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Sitting in ~ your workdesk all day can feel uncomfortable, which have the right to take a toll on your productivity. So, if your office chair isn’t as supportive as it need to be, you might want to consider including a lumbar cushion for extra back support. 

When in search of a lumbar pillow, according to Dr. Gino Pucino the Well adjusted Chiropractic and also Wellness, it should not just feel comfortable but additionally fit your back.

“It’s important to find a pillow that will maintain its position while friend sit upright,” that says. “So, if girlfriend slump in the chair and also the pillow falls out, it is a good thing; the object is to train your ago to keep its posture and not to just brace the spine. A an excellent lumbar pillow trains the spinal muscles to maintain this curve and provides protection to the discs.”

To aid you find choices based on her needs, chair type, and also budget, below are the ideal lumbar support pillows to consider.

Our Picks
Best Overall:
Purple back Cushion in ~ Amazon
Versatile enough for use on office and also gaming chairs and car seats.
Best Splurge:
Everlasting lull Seat Cushion and also Lumbar Pillow Combo in ~ Amazon
Made the gel-infused storage foam that has strategically inserted ventilation holes.
Best Budget:
BodyHealt roll Pillow at Amazon
Will give you the assistance you require at one affordable price point.
Best Breathable:
Samsonite memory Foam Lumbar Cushion in ~ Amazon
Made to provide extra comfort and improve posture.
Best Heated:
Drive medical Heated Lumbar support Cushion in ~ Amazon
The cushion’s warm can help release sore ago muscles.
Best for business Travel:
Tempur-Pedic All-Purpose assistance Pillow at Bed bathtub & Beyond
You can use the strap to carry this lumbar pillow by hand.
Best because that Cooling:
Therapedic Polar Nights Bolster assistance Pillow in ~ Bed bathtub & Beyond
Great for those who require some assist cooling down.
Best Ergonomic:
LOVEHOME Lumbar assistance Pillow in ~ Amazon
Ideal because that those whose bodies ache after sitting and also working all day.
Best Large:
Gentle life Cooling Lumbar assistance Pillow at Amazon
Use this flexible pillow to support yourself when working on a sofa.

Best Overall:Purple ago Cushion


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A boil lumbar assistance pillow, favor the Drive medical Comfort Touch heated Lumbar support cushion, may help those who suffer from ago pain. The cushion’s warmth can assist release sore ago muscles and also is great for keeping yourself warmth in a cold office. 

Although this cushion needs to it is in plugged in to work, you deserve to use that without turning on the heat; the ergonomic design gives your back the best amount of comfort regardless the electricity. The cushion’s velour pillow cover can also be eliminated for easy cleaning.

Best for business Travel:Tempur-Pedic All-Purpose support Pillow

View ~ above Bed bathtub & BeyondView ~ above

When business method traveling because that hours, you’ll most likely want some kind of lower back support. The Tempur-Pedic All-Purpose Pillow might be simply what girlfriend need. Measuring 13 inches lengthy by 5 inch wide, that won’t take it up also much an are in her luggage, or you can always stash that in your carry-on. Alternatively, you can use the strap to carry it by hand. 

The pillow’s unique peanut shape means it deserve to be supplied as a neck roll, foot spacer, or lumbar cushion. Do of storage foam, it additionally provides medium support, and the sheathe is maker washable. Finest of all, this pillow comes with a three-year warranty.

Best for Cooling:Therapedic Polar Nights Bolster support Pillow

View top top Bed bath & Beyond

If using a lumbar support pillow in your workdesk chair feels also hot, opt because that the Therapedic Polar Nights 20x Cooling warm Flash Bolster Pillow to aid cool your body. V a pressure-activated cooling system that functions in simply 8 seconds, this pillow is also great for those that experience hot flashes or live in warmer climates. 

The potential downsides, however, are that it no come v a separate pillowcase and is ~ above the big side in ~ 36 inches lengthy by 12 inches wide. So, this pillow will fit on an average-sized office chair however may hang off the sides.

Best Ergonomic:LOVEHOME Lumbar support Pillow

View top top Amazon

The LOVEHOME Lumbar assistance Pillow is right for those who bodies pains after sitting and also working every day. It decreases push on the coccyx, helps relax waist pressure on both political parties of the body, disclosure blood circulation, releases muscle tension, and even aids in suitable spine alignment.

Made of an ergonomic memory foam it is designed no to flatten, it will conform to the shape of your earlier while providing suitable support and relieving numbness. The pillow will likewise securely remain in place, many thanks to that is two adjustable straps.

Best Large:Gentle life Cooling Lumbar assistance Pillow

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Measuring 20 inches large by 8.5 inches long by 3 inches deep, the Gentle living Cooling Lumbar support Pillow is bigger than a common lumbar pillow created a chair. Because of that size, you can use this functional pillow to support yourself once working top top a sofa (you can even use that while sleeping).

Made of storage foam infused through a cooling gel, it conveniently molds to the border of your body, however it won’t acquire too warm as most memory foam pillows do. Plus, the hypoallergenic, soft bamboo covering is machine washable.

Final Verdict

The Purple earlier Cushion (view in ~ Amazon) and the Samsonite storage Foam Lumbar Cushion (view in ~ Amazon) are few of the finest lumbar support pillows for their high-quality construction. Both cushions space supportive and breathable, despite they are made from various materials (the purple cushion is constructed of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, while the Samsonite cushion is do of polyurethane foam).


What is the function of a lumbar support pillow?

According come Dr. Jordan Duncan the Silverdale sport & Spine, a lumbar pillow have the right to be supplied to preserve lumbar lordosis, i m sorry is the regular curve that the reduced back.

“Lumbar lordosis is commonly lost as soon as sitting, i beg your pardon can also negatively affect the posture of the mid-back and also neck,” the says. “Prolonged sitting, specifically when lumbar lordosis is lost, is a predisposing variable for low back pain.”

what’s the best means to sit, and also how have the right to a lumbar support pillow help?

When she working, the best means to sit is to make certain you get full body support. It’s essential to pick the ideal chair to start with, then include a lumbar support pillow.

“Optimal sitting attitude is identified as 10 percent relaxation from extreme upright sitting,” says Dr. Duncan. “Ideally, you desire a lumbar pillow the can aid maintain this position.”

those the many comfortable lumbar support pillow?

There isn’t a lumbar pillow it is the “most comfortable.” Dr. Pucino claims it relies on your body type, ago muscles, and the chair in i m sorry you’re sitting. So, it may be a an excellent idea to shot out a couple of different options.

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