TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 3, 2016 – Honda fight of the Bands (HBOB) is ago and gearing up for its 15th yearly Invitational Showcase that...

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TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 3, 2016 – Honda fight of the Bands (HBOB) is back and gearing up because that its 15th annual Invitational Showcase that will be hosted on January 28, 2017 to spotlight the premier marching bands from the country Historically black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). As among the final events held at the Georgia Dome before the stadion closes that doors forever, HBOB will provide eight bands the possibility to display screen their showmanship top top the Dome’s ar one last time.Beginning today, fans have the right to go online and vote everyday to assist secure a point out for your favorite HBCU bands come “March On” in Atlanta. Voting ends on October 28, 2016 in ~ midnight Eastern. Tickets for the 2017 showcase begin at $10 and also are easily accessible now for purchase at year’s theme – “Celebrate the History, create the Future” – encourages HBOB participants and also fans come reflect on the amazing background of the program and the function HBCUs have played transparent the year in specifying the notion of those possible. The theme also calls fist to looking front to the future, and powering the creative thinking of following generation the HBCU students that excel on and off the field, in music education and other areas.“Honda battle of the Bands is a celebration event of these impressive HBCU college student musicians,” said Alexandra Warnier, Manager, this firm Social responsibility & American Honda Foundation. “For 14 years, we’ve observed an epic screen of passion and talent, and also Honda is proud to assistance these students and also HBCUs both on and also off the field.”The 2017 Invitational Showcase will also feature the 3rd annual strength of dreams Award. Members of the HBCU community will have the chance to nominate an outstanding individual who is positively affecting the stays of rather in the community. Honda will acknowledge the winner during the Invitational Showcase.Honda proceeds its commitment of over 25 years to the HBCU community, awarding virtually $12 million to assistance music and also education campaigns primarily with the Honda battle of the Bands and Honda Campus All- Star Challenge. Produced in 2002 come honor and support the excellence of black color college marching bands and the unique scholastic experience at HBCUs, HBOB continues to infuse new and amazing elements, consisting of last year first-ever drumline showcase reaching audiences worldwide. The 2016 Invitational Showcase attracted over 63,000 spectators come the event while reaching fans from every 50 U.S. States and 40 countries, with #HBOB getting to the top 5 trending subject on Twitter. Watch the 2016 HBOB highlights ~ above Facebook and also join the social media conversation making use of #HBOB:

For an ext information ~ above Honda fight of the Bands and also to buy ticket to the Invitational Showcase, visit Honda Honda looks for to be a firm that culture wants come exist, producing products and also technologies that boost the stays of people while minimizing the ecological impacts that its products and business operations come ensure a sustainable future. Honda likewise is committed to making positive contributions to the communities where the does business, come socially responsible service practices and to the promo of diversity in its workforce. Native Honda’s authorized in STEM education and Historically black color Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to its support of pediatric mind tumor research and also volunteer initiatives by Honda associates – including ecological clean-up activities – Honda trust in giving ago to the neighborhoods where that associates live and work. Learn more at

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