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Austin bus driver punched in the confront after asking driver to leave

Investigations / 8 hrs ago

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Some Texas colleges recovering from pandemic enrollment losses, others have actually ‘long method to go’

Investigations / 1 week ago
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Austin’s EMS combination opposes Prop A, claims it would ‘cannibalize’ EMS, various other city services

Austin / 12 hours ago

Austin ISD forgive money because that licensed psychological health professionals to sign up with district’s police department

Education / 8 hrs ago

MAPS: exactly how many civilization are fully vaccinated versus COVID-19 in her zip code?

Texas Coronavirus Vaccine / 3 work ago

DATA: There room 7,100 active COVID-19 situations in the the town hall area together of Thursday

Coronavirus / 13 hours ago

DATA: Fewer than 6,000 Texans are hospitalized v COVID-19, for an initial time since July 29

Coronavirus / 14 hrs ago

Austin ISD forgive money because that licensed psychological health professionals to join district"s police department

Controversial trans sporting activities bill passes in Texas house Thursday night

Texas politics / 9 hrs agoVideo

Texas businesses unsure even if it is to monitor Biden or Abbott rules on vaccine mandates

Texas politics / 19 hours agoVideo

Texas Rep. James Talarico states he’ll move to Austin because that 2022 run after ring Rock ar redrawn by GOP

Texas politics / 2 job ago

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