The relax of Madden 25 on Tuesday has video game fans across the civilization ready to obtain their hand on the newest release and use the upgraded connected Franchise mode.

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With the capability to now play as the owner that a team, the head coach or a star player—add in the return the the fantasy breeze option—this year edition of the game might be the ideal yet.

All that the complying with teams attribute stacked rosters in the game and will it is in a dream come true for fans feather to discover the most dominant organizations in the league.

New England Patriots

The new England Patriots will be one amazing force in Madden 25. With Tom Brady a 97 all at once quarterback, throwing to a 98 ranked tight end in rob Gronkowski and also protected by among the many impressive attack lines in the game, the offense will certainly be difficult to beat.

As great as the Patriots will be moving the ball, the defense is just as impressive.

Defensive stars like Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes, Devin McCourty, Vince Wilfork and Adrian Wilson all boast great ratings, making new England one of the toughest groups shutting the round down in the video game as well.


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While the Patriots might not have as much success in the AFC this year, Madden fans deserve to win a championship in the video game with this stacked roster.

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons don’t have actually the protective unit the will separate Madden players in the linked Franchise mode, yet there is no an ext talented attack depth chart in the game than Atlanta"s.

Quarterback Matt Ryan has actually been offered a 94 rating. His quick passing and an effective throw make him among the most dangerous football player in the video game this year. Add in a plethora of high-skill players about him, and the Falcons are every Madden fan’s dream.

Tight finish Tony Gonzalez is rated 95 overall, vast receivers Roddy White and also Julio Jones space rated 93 and also 92 respectively and also running ago Steven Jackson has an 89 rating.

That’s a dangerous attack unit.

Houston Texans

The Atlanta Falcons and new England Patriots will get plenty of fanfare due to the fact that of the huge names on their rosters, but the Houston Texans space quietly among the best choices gamers have in 2013.

Not just does the team boast the top-rated protective player in the league (J.J. Watt is a 99 overall), but the strong an additional and linebackers group—as well as fellow defensive end Antonio Smith gaining a 90 rating—also renders this the many dangerous all-around unit.

The offense is just as good in Houston. With an extremely impressive offensive line and also Arian Foster given a 95 rating, Madden fans must plan to operation the ball early and also often through the Texans.

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Add in Matt Schaub (87), Owen Daniels (87) and also Andre Johnson (97), and Houston will certainly be difficult to win this season.