College looks for to inspire curiosity, a love the learning, idealism, and a commitment to the connect between higher education and civic participation.

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Academics in ~ focus on offering students a strong scholarly foundation with our main point curriculum, climate encouraging them to check out individual academic interests. The College seeks to engender in every college student a large curiosity and love the learning. Close contact with scholars who room teachers yet also active in their self-controls is a constant, and the level of scholastic discourse in the class is high.


Civic Engagement

“At, we display up. Us build, paint, dig, teach, play, sing, sweat. We show up in the center of the night, job-related in the rain, crawl under the car, whatever it takes. This does not average erasing the self. It method struggling with the tension in between self and also collective interests, and also then exhilaration compassionately.” —Paul Marienthal, Dean for Social Action; Director, Trustee Leader Scholar Program

Campus Life

The focus of college student life in ~ College, both inside and also outside the classroom, is on campus. From its historical Hudson Valley setting to its state-of-the-art science and also arts facilities, the College supplies an idyllic setting where students can enjoy a rich social life interwoven with their cultural and intellectual pursuits.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We take on plurality, respect divergent viewpoints, and also are committed to knowledge the well-off spectrum of experiences that make up our community. Diversity, Equity, and also Inclusion (DEI) in ~ seeks to materialize our commitment come plurality, dialogue, and rigorous study. Us strive to produce a learning atmosphere that upholds the College’s mission to meaningfully encompass the voices, works, and ideas of communities and cultures in the history marginalized in liberal arts and sciences education.

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Arts in ~ College provides the best of both worlds: a traditional liberal arts university with impressive programs in the fine and also performing arts. In tiny classes taught by significant faculty, college student work very closely with top professionals in your fields. All students, whatever their major, are urged to take advantage of the same high-level art instruction and engagement; the self-control of cultivating one’s artistic abilities has wide-ranging collateral benefits.




Levy business economics Institute Wins Contract to help Department the Labor broaden Measures of economic Well-Being
The Levy business economics Institute that College has been awarded a $300,000 federal contract to help the united state Department of job in its initiatives to increase how it measures the financial well-being of united state households. “We space pleased because that this recognition of the levy Institute's advance of various actions of financial well-being and to it is in entrusted by the office of job Statistics at the us Department of labor to play a far-reaching role in the development of a brand-new and broader measure of household consumption,” stated Levy Institute president Dimitri Papadimitriou. More >
Professor Emeritus the Languages and also Literature and Visiting Professor of literature Justus Rosenberg passed away, surrounding by family, ~ above Saturday, October 30, 2021 in ~ the age of 100. “As a member of the French Resistance that was also a hero in the fight against fascism,” writes PresidentBotstein. “His death, after a long and also productive life is a contact to respect his long service—his contributions as a teacher and also writer—by solving to remember, more than ever before before, the events of background he was component of and the courage and also commitments come freedom, tolerance, justice, learning, and also respect because that all person life he displayed. All of us at fan him a debt of gratitude for his plenty of years that teaching, his friendship, and the eloquent works he penned.” more >
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