While we all understand that the gays care about Debra Messing, Billy Eichner asks the hard-hitting question: do gay men care about John Oliver? In this exclusive clip native the upcoming episode of Billy top top the Street, Billy takes humorous Wikipedia writer john Oliver roughly the roads of Chelsea to ask gay men if castle care around him. Execute they even know who he is? Sometimes! however they always love Wendy Williams more. How girlfriend doin’?

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Billy Eichner: perform Gay men Like man Oliver? Every product is individually selected by (obsessive) editors. Points you buy through our web links may earn united state a commission.

new on Paramount+: October 2021 Indiana Jones and also the Raiders that the lost Ark, Paranormal Activity: following of Kin, Zoolander, and more.


all the Easter egg You can Have let go in Venom: Let over there Be Carnage indigenous Eddie Brock’s salute come Beverly Hills Cop to the grim fate that Det. Mulligan, every the hints, references and also comics callbacks in Venom 2.

Aladdin Cancels 10 work of Performances After new Breakthrough COVID instances The Broadway production plans to return ~ above October 12.

Squid Game Recap: the end There, i Don’t stand a opportunity The video game is paused, and also we get a glimpse of everyone tragic and also debt-riddled lives.

A Cruel Intentions TV display Is In the functions at IMDb TV the will emphasis on the Greek life power structure at an upstream college.

Matt Amodio, lover Nerd, Now has actually Jeopardy!’s Second-Longest to win Streak He’s now at a exceptional 33 victories.
Titane Isn’t just an Extravaganza of human body Horror and Automotive Sex Julia Ducournau’s Palme d’Or winner is a fascinating, confounding work about the longing for control over one’s own flesh.
Squid Game Series-Premiere Recap: Don’t obtain Hurt Too poor Netflix’s South oriental survival drama is a brilliantly nasty series that plunges its personalities into a mysterious, deadly game for $39 million.
so You desire Gong Yoo to Slap You. Currently What? A quick guide come watching Gong Yoo in things that aren’t simply Squid Game Slapping Scene fan Edits.
Zach Schiffman: new York’s top Taylor Swift Scholar “The cosmos knew my breakup was coming, and it gave me this to cope.”
that Is Carnage? A Hannibal Lecter homage? solution to Joker? A gooey relic the ’90s comics culture? The answer is a small of everything.
some Questions around Phoebe Bridgers’s Bo Burnham covering She is a severe singer frequently trying to be funny, and also he is a funny singer frequently trying to be serious. What walk it all mean?!
brand-new England’s Prodigal kid Returneth, Here’s how to Watcheth “Hello from the various other siiiiiiiiiiide.”
If You choose Westerns, You’ll desire to view Old Henry Tim Blake Nelson reminds us that he’s one of the best we’ve got.

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Dancing through the Stars will certainly Let Cody Rigsby and also Cheryl Burke carry out Remotely and remotely, after they both tested positive for COVID-19.