted because that 26 percent, playthings and video clip games for 16 percent, appliances for 6 percent and other categories for eight percent. You re welcome note, participants were only allowed to choose one items category.

How will certainly Shoppers do Their digital Black Friday Shopping/Research?


46 percent of attendees still plan on making use of their laptop or desktop computer computer together their main an equipment to research and also make black color Friday purchases. 40 percent favor their smartphone and also only 14 percent favor their tablets. Either way, smartphones and also tablets space now desired over laptops and also PCs because that research and shopping on black Friday.

What save Will Consumers start Their shopping At?


Walmart leads with 19 percent the the votes together shoppers intend to flood their stores and website on black Friday. When Amazon does not have any kind of traditional retail stores, that website come in 2nd at 18 percent. EBay and Target room the expected very first destination because that 28 percent of shoppers (14 percent each), while best Buy is walk to hold 11 percent. The remaining 24 percent will go to other stores and websites as their very first store.

More survey Results

Here space a couple of of the other questions that we asked our participants. Over there is also a funny one in ~ the end!1. Just how will you pay for the majority of your black color Friday and also holiday purchases?

We asked our participants exactly how they will pay for black Friday and also Thanksgiving purchases, both in retail stores and online. Surprisingly, 35 percent that in-store shoppers plan on paying through cash. 39 percent will certainly opt because that debit cards, 23 percent will use credit cards and also the remaining three percent will use another form of payment such as a check. For digital purchases, 49 percent will use credit cards, 43 percent will usage debit cards and also the continuing to be eight percent will usage a different type of payment.

2. Perform you genuinely gain the black Friday purchase process?

Not surprisingly, 79 percent that shoppers do not actually reap the process of black Friday shopping. Castle likely consider it stressful and even rather dangerous. With online shopping acquisition over in recent years, we mean the satisfaction price with black Friday to walk up in the close to future.

3. In addition to to buy on black Friday, will you it is in shopping on Thanksgiving?

33 percent that shoppers additionally plan come shop ~ above Thanksgiving, one of two people in-stores or online. 64 percent speak they absolutely will no be shopping on Thanksgiving, most likely due to the fact that they carry out not want to interrupt family members time. The continuing to be 3 percent are undecided.

4. Will certainly you start your vacation shopping prior to Thanksgiving?

A bulk 68 percent of ours participants believe they will acquisition one items for your holiday shopping prior to Turkey Day.

5. Carry out you think black Friday deals are getting better every year?

81 percent of our participants think that black Friday deals space not enhancing from ahead years. Regardless, if shoppers do not think the deals are improving from year come year, numerous will quiet shop on black color Friday.

6. Perform you think Thanksgiving, black Friday or Cyber Monday supplies the best deals?

While Thanksgiving spending has actually increased in recent years, just 16 percent that participants believe that it has actually the best deals for the weekend. 48 percent think the best deals can be had on black color Friday, when the continuing to be 36 percent think Cyber Monday is the way to go.

7. Will certainly you shop virtual on black Friday?

48 percent of our participants arrangement to buy at the very least one item digital on black color Friday.

8. Will you do at least one in-store purchase this holiday season?

An overwhelming 94 percent of our participants think they will buy an item from a timeless brick and also mortar retailer this year. The staying six percent will certainly do every one of their shopping virtual or are undecided.

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9. Will certainly you be drunk or in ~ least have drank one alcohol addict beverage once shopping on black color Friday?

This was a fun question after we witnessed last year that close to 12 percent that shoppers declared to have had alcohol in their mechanism when to buy on black Friday. Whether or not the extra savings enabled the alcohol enthusiasts to walk to rehab or not is anyone’s guess, but only eight percent of ours surveyed participants speak are likely to reap at the very least one drink this year. To no one’s surprise, the majority fall in the 18-24 group.

Methodology Used

The survey was administered to 1,140 users between Monday, September 28 and also Friday, October 16 by Eric Jones who is a Statistics Professor in ~ Rowan university at Gloucester County and also a math Instructor at Rowan University. All inspection participants were users of that were invite to take it an virtual survey via email. Because that the objectives of this survey, the population was thought about to it is in the 1,140,170 individuals of native October 1, 2014 to December 1, 2014. A stratified sampling method was provided in which age and gender strata were randomly sampled based on percentage quotas developed from the populace pool.