Let"s take a look at the special relationship that has been forged in between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani"s youngest kid Apollo.

Apollo was born in 2014, and also he"s now six years old. The adorable tiny boy is the youngest that Gwen Stefani"s 3 boys with Kingston, 14, and also Zuma, 12. If Blake is close with all 3 boys, he has a special relationship with Apollo as he"s been through him for many of his childhood.

Gwen obtained divorced in 2016 once Apollo was less than 3 years old. The singer shares joint custody of her three boys with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

Shelton has been a part of the small boy"s life for over 5 years now. Blake is always lovely v him and also pays attention to little details. Together proof the it, Blake aided out Apollo with his jean jacket on the set of The Voice TV show.

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development of your Relationship

The nation music singer started attending church through the family members in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Gwen Stefani"s son"s partnership with Blake began when he was close to 3 years old. He even took a expedition to Disneyland through the entire family in 2016.

Gwen"s family likewise took a pilgrimage to Lake Arrowhead in California with Blake. Together a result, the partnership soon increased to Blake"s two homes in Oklahoma. Apollo has actually lived countless of his best experiences at Shelton"s 1300-acre ranch.

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In respectable of 2016, Apollo had actually his first "YeeeHawww" moment with the country star. This happened when Gwen"s kids and also tour bus saw Blake"s ranch in Oklahoma.

finest Bonding Moments

the is nice to watch a huge city boy learning exactly how to fish. Apollo enjoys fishing at Blake"s ranch. The sweet boy gained an evaluation for an excellent Oklahoma. They likewise explored a bat cave at the place. This was more than likely the first time that Apollo viewed so many bats in person.

thanks to the country music star, Apollo has explored birdlife and also the an excellent outdoors the this region. Blake loves deeply Gwen Stefani. Both members that The Voice cast hosted the Easter Egg Hunt. There is no a priceless memory the Apollo hasn"t made in Blake"s ranch.

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Gwen has actually shared many of this adorable moment on she Instagram stories, prefer Apollo"s pilgrimage with Blake to the fireworks was standing in Oklahoma. An additional special memory was celebrate the new year in ~ Blank"s ranch house. There"s a video of the little boy providing Blake"s dog, Beattie, a brand-new year kiss.

Apollo has actually learned the Blake provides a pretty an excellent ride to any type of destination the is going. Due to the fact that the age of three, Apollo has spent lot of his summers and holidays at Blake"s two properties in Oklahoma.

Blake and also Gwen celebrated Apollo"s sixth birthday top top February 28 that this year. The love kid had an Oreo cake because that his distinct occasion.

Apollo and also Blake"s bonds show up to get stronger every year. Fans look forward to more of Gwen Stefani"s son and also Shelton"s adventures as the couple starts their next chapter.

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