In the _____ stage of selecting information technology projects, organizations define project scope, benefits, and constraints.A. information technology strategy planningB. project planningC. resource allocationD. business area analysis

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Benefits minus costs is known as the _____.A. cash flowB. cost of capitalC. opportunity cost of capitalD. discount factor
Payback occurs when:A. the cumulative benefits are double the cumulative costsB. the net cumulative benefits minus the costs equal oneC. the net cumulative benefits equal the net cumulative costsD. the net costs are lower than the cumulative benefits
An organization"s information technology project selection process should guide the strategic plan.True or False
Projects that arise as a result of problems and directives must be resolved quickly to avoid hurting an organization"s businessTrue or False
A SWOT analysis, being a linear process, cannot be performed using the nonlinear mind mapping technique.True or False
A project"s internal rate of return can be determined by finding what discount rate results in an NPV of _____ for the project.A. 1B. 0C. 50D. 100
The _____ section of the project management plan describes specific methodologies a project might use and explains how to document information.A. management objectivesB. risk managementC. project controlsD. technical processes
_____ involves coordinating all planning efforts to create a consistent, coherent document.A. Developing the preliminary project scope statementB. Developing the project management planC. Developing the organizational process assets updatesD. Developing the project charter
Which of the following processes is not part of project integration management?A. developing the project business caseB. developing the project charterC. developing the project management planD. closing the project or phase
What is the last step in the four-stage planning process for selecting IT projects?A. IT strategy planningB. business area analysisC. mind mappingD. resource allocation
Which of the following is not a best practice for new product development projects?A. aligning projects and resources with business strategyB. selecting projects that will take less than 2 years to provide paybackC. focusing on customer needs in identifying projectsD. assigning project managers to lead projects
A new government law requires an organization to report data in a new way. Which of the following categories would include a new information system project to provide this data?A. problemB. opportunityC. directiveD. regulation
If estimates for total discounted benefits for a project are $120,000 and total discounted costs are $100,000, what is the estimated return on investment (ROI)?A. $20,000B. $120,000C. 20%D. 120%
A _______ is a document that formally recognizes the existence of a project and provides direction on the project"s objectives and management.A. project charterB. contractC. business caseD. project management plan
Which of the following items is not normally included in a project charter?A. the name of the project managerB. budget informationC. stakeholder signatureD. a Gantt chart
_______ ensures that the descriptions of the project"s products are correct and complete.A. Configuration managementB. Integrated change controlC. Integration managementD. A change control board
Which of the following is not a suggestion for performing integrated change control?A. use good configuration managementB. minimize changeC. establish a formal change control systemD. view project management as a process of constant communication and negotiation
What tool and technique is used for all processes of project integration management?A. project management softwareB. templatesC. expert judgementD. all of the above

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