PLEASE NOTE this is a draft selection comparison analysis based ~ above Preseason Projections only. As the soccer season is currently underway, girlfriend may rather prefer to see our malfunction of a trade because that these players which is based ~ above several an ext factors including in-season performance.

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Slight reference Kirk Cousins adjust Player Ben Roethlisberger adjust Player

1.74 1.57 ADP 166.56 158.93 FPTS 274.00 259.00 Passing Comp 349 394 PAtt 567 574 PYard 4,111 4,323 PTD 31 28 Int 12 13 Rushing Att 33 19 RuYard 112 44 RuTD 1 0 Most Recent and also Popular Comparisons
FPTS 22.0 12.0 Passing Comp 36 18 PAtt 49 32 PYard 351 188 PTD 2 1 Int 0 0 Rushing Att 0 4 RuYard 0 5 RuTD 0 0
Kirk Cousins To confront Cardinals pass Rush released September 17th, 2021
week 1 QBs: Aaron Rodgers was the worst, Kirk Cousins was ... Among the best?
published September 16th, 2021 via Minneapolis Star Tribune
Kirk Cousins demands to let the fly versus the Cardinals
released September 15th, 2021 via carry Me The News
Kirk Cousins is the factor why Kirk Cousins has actually not to be successful
released September 15th, 2021 via The Viking age
Zac Taylor comprised a Vikings weakness prior to beating Kirk Cousins
released September 14th, 2021 via FanSided
Kirk Cousins Compiles Stats In Comeback Attempt
published September 12th, 2021
Vikings currently should be thinking around who replace instead replace Kirk Cousins
released September 12th, 2021 via FanSided
NFL start "em, Sit "em main 1: Kirk Cousins and also Corey Davis have matchups you need to exploit
released September 12th, 2021 via pro Football Network
Ben Roethlisberger A high-end QB2 In mainly 2
published September 16th, 2021
Fantasy Football week 2 start "Em & Sit "Em: Ben Roethlisberger gets dream matchup with worn-down Raiders
published September 15th, 2021 via CBS sporting activities
Ben Roethlisberger moves previous Dan Marino for 4th all-time in career game-winning drives
published September 15th, 2021 via CBS sporting activities
Joe Starkey: Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin and also their terrible, no good, an extremely bad history with the Raiders
published September 15th, 2021 via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
PFF grades: Ben Roethlisberger it s okay the worst mark amongst QBs for Week 1
released September 15th, 2021 via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Steelers QB report card: Ben Roethlisberger bounces ago in 2nd half to defeat Bills
published September 14th, 2021 via quiet Curtain
Yinzhers: The Steelers require to protect Ben Roethlisberger at every costs!
released September 14th, 2021 via
Ben Roethlisberger "Proud" Of performance Of O-Line
published September 13th, 2021 via Steelers Depot

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