Are girlfriend the One? Season 8 episode 11 picked up in ~ the Match-Up Ceremony through Max and also Justin praying on a 4th beam and also Danny staring in ~ them, anxiously awaiting their reaction.

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According to their math, a 4th beam would suggest that Max and Justin (couple’s name Jax) space a perfect match. What happened? Keep reading to discover out.


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Are Max and also Justin a perfect match?

The contestants again got three beams, so according to Danny’s math, Jax is not a perfect match. Of course, the news crushed the blossoming pair who to be both therefore sure around their relationship. However, they confirmed their emotions about the situation differently.

Justin virtually immediately said they begin making other connections in the house, when Max said he would not be emotionally available to anyone anymore.

If friend listened closely, you could hear the specific moment every #AYTO fan's heart broke in half last night

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Additionally, they agreed no to sleep in the very same bed anymore, and also Justin finished the conversation fairly abruptly. He then talked come Kari and also explained he and Max have actually different mindsets moving forward.

However, Justin assured Kari the if she wanted to build a link with him, that is open and willing. Max walked by and saw the two talking and immediately obtained upset. Before he can say anything to them, Amber come over and comforted the heartbroken 25-year-old.

Max and Amber went into the truth Booth

For the Getaway Challenge, the contestants had to pair up and match their answers to concerns the host, Terrence J, inquiry them. The an initial three couples to get corresponding answers with the fewest tries went on the Getaway Date.

Max and Amber paired up while Justin and also Kari partnered. Justin and Kari sped through the challenge, just messing increase once. Then, Max had actually a effective strategy of picking what he assumed she would have answered, and they also performed well.

Did they obtain this one best y'all!? #AYTO

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Coincidentally, the two brand-new couples, and “confirmed” perfect match Danny and Kai, all went ~ above a spa date. Throughout their one-on-ones, Justin again reiterated come Kari that he would certainly be vulnerable and open come her. While Max and also Amber spoke, he focused mainly top top Justin and also reasons why the should’ve known the 24-year-old no his match.

Since Max, Amber, Justin, and also Kari are “stragglers,” the home wanted to vote in either couple to obtain some answers. They made decision on Max and Amber, who the fact Booth identified are not a match.

Max think Kari is his perfect match

After the fact Booth results, Max satellite down with Kari to describe why he believed she and Justin would certainly not work out. He stated she needs to feel secure, and Justin won’t offer her the protection she demands in a relationship.

In a twist of events, Max told Kari that he thought she to be his perfect match since of how vital loyalty is to them. The 25-year-old then educated everyone in the residence that he had a “coming to Jesus moment” and also realized he and also Kari were supposed to it is in after the conversation.

However, Nour dubbed him out in the confessional for only wanting to rest up Kari and Justin.

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Is Max do the efforts to obtain in between Justin and Kari? #AYTO

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Max told his ex-flame the he and also Kari to be a perfect match, for this reason he essential to pick Remy in ~ the Match-Up Ceremony. In addition to the 5 house-confirmed couples, Amber and also Kylie, Justin and Remy, and Max and Kari satellite together.

The contestants then received six beams indicating 6 perfect matches, an interpretation one of the “straggling” couples is correct. Space Max and also Kari a perfect match? save watching Are friend the One? Mondays in ~ 11 p.m. EST top top MTV to find out.