infant Alive My infant All unable to do Doll, BrunetteOnly 1 infant Alive Brunette Doll left in Stock!!!Product Description:Baby alive My baby All unable to do Doll, Brunette View bigger Baby lively My infant All gone Brunette infant Alive dolls carry love and also joy come your little girl. She can enjoy a realistic, nurturing suffer while feeding infant Alive dolls that eat and also drink, and then an altering their diapers to keep them clean and dry. Or, for moms and little girls who prefer a non-diapering nurturing experience, baby Alive offers baby dolls v a good variety of other play scenarios and accessories that will connect a tiny girl's imagination. Many of the baby Alive dolls also make adorable baby sounds and speak a sweet range of paragraph in an answer to your small girl's actions, including even an ext fun to she realistic, nurturing experience! infant Alive My infant All unable to do doll eats, drinks, wets, and also dirties she diaper. She additionally has 30+ responses, and speaks in English or Spanish! She eats infant Alive doll foodView bigger She Eats, Drinks, Wets, and Dirties her Diaper Your small girl can love and also nurture her baby Alive My baby All gone doll prefer a actual baby! when she offers her a reassuring drink the water from her bottle, or feeds her infant Alive doll food through the contained spoon and also doll food mix, My baby All Gone will certainly drink and eat. And like all babies do, this baby doll will then wet or dirty she diaper. Your small girl can then tenderness clean her baby doll's bottom, change her diaper through a fresh clean one, and also love her some more! infant Alive food and diaper refills sold separately. She wets and also dirties she diaperView larger 30+ Responses baby Alive My baby All gone doll responds come your little girl through 30+ different responses! She to know the treatment she's receiving and also will answer accordingly. When your tiny girl feeds her, My infant All Gone can respond with, 'I love veggies!' or might ask her, 'Did ns make a stinky?' She also responds in different ways to her bottle feedings, through phrases such as, 'More, please!' She loves to it is in hugged and let's your small girl recognize it once she says, 'Hugs, please!' She has 30+ responsesView larger She speak in English and Spanish Each infant Alive My baby All unable to do doll can speak in one of two people English or Spanish, depending upon the setting you choose, and also you have the right to toggle in between languages at any time. She speak sweet phrases and also makes beloved eating, drinking, and also giggling sound - 30+ in all! Your tiny girl will always know what My baby All Gone baby doll needs so she have the right to be the ideal mommy she deserve to be! check out larger has Baby doll, bottle, outfit, 2 diapers, 2 food packets, bowl, spoon, and also instructions. View bigger Highlights 1. She drink from her party 2. She eats baby Alive doll food 3. She wets and also dirties she diaper 4. She has actually 30+ responses 5. She speak in English and also Spanish this firm Social responsibility Hasbro is cursed to gift an ethical and also responsible company and is a known toy industry leader in the areas of product safety, ecological sustainability, honest sourcing and philanthropy.Features:Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 13.5 x 15.5 inch Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds domestic Shipping: Item have the right to be shipped within U.S. Worldwide Shipping: This article is no eligible for international shipping. Learn an ext Origin: China Item design number: A8346 Our encourage age: 3 years and also up Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and up batteries 2 AA batteries required. (included) High high quality toys for children all ages Made utilizing safe materials Tested because that quality and durability Your small one will certainly love feeding and also taking treatment of her infant All gone doll when the doll talks in English or Spanish an ext than 30 phrases interaction doll drinks and also wets she diaper contains 2 food packets to do doll food for the bottle contains My baby All gone doll, outfit, 2 diapers, 2 food packets, bowl, spoon, bottle and instructionsBuy it Now..

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