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COVID-19 trial and error Resources

Find COVID-19 neighborhood testing resources and information ~ above campus health room rapid testing. Learn much more >


Inspire the Future Event

Join us at noon on Oct. 19 as we celebrate the affect of community support and watch one interview between AISD Superintendent Dr. Elizalde and also Evan Smith, CEO & co-founder that The Texas Tribune. Learn much more and register>


Join Team AISD

Join the Austin ISD Team as a substitute! We"re rental substitutes who want to start transforming the video game for students in AISD. Apply today!



Brain Power

The parent Engagement assistance Office in partnership v the Austin ISD mind Lab Team to market a finding out opportunity series to learn about strategies the can aid you far better support your son at home. Learn an ext and register > 


Hispanic legacy Month Celebration

Join us as us celebrate national Hispanic legacy Month September 15-October 15. Watch our virtual kickoff celebration at 11 a.m. On AISD.TV and also Facebook Live. Learn more >

Covid Vaccine

Students and their household members eras 12 and also older can acquire the COVID-19 vaccine for cost-free at any of our upcoming clinics. Execute your component to assist make our colleges safe. Learn much more > 


Why choose Austin ISD?

Austin ISD is cursed to ensuring your boy is college, career, and also life ready. Every day and in every classroom from Pre-K come 12th grade, we sell a safe and healthy school setting that is academically rigorous and supported by a nationally-recognized focus on social-emotional learning. We"re ready - room you?

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Calendar the Events

Looking because that an event?

Austin ISD master a variety of events, meetings, education opportunities, happenings, and much more throughout the district. Over there is something for everyone: students, families, partners, and the community. Sign up with us for an event today!

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Let"s Talk

Have a question? we are below to help

Austin ISD cares Team supplies the Let"s talk platform to answer questions much more quickly and efficiently in order to administer the best customer service. We put you in touch v an actual person and also subject issue expert. Us answer questions for everyone: families, students, staff, and also the community!

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Celebrate your major on national Principals Month (En español)

Send an e-card to your school primary to present them exactly how much you appreciate them top top this nationwide Principals Month.

AISD.TV Nominated because that Lone Star regional Emmy Award for the second Time in three Years

AISD.TV is nominated for a Lone Star regional Emmy Award because that the 2nd time in 3 years.AISD.TV snagged your nomination for your video source to School: within AISD Food Services, a behind-the-scenes look at Austin ISD"s award-winning food service…


Reading Academies begin as Austin ISD concentrates on enhancing reading

Storytime no a relaxing event in Priscilla Ayala-O’Neal’s bilingual kindergarten course at Odom elementary School. We recorded up with Ms. Ayala-O’Neal when she was analysis Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, or in your case, Ricitos de Oro y Los Tres Osos.…

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AISD in 3

Experience weekly happenings and scholastic achievements throughout Austin ISD campuses. Discover why we"re #AISDProud!