Hi everyone, I know I"m late however I simply moved (thanks, August long weekend in Canada!) so I"m capturing up with Below Deck Mediterranean as quick as i can. Who"s ready to bang this moho out before the next episode airs? Me too!!

We still have actually our threepeaters (fourpeaters?) Ken and also Amber Novotny aboard, yet the actual dramz is ~ above the bridge where Captain Sandy yawn is FUMING over chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier acquisition a work cruise v the guest after having a anxiety Day turn off the work before. Captain Sandy deserve to barely manage her anger, for this reason she sends out Hannah to her room (NO SUPPER) prior to talking to her about her life choices.

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I love Captain Sandy, however this was a miscommunication and also ain"t nobody firing Hannah. Girl just got grabbed because that a selfie by Chrissy Freaking Teigen.

Captain Sandy asks bosun Conrad Empson because that an explanation; why shouldn"t she fire them both? The chief stew and bosun are knocking boots, Captain Sandy doesn"t like how unprofessional they"ve been and also TWO bosses walk at the very same time on a satisfied cruise while anyone else works?

PLUS the guest asked for 2nd stewardess Brooke Laughton and also Lead Hand João Franco, no Hannah and Conrad, i m sorry is what they got.

Deckhand Jamie Jason has picked increase on the everyone IS walking TO gain FIRED vibe anywhere the ship, 3rd stewardess Kasey Kohen is every ehhhh.

Conrad ranges himself native Hannah; he had no idea she had a resolve Captain Sandy to come back to the boat after one soda in ~ the bar. She forgiveness him and he remembers exactly how to breathe.

Kenny (doing a Donald Duck impersonation) and Amber inspect on dinner v chef Adam Glick, they"re thinking 9:15-ish, so probably 11:37? place your bets, ladies and also gents!

Hannah hears Conrad come earlier to his bunk, everything alright? Nope and also stay away!


That"s not going to execute anything because that Hannah"s stress based in abandonment issues, izzit?

Now João ultimately gets a break currently that Conrad is back, he eats while anyone watches Conrad unloading his dramz top top deckhand Colin Macy-O"Toole. *lots of big eyes and even bigger gestures*

So hey, let"s talk about how you can have a practical relationship on a boat, also whilst you work with a romantic rival! You could be Brooke and Kasey, both formerly flirted v by João, however committed to working well together. Brooke and also João even keep their kissing for off times, is everyone else on board writing this down??

Okay, maybe there"s part thigh rubbing in the galley.

Captain Sandy phone call Hannah up to the bridge, over there is noooo middle ground these two have the right to reach, nope. Captain Sandy simply wants to obtain through this charter because SHE CAN"T work-related LIKE THIS.

Now, she stated that around Adam, too, and he"s ago for ring two, so let"s all take that for what it"s worth.

We getta lotta bra shots that Hannah changing, hey?

Ohmigod it"s 9:15 the guest are below at the table. Previous NBA player Desmond Mason is really happy to check out bread obtainable for noshing. He was around to eat the table while the Novotnys were sleeping the various other night.

Captain Sandy apologizes to Conrad and also they hug it the end while Adam sends out out the first course: an onionless minestrone soup. Everyone holds your breath till Kenny tries it, whee #noonions!

Adam didn"t have actually time to set up his (stupid) onion scavenger hunt, so Hannah"s gonna hide them for him because that the guest to beat after supper.

You know.

I love onions and also if I never heard that word again this whole season, I would certainly die a happy woman.

Remember when Hannah to be doing every little thing she can do to obtain Kasey fired for she inflated resume (FULL the LIES)? now she"s gonna share she Chanel exfoliant through Kasey, she never shares she Chanel!

*wanking motion*

Brooke and also João kiss in the hallway and make me a liar. Fine.

Hannah pulls champagne because that the freshly engaged couple and introduce the onion hunt come the game couple. I cringed when rolling mine eyes, you shot it, that"s next level, yo!

Hannah to know from guest satisfaction, you guys, pfft.

Conrad comes as much as the leg to uncover João questioning Captain Sandy about his job-related hours, that must have to apprentice to be a captain just like a trade.

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Kenny is not participating in the 2018 Onion Hunt yet Amber traction it out and also they gain to litter Adam off the watercraft tomorrow!

Conrad and also Hannah have a hasty kiss in the smoke pit, no fraternizing!

They throw Adam turn off the boat.

They said onion eleventy thousand times again already