As that is my last Sunday with Goldfinch in England, I have been hoping because that a romantic template for today’s SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY.

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The theme turns the end to be: BOYS!!!…

…as you can see in the original article from Helen Vahdati, the creator that This Thing called Life One Word in ~ a Time:

Please feel complimentary to acquire involved. Pick a tune on the design template of “BOYS” and pingback to Helen’s initial post!

So this instantly brought to mine mind a track which has actually cheered me up! it is so much fun!

Just this week I common it with an additional blogger that expressed appreciation for Gloria Estefan.

The very first time i heard this track was numerous years back when i watched the movie “Three Men and A Baby“. Ns have consisted of the opening scene to the movie v my song of selection for now below. I loved the method this movie and it’s sequel “Three Men and also A tiny Lady” started.

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I hardly ever hear this track on the radio, and I am not certain why. Ns think it needs an ext air time – well, over below in England anyway. We love a little of fun from the past!

There seem to have been 2 videos produced this release by Gloria Estefan and also Miami Sound Machine. The first one ns have consisted of is in the format of the music “Cats” (rather kinky cats!:

Bad boy, poor boyBoys will certainly be boysAlways obtain so restlessNothin’ however troubleLeave me feelin’ breathlessNothin’ however trouble

Bad, bad, bad, poor boyYou do me feel so goodYou cheeky bad, bad, bad, negative boyYou do me feel so goodKnew girlfriend would

The way you host me tightYou acquire me for this reason excitedYou execute me five so rightMy heart goes win beat, to win beatBeat beat

Bad, bad, bad, bad boyYou make me feeling so goodI desire you bad, bad, bad, bad boyYou make me feeling so goodKnew girlfriend would

Boys will be boys, bad boy, bad boyAlways get so restlessNothin’ however troubleLeave me feelin’ breathlessNothin’ however trouble

And as soon as he drives me homeI feel safe at nightHe’ll speak to me on the phoneIt walk ring, ring, ringRing-a-ring ring

Boys will certainly be boys, negative boyBad boy, boys will certainly be boysBad boy, negative boyAlways get so restlessNothin’ but troubleLeave me feelin’ breathlessNothin’ but trouble.

PERFORMED BY: Gloria Estafan and Miami Sound Machine

SONGWRITERS: Larry Dermer, Joe Galdo, Rafael Vigil

There is another video clip for the song, which I have the right to only find a shortened video of: