After month of hype and build, Barbed Wired Massacre III has been released right into the world. Initially scheduled to appear on IMPACT! top top PopImpact Wrestling relocated the complement to Twitch. The match was walking to be the very first no-rope barbed wire match on cable television. The last-minute switch had the branding that the match declare the it to be “too violent because that tv.” In bespeak to develop even more excitement approximately the event, Sami Callihan and Konnan were the guests on Impact’s media teleconference.

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This wasn’t the first time the the leaders of oVe and LAX had met with the media. In beforehand December, in fact, Callihan was stating the match. When asked his thoughts on Barbed cable Massacre III, Callihan brought up his death complement background. Many are acquainted with his work-related with CZW. While with the promotion, the Callihan Death maker competed in the Tournament of Death and Cage that Death. That is no stranger to violence. Or barbed wire. Yet as he placed it, “it’s something that I had actually to do earlier in mine career, and also it’s other I never thought I’d need to do again.”

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During the an ext recent call, Callihan was asked exactly how he felt around the enhance being moved to Twitch. “It kind of sucks that its not going to be on TV, however at the exact same time, Twitch is coming to be such a huge avenue, i think much more people can actually be able to watch it… I’ve to be saying it for years in interviews. I think the TV, in the following five, ten years, is walk to it is in dead. Everything’s going to be various streaming sites.” He additionally enjoys the idea of having IMPACT! on Pop and also Twitch together compliments to one another. If contents is past what is acceptable for cable, the segment might be aired ~ above Twitch.

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The match was presented as it was edited for television, that much was clear. Poisonous gestures to be edited out and the enhance had a advertisement break. Also still, Barbed cable Massacre III tho clocked in at about twenty minutes. And also the edit didn’t seem come remove any kind of violence. Santana and Ortiz quiet wrapped Jake Crist in barbed wire. Literally. He additionally performed a spear through a table in the tangled state. There to be chairs sheathe in barbed wire, tacks, tables, ladders, even skewers.

For those unfamiliar, this has been an exceptionally violent feud. In fact, Callihan didn’t even get associated until what countless thought would certainly be the blow off that the feud. At Bound for Glory, Callihan aided oVe keep the Impact Wrestling sign Team Championship in a 5150 Street Fight. Once asked about how the feud prospered to the level the needing Barbed cable Massacre, Konan claimed “a lot of of civilization talk about it, however they are about it. They were willing to take insane bumps, they were willing to danger injury to do a name for themselves and entertain the crowd.” together Callihan mentioned “there’s a couple times us hit the wire and also it walk not stay intact and we went down to the floor.” In fact, the happened practically immediately.

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The ring almost falling apart throughout the complement didn’t take it anything away from it. This to be most most likely aided by oVe being knowledgeable with this level of violence. “We’ve remained in matches choose this, just not ~ above a televised range or this large of a promotion,” Callihan stated. “We’ve excellent this form of stuff everywhere the world, and now we gain the possibility to execute it in front of the masses finally? We’re going to go all out and also do whatever we can.”

Which brings us to the 2 MVPs that the match, as well as the closing moments. According to Callihan, appeared come have damaged his foot leaping off of the balcony in ~ Bound for Glory. A week later on he to be performing choose nothing had actually happened in Barbed cable Massacre. In the closing moment of the match, that jabbed skewers into the head of Dave Crist while the 2 stood atop a ladder. Dave Crist to be then superplexed through a table, permitting the Latin American Exchange to secure a pinfall victory.

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“The best accolade that a wrestler can acquire is as soon as you go backstage and the wrestlers give you a standing ovation” Konnan stated. “As friend all recognize there space monitors throughout the show, so every the wrestlers space looking at all the matches. We came earlier and it was the very first time I’ve ever before seen it… It to be the first time I ever before saw anybody get a standing ovation for the match. That in itself allows you understand it was a great match.”

And that was certainly a good match. But what is next for the two teams? according to Konnan “there really is no tag team division in influence Wrestling, it’s simply us and oVe. There room no actual tag teams. That’s other they’re going to need to start doing: begin bringing in part tag teams.” Ohio Versus whatever will proceed to take it on all comers. And LAX? It’s safe to assume they will continue to lug those belts. Konnan puts it ideal when he says “there’s no team like LAX, there’s never been a team like LAX.”


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