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The thing is, i really don"t give a damn about them together a couple. I"d love come hear around what y"all think because I"m just not emotion Jatty any more. 

I"m over the ago and forth between them. 

It"s time to cut it out and let these two stay apart. That would certainly be the most organic conclusion currently for the series. 

I"m not a fan of the writers buttering Luke as much as be the ideal thing since sliced bread and also then transforming him into an ass in the hopes that us at residence will discount him and be okay v Jenna running back to Matty. 

I"m entirely okay through Jatty gift friends, yet I simply can"t manage anything more than that. 

It"s time everyone realized that this relationship got to a herbal conclusion when they referred to as it quits last time. 

There is together a point as a toxic relationship you know!

Now let"s have a chat about Luke. His character may have been butchered right in prior of our really eyes, however he"s not obtaining off through the means he acted. 

He should NOT be leading his boss on. That"s totally not okay and it have to be resulting in some significant trust issues with Jenna. 

No woman in their best mind is going come stick through him learning that he"d flirt with his boss for the opportunity of a much better job. 

Get the end now, Jenna. Don"t allow his provides of a new, far better education cloud her judgment. You understand he"s no a keeper when Sadie has actually a far better moral compass than him. 

Speaking that Sadie. She storyline through Sergio is freaking awful. As if that wouldn"t have actually told her about the investors popping by. 

You"re sort of expected to call your far-reaching other around your life. 

I sure hope the younger generation ain"t city hall this show and also think this is exactly how relationships space meant to function. 

They"re not. I don"t give a shit about Sergio and Sadie anymore. 

Don"t take it this the dorn way, however you"re a fucking moron.



The writers. I"m blaming the writers around everything that"s been wrong v this show over the past year. Tamara"s storyline isn"t lot better. Like, what is the point in having her ex-boyfriend pop earlier up?

Might it it is in to carry them together prior to the series concludes? Which brings me back to the notion that no everyone have to be together. 

Tamara can"t seem to tell the truth, therefore what would anyone really watch in her? Her feeling of humor is great and all, yet trust is another large thing. 

The just character that is actually staying true come the one we met method back on aer Season 1 is Lissa. She continues to be the funniest person on television and Greer Grammer is great in the role. 

Her whole exercise video clip made me laugh so lot that it always made me forget around the tripe I"ve to be watching this year. 

That said, we"re simply one week far from the finish of the show and I hope for a reasonable conclusion because that the fans that still favor it. 

"Home Again, home Again" was a mediocre installment.

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It"s time to stick a fork in this one!

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