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Born:October 22, 1811Austria...(Show more)Died:July 31, 1886 (aged 74)BayreuthGermany...(Show more)Notable Works:“Piano Sonata in B Minor”...(Show more)Movement / Style:Romanticism...(Show more)Notable family members Members:daughter Cosima Wagner...(Show more)

Franz Liszt obtained piano lessons native his dad at very early age. Mirroring interest in church and folk music, Liszt began to write at period eight, providing his very first public concert at period nine. Impression by his playing, Hungarian magnates funded his musical education and learning in Vienna for the next six years.

Having performed all over Europe, Franz Liszt determined to work out in Weimar, Germany, in 1848 and also focus on composition, through encouragement indigenous the princess Carolyne Sayn-Wittgenstein. This was the period of his biggest production. He created the first 12 symphonic poems as well as piano concertos and also choral music. Liszt taught countless pupils at Weimar.

As a teenager, Franz Liszt to express a desire to end up being a priest, yet this never ever happened. Throughout his later on years in Rome, he came to be increasingly lived in with spiritual music, creating oratoriossuch together Christus(1855–66). He want to produce a brand-new kind of spiritual music that would be direct and also moving fairly than sentimental.

Franz Liszt urged the power of the music of johannes Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Hector Berlioz, and others by transcribing their functions for piano and also playing them in ~ a time once their music to be underappreciated. That wrote books on Frédéric Chopin, Richard Wagner’sLohengrinandTannhäuser,and man Field’s nocturnes.

Franz Liszt to be the greatest piano virtuoso that his time. He was the first to give finish solo recitals as a pianist. He to be a composer of massive originality, prolonging harmonic language and anticipating the atonal music that the 20th century. He invented the symphonic poem for orchestra.

Franz Liszt, Hungarian kind Liszt Ferenc, (born October 22, 1811, Doborján, kingdom of Hungary, Austrian empire —died July 31, 1886, Bayreuth, Germany), Hungarian piano virtuoso and composer. Among his numerous notable compositions space his 12 symphonic poems, two (completed) piano concerti, several spiritual choral works, and also a great variety that solo piano pieces.

Youth and also early training

Liszt’s father, Ádám Liszt, to be an official in the business of Prince Nicolas Eszterházy, whose royal residence in Eisenstadt to be frequented by many commemorated musicians. Ádám Liszt was a talented amateur musician that played the cello in the court concerts. By the moment Franz was 5 years old, he was currently attracted come the piano and also was soon provided lessons by his father. He started to show interest in both church music and also Roma music. He arisen into a spiritual child, additionally because that the influence of his father, who throughout his youth had actually spent 2 years in the Franciscan order.

Franz started to compose at the age of eight. Once only nine he do his very first public appearance together a concert pianist at Sopron and Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia). His playing so impressed the neighborhood Hungarian tycoons that they placed up the money come pay for his musical education for the following six years. Ádám derived leave of lack from his post and also took Franz to Vienna, wherein he had actually piano lessons with Carl Czerny, a composer and pianist who had actually been a pupil that Ludwig valve Beethoven, and also studied composition with Antonio Salieri, the musical director at the Viennese court. He gave several concert in Vienna, with good success. The legend that Beethoven attended among Liszt’s concerts and also kissed the prodigy on the forehead is thought about apocryphal—but Liszt absolutely met Beethoven.

Liszt moved with his family members to Paris in 1823, providing concerts in Germany top top the way. He to be refused join to the Paris Conservatoire because he was a foreigner; instead, that studied through Anton Reicha, a philosopher who had actually been a pupil that Joseph Haydn’s brothers Michael, and Ferdinando Paer, the manager of the Théâtre-Italien in Paris and also a composer of irradiate operas. Liszt’s Paris debut on in march 7, 1824, to be sensational. Other concerts easily followed, and a visit come London in June. The toured England again the following year, play for George IV at Windsor lock and also visiting Manchester, where his New cool Overture to be performed because that the first time. This item was used as the overture come his one-act opera Don Sanche, which was performed at the Paris Opéra on October 17, 1825. In 1826 that toured France and Switzerland, return to England again in the adhering to year. Experiencing from worried exhaustion, Liszt expressed a desire to become a priest. His father take it him to Boulogne to take sea baths to improve his health; there Ádám died of typhoid fever. Liszt returned to Paris and also sent because that his mother to join him; she had actually gone back to the Austrian district of Styria during his tours.

Liszt currently earned his living greatly as a piano teacher, and also in 1828 he fell in love with one of his pupils. Once her dad insisted the the attachments be damaged off, Liszt again became extremely ill; that was considered so nearby to fatality that his obituary appeared in a Paris newspaper. After ~ his condition he underwent a long duration of depression and doubt around his career. For an ext than a year the did not touch the piano and also was dissuaded from joining the priesthood just through the initiatives of his mother. He competent much spiritual pessimism. During this duration Liszt take it an active dislike come the job of a virtuoso. He made up for his previous lack of education by reading widely, and he came into contact with many of the top artists the the day, including Alphonse de Lamartine, Victor Hugo, and also Heinrich Heine. With the July transformation of 1830 resulting in the abdication of the French king Charles X and also the coronation of Louis-Philippe, the sketched the end a Revolutionary Symphony.

Excerpt indigenous La campanella (“The Bell”), number three of six études for piano licensed has been granted Transcendental Études after ~ Paganini (1838) by Franz Liszt. These études were based on Niccolò Paganini"s 24 Caprices and also the last activity of the B-minor violin concerto.

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Between 1830 and also 1832 that met three men who were to have actually a great influence ~ above his creative life. At the finish of 1830 he very first met Hector Berlioz and heard the an initial performance of his Symphonie fantastique. Native Berlioz that inherited the command the the Romantic orchestra and also the diabolic top quality that remained with him for the remainder of his life. He accomplished the seemingly difficult feat that transcribing Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique for the piano in 1833, and also he helped Berlioz by transcribing other works that his and playing castle in concert. In march 1831 the heard nicole Paganini play because that the very first time. That again ended up being interested in virtuoso method and solved to transfer some of Paganini’s great violin impacts to the piano, writing a fantasia ~ above his La campanella. Currently he also met Frédéric Chopin, whose poetical layout of music exerted a profound affect on Liszt.