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"As lengthy as He demands Me" is a torch song sung through the character of Nancy in the 1960 musical Oliver! and also written through Lionel Bart. Georgia Brown, that was the first actress come play Nancy, introduced the song. The is a love ballad express Nancy"s love for her criminal boyfriend invoice Sikes despite his mistreatment of her. In the movie adaptation the the musical, it was sung by Shani Wallis. A reprise the this track towards the end of the display expresses Nancy"s affection for young Oliver Twist, implying the she now feels that the child additionally needs her. This reprise was omitted indigenous the film version. That is popularity prospered by virtue that renditions by several renowned singers, consisting of Shirley Bassey who got to number 2 for 5 weeks on the uk charts through the song. Bassey"s recording ended up being one that the highest possible sellers that 1960 staying on the UK charts for 30 weeks. The song has additionally been sung as "As long as She demands Me", once sung through a masculine singer. In 1963 Sammy Davis Jr. Recorded the song, reaching #19 top top the Billboard simple Listening chart.more »

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As long as he requirements me Oh, yes, he does require me regardless of what you check out I"m certain that he requirements me that else would love him still once they"ve been used so ok He to know I constantly will As lengthy as he requirements me I miss him so lot when the is gone however when he"s near me ns don"t permit on The means I feeling inside The love I need to hide The hell! I"ve got my proud As lengthy as he needs me the doesn"t to speak the points he need to He action the way he thinks he should however all the same I"ll play this game His wayAs long as he needs me I understand where I should be I"ll cling ~ above steadfastly As long as he demands me As long as life is long I"ll love him best or wrong and somehow I"ll be strong As lengthy as he needs me If you room lonely climate you will certainly knowWhen someone needs you you love castle so ns won"t betray his trust Though human being say ns mustI"ve got to remain true, simply As long as he requirements me

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Georgia Brown Georgia Brown, pseudonym that Rossana Monti (born June 29, 1980) is an Italian Brazilian singer detailed for her extensive vocal range.

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She was noted in the 2005 Guinness civilization Records because that hitting the highest possible vocal note and for possessing the biggest range, claimed to be exactly 8 octaves indigenous G2-G10 using clinical pitch notation. An ext »