Michael Che: this day marks the finish of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Below to give us part info around the vacation is mine podiatrist’s son and also recent Bar Mitzvah boy, Jacob.

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Jacob: Hi, Michael. My dad want me to provide you this ointment for her athlete foot.

Michael Che: Oh, thank you, Jacob. So, go you have actually a great Passover this year?

Jacob: each year at Passover, we ask four questions which defines why this night is various from all various other nights.

Michael Che: So, you’re just gonna beginning right into it, huh?

Jacob: The very first reason Passover is various from various other nights is that instead of eat leavened bread, us eat matzah. It’s nice blend, yet don’t quote me under it.

Michael Che: Okay. So, it sounds choose you’re no a huge fan of matzah.

Jacob: The 2nd reason is that we eat bitterness herbs to remind us the cruel means the Jews to be punished in Egypt. Sound pretty bad, yet not as negative as my brother Ethan gained punished for grind at his BBYO dance. Yet don’t quote me under it.

Michael Che: Yeah, ns wasn’t gonna. Jacob, that seems choose you really like telling jokes? I average where did you get that good sense of humor from?

Jacob: mine dad that happens to be below tonight.

Dr. Hankin: Hi. Michael, here is the foot cream. He has actually toe nails the look prefer potato chips.

Michael Che: It’s mine podiatrist, everybody. Dr. Hankin. So, doc, what’s her favorite thing around the Passover holiday?

Dr. Hankin: The third reason Passover is various from other nights is that us dip twice. I don’t know about you yet I always dip my food twice, when in salsa and once in guacamole. You perform that math!

Michael Che: What math, man? look doc, we can just have actually a conversation favor we perform at the office.

Dr. Hankin: The fourth reason Passover is various is that on Passover, we eat reclining back on our chairs. Kind of like as soon as I took Peggy Tinkerton to the prom. She to be a goy.. As in goy-geous. We did a lot of reclining in the back seat. You execute the math!

Jacob: but don’t quote that under it.

Michael Che: i promise ns won’t. Yes, for this reason Yankees. They had a unstable loss last night. Nineteen innings. Space you guys sad the there Derek Jeter isn’t play anymore?

Hey, I’m i m really sorry guys. I didn’t typical to do it weird.

Jacob: In conclusion, I desire to thank my exorbitant dad for joining me on this distinct day.

Dr. Hankin: Oh, Jacob. Ns remember the minute you were born. You mommy was screaming, “I’m no doing this again.” Let us pray. Ns don’t recognize what they’re putting in the water this days due to the fact that look how large you’re getting. You look mar….ginally bigger than you were before.

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Michael Che: Bar Mitzvah boy, Jacob and his dad, everyone! for Weekend Update, I’m Michael Che!

Jacob: I’m Colin Jost. Goodnight.

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