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BDO improvement is the procedure of upgrading equipment to rise its power. The level of enhancement go from +1 to +20. Most gear and accessories in black color Desert Online can be enhanced, as lengthy as friend have improvement materials top top hand and a handful of luck.

Enhancement Levels:

PEN (V) +20TET (IV) +19TRI (III) +18DUO (II) +17PRI (I) +16+15 come +1

Enhancing is sometimes dubbed by the classic name of “Enchanting”.


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…you’ve obtained to ask yourself one question: ‘Do i feel lucky?’ Well, perform ya, punk?” –

— Dirty Harry

RNG Me Away! improvement is really RNG heavy. Players frequently flood conversation and video channels with exactly how unfair the improvement system has been come them. Unsafe improvement is a gamble, particularly when you approach +13 and above. TET and also +15 begin with a only 2% opportunity at succeeding. PEN? Forget around it! ns won’t boring you v the numbers.