, Ohio - Odds are, if you're a Madden fanatic, you've currently called in sick to work and also are going nuts finding out your best setup of attack when it concerns Madden NFL 17.

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As always, the creators have gone to good lengths to do the video game as actual as possible, which is probably why the Browns are rated as the worst team.

From the Arizona Cardinals come the Washington Redskins - exactly how does her team ridge up ~ above the latest edition the Madden NFL?


Biggest strength: that course, the Cardinals' passing game is strong with Carson Palmer and his receivers having high ratings. However, it's the defensive second that will certainly win you games on Madden, limiting an adversaries passing attack.

Biggest weakness: up front. The defensive front doesn't have the greatest ranting if Madden might be underestimate the team's rushing attack.


Biggest strength: The connection between quarterback Matt Ryan and also wideout Julio Jones is basically unstoppable. The Falcons kicking game is also formidable

Biggest weakness: You far better score a the majority of points, since the Falcons defense isn't going to offer your enemy too countless fits.


Biggest strength: The Ravens could be the most overrated team on the game. Take it for circumstances Steve Smith's insane rating of 89. You'll capture people through surprise.

Biggest weakness: The ability positions aren't the best, as Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett price in the short 80s.


Biggest strength: The Bills' defensive and offensive lines space strong. The bodes well for running earlier LeSean McCoy, the team's standout option on Madden.

Biggest weakness: The happen game. Sammy Watkins is near elite status as a receive, but Tyrod Taylor's various other targets such together Charles Clay and also Robert Woods leave something to be desired.


Biggest strength: The defense is insane, however Cam Newton's is usually the modern day variation of Michael Vick once it pertains to Madden.

Biggest weakness: Newton could use some aid on offense. If you obtain down in the game, her opponent might zero in ~ above him and tight end Greg Olsen without any type of other elite skill place players.

Biggest weakness: whatever else, specifically Jay Cutler if her opponent double teams Alshon Jeffery.

Biggest strength: The Bengals are among the much more well-rounded groups on the video game with strong talent on every component of the field.

Biggest weakness: The offensive line can use part work. But this team will certainly go as much as Andy Dalton have the right to take them towards his rating of 87.

Biggest weakness: Everything. The Browns room the lowest rated team on the game. Her Madden showdowns will be long unless friend can manage the sphere or obtain some an essential turnovers.

Biggest weakness: top top the flipside, the team's defensive line is rough. Friend won't be protecting against your opponent's running game unless her linebackers step up.

Biggest strength: Defense. The Broncos might be the best defensive team ~ above the game, stout at every level.

Biggest weakness: Who's the quarterback again? Paxton Lynch? mark Sanchez? castle both have ratings in the low 70s.

Biggest weakness: No Calvin Johnson. Golden Tate has a generosity rating that 89, however the Lions are without an unstoppable force on offense.

Biggest strength: Rodgers and also his receivers deserve to spread the field and also drive a subpar defense nuts on Madden, especially with a good offensive line.

Biggest weakness: The running game is nice basic, if the defense is a little bit reliant top top turnovers. Operation up the score once you can.

Biggest strength: seize J.J. Watt and move him about on defense. He's virtually unstoppable top top Madden and also in actual life.

Biggest weakness: in spite of having among the highest rated receivers on the video game in DeAndre Hopkins, Brock Osweiler is a mystery with a 77 rating. He'll have to have a good season to make the Texans a pressure on Madden.

Biggest strength: distinct teams. Think it or not, 2 of the best players ~ above the Colts in Madden are the team's punter and kicker.

Biggest weakness: The Colts rating might seem low. However the team's defense is weak. You're walking to need to milk Luck's well-rounded skill set to store scores close.

Biggest strength: The mix of Robinson and Allen Hurns is lethal top top the game, enabling one to overcome the ar no matter who you're playing.

Biggest weakness: This is an typical defense at best. You'll have to hope her offense and also punting video game can pull out some tricks.

Biggest weakness: This is one of the the very least dynamic offenses top top Madden. If your adversary can manage Jamal Charles, you'll have actually a hard time generating points.

Biggest strength: through a very good defense to limit opponents' scoring, you have a possibility to regulate the video game with running earlier Todd Gurley.

Biggest weakness: Gurley is really all you have on offense outside of hitting ~ above a couple of big plays through Tavon Austin.

Biggest weakness: Madden is not also high on Ryan Tannehill or his weapons, various other than Jarvis Landry.

Biggest strength: There's yes, really no stopping Tom Brady come Gronk. Also if you can, you have Julian Edelman's underneath video game to deal with.

Biggest strength: The cornerback combination of Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and also Janoris Jenkins keeps girlfriend from providing up large plays.

Biggest weakness: outside of Beckham, you're really getting to to find a standout player to give the ball to.

Biggest strength: regardless of a weakness in ~ quarterback (at least according to Madden), the mix of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker in the receiving core, together with Matt Forte offers a lot of passing options.

Biggest weakness: As previously mentioned, Madden is no high on Ryan Fitzpatrick despite the finest year that his career.

Biggest strength: The Eagles frontline is hard at avoiding the run and also getting at the quarterback on Madden.

Biggest weakness: when Zach Ertz is your finest skill player by a large margin, you'll have actually trouble scoring points.

Biggest strength: What an violation with 3 players elite at your positions and also a solid offensive line.

Biggest strength: The offense is surprisingly well-rounded providing you options across the ar in the happen attack.

Biggest weakness: The playmakers on violation are restricted with Madden under on both Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick. This is among the worst quarterback cases on the game.

Biggest weakness: cutting board Rawls had a good year, but Madden has actually its doubts about the Seahawks' to run game. You'll have to do most of the occupational with Russell Wilson.

Biggest strength: Doug young name is exceptional on Madden 17 and also hard to tackle and catch almost everywhere the field.

Biggest weakness: This is a surprisingly well-rounded team. Still, Jameis Winston's features leave other to be desired.

Biggest strength: This is a team with more elite players 보다 you think, particularly Delanie Walker that is more than likely the finest tight finish on the game exterior of Gronk.

Biggest weakness: You're forced to skinny on Kirk Cousins to greatly thanks to among the worst rushing strikes on Madden 17.

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