_____ space the subunits of nucleic acids, and _____ are the subunits that proteins. >> Polypeptides; sugars>> Bases; polypeptides>> Amino acids; main point bases>> Nucleoli; amino acids>> Nucleotides; amino acids
Carbohydrates and also proteins room two varieties of macromolecules. Which useful characteristic of proteins distinguishes them native carbohydrates? >> huge amount of save information>> capability to catalyze biochemical reactions>> propensity to do cell membrane hydrophobic>> reliable storage that usable chemistry energy>> no one of the various other answer alternatives is correct.

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In general, colder temperatures mitigate the fluidity the the membrane, so cell will produce different molecules to preserve the ideal degree of fluidity. How would the membrane change in an answer to chillier temperatures? >>The quantity of unsaturated fat acids would decrease.>>The quantity of saturated triacylglycerols would increase.>>The lot of saturation triacylglycerols would decrease.>>The size of the fatty acid side chain in the phospholipids would increase.>>The lot of unsaturated fatty acids would increase.
Which the the following are covalent bonds? >> Glycosidic bonds>> Phosphodiester bonds>> every one of these selections are correct.>> Peptide bonds
Because the hydrogen bonding, water is uniquely suited because that its central role in life. Numerous hydrophilic molecules connect freely with water, yet a number of hydrophobic molecule are important for life, too. Just how does the interaction in between water and also hydrophobic molecules help to organize biological systems? >> The ionic bonds in between water molecules reason hydrophobic molecules to associate with each other and not with water molecules.>> since water molecules preferentially associate v each other, they force hydrophobic molecule to associate v each other and also not through water molecules. >> due to the fact that cells room not pure water (they have numerous substances dissolved within them), the hydrophilic/hydrophobic impact has a restricted role in biological organization.>> nobody of the various other answer choices is correct.
Answer: since water molecules preferentially associate with each other, they pressure hydrophobic molecules to associate v each other and also not with water molecules.
In DNA molecules, complementary basic pairs always include one purine nucleotide and one pyrimidine nucleotide. In the DNA of certain bacterial cells, 16% that the nucleotides are adenine nucleotides. What room the percentages the the other nucleotides in the bacterial DNA? >> 34% thymine, 16% guanine, 34% cytosine>> 16% thymine, 34% guanine, 34% cytosine>> none of the various other answer choices is correct.>> 34% uracil, 16% guanine, 16% cytosine>> 34% thymine, 34% guanine, 16% cytosine
The size of the fatty acids A, B, and also C is the same. I m sorry of the 3 triaclglycerols is likely to have the MOST dual bonds in the fatty acids? >> there is no way of knowing based upon the information available.>> A>> B>> C
What vital feature(s) that noncovalent binding make(s) them so essential to life? >> they are solid in a cellular setting that holds atoms with each other tightly.>> no one of the various other answer choices is correct. >> They can only take place in cells. >> They are weak in a cellular environment, for this reason they deserve to be made, broken, and also reformed easily.
Peptide bonds room characteristic of: >> fat acids.>> Carbohydrates.>> Lipids.>> main point acids.>> Proteins.
Pyrimidine and also purine bases are uncovered in: >> Proteins.>> Lipids.>> fat acids.>> nucleic acids.>> Carbohydrates.

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Which one of the following materials of one amino acid differs native one amino acid to another? >> The hydrogen atom the contrary the R group>> The amino group>> The next chain>> The α-carbon atom>>The carboxyl group
Which among the complying with MOST accurately describes the proportion of oxygen come carbon come hydrogen in a an easy 6-carbon street such as glucose? >> 1:2:1>> 1:3:2>> 2:1:1>> 1:2:3>> 1:1:2
Triacylglycerols space used mainly for: >>Movement.>>Energy storage.>>Cell membrane biosynthesis.>>Biological catalysis.>> info storage.
Which among the following organic polymers is identified by a physics property rather of a chemical structure? >> Polysaccharides>> Monosaccharides>> Proteins>> Lipids>> nucleic acids
Helicase is one enzyme that separates the double helix the the DNA into two different strands. Just how do girlfriend think helicase walk this? >> By break ionic bonds>> By breaking phosphodiester bonds>> By break peptide bonds>> By break hydrogen bonds
As component of their normal function, countless proteins tie to DNA briefly and also then relax it again. Which species of bonds might be affiliated in these transient protein-DNA interactions? (Select all the apply.) >> Covalent>> Hydrogen>> valve der Waals forces>> Ionic
Which among the following is no a component of a phospholipid? >> A phosphate group>> all of these selections are correct.>> A main point of 4 fused carbon rings>> two fatty mountain tails>> A 3-carbon backbone such as glycerol
Lipid bilayers spontaneously form to orient the _____ tails _____ to minimization their contact with water. >> Hydrophobic; inside>> Hydrophilic; inside>> Hydrophobic; outside>> Hydrophilic; outside




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