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be young, be foolish, but be happyBe young, be foolish, however be happyDon"t permit the rain obtain you down it"s a waste of timeHave your fun, live every work in the shining sunshineIt"s the very same old story anywhere the worldGirl requirements boy and also boy needs girlSo it is in young, be foolish, however be happyBe young, be foolish, but be happyDon"t let love slip awayLive her life because that todayLife is too short to worry about unimportant thingsReach for the sky and also touch a star, and also then you"ll uncover you dreamBecause dreaming alone is a dead indeedBut if you"ve obtained love, that"s all you"ll needSo it is in young, it is in foolish, girl it is in happyBe young, it is in foolish, girl it is in happyBe young, it is in foolish, girl it is in happy
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