SEPTEMBER 30 — THE grass is constantly greener on the various other side i.e. The idea that us (humans in general) regularly tend to imagine other people’s lives and circumstance as better than our own and far better than they really are.

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It’s a straightforward and normally valid concept yet one plainly not fully understood through blogger Nas everyday (real name Nuseir Yassin).

The young (he’s 26) Israeli (but of Arab beginning -- this no racist, it’s relevant ) vlogger/blogger has actually made a job and gathered a substantial audience by posting one- to two-minute videos of self every job (for years).

Usually the videos emphasis on his travels and experiences in various nations (he’s been to end 60); his posts now receive numerous views and earn him sufficient revenue to travel permanent (a sweet gig).

It’s yes, really a remarkable success as Nas is not white, not female and also frankly not an especially attractive or controversial — the normal prerequisites for effective vloggers.

But human being have responded fine to his short clips and in a method his vlogging success displayed this millennial thrust age.

No an ext 60 minutes of painstakingly filmed and crafted documentaries. Instead we have actually 60-second clips shot v phones and selfie sticks and edited in minutes, no months.

The brief sometimes breathlessly narrated pieces can seem a little manic however in some methods are much more authentic than the studied, meticulously make National geographic epics of old.

Blogger/vlogger Nas everyday was “attacked” by Singaporeans because that his too confident comments around the country. — picture from Nasdaily/facebook

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The risk though is the this one-minute gonzo style makes the viewer entirely reliant ~ above the perspective of the creator. And also Naz’s perspective on Singapore hasn’t gone down too well.

Our Israeli (but Arab) hero, who has apparently went to Singapore 6 times and vlogged about it even an ext than that, exit a video clip — title “The virtually perfect country” — heaping worship on what that considers to be a well-run, tolerant, prosperous and also harmonious society,

These few minutes the high prayer from a foreign fan quite than satisfaction our island natives appeared to enrage them.

There to be an outcry as key-board warriors of all races and also class joined (very rare) come decry the upset of a video that said our nation was quite great.

Nas to be accused the being paid by the Singapore government to produce his saccharine stories. He was told to obtain out the his bubble and also to suffer the actual Singapore with its inequalities, gyeongju discrimination, and also rising living costs.

The outcry against the clip was such the it ended up being a national news item and forced the creator to answer (he called us as a country of cry-babies!).

The totality episode could seem favor storm in a tea cup however it is fairly telling.

It teaches us the nation really does have actually a problem. That we’re so prepared to criticise and also hate top top someone who speaks positively and also politely suggests a pretty deep self-loathing issue.

Whether the loathers are in the decimal or majority isn’t clear; ns assume they aren’t the bulk but there are absolutely a the majority of them (no solitary troll could article all that hate).

But if these critics had bring away literally 5 minutes to watch his various other videos on Singapore they’d have realised he’s surprisingly aware of Singapore’s troubles in terms of climbing living costs and also inequality (see his video clip “Crazy bad Asians”).

Most importantly it highlights the importance of perspective. When these doubters tell Naz he must experience (the supposedly miserable) life of an an ordinary Singaporean before commenting, that responds through the reality that together an Arab Israeli facing substantial discrimination and real dispute — Singapore does it seems to be ~ pretty perfect.

Naz ideologies Singapore indigenous the allude of view of a tourist and also he likes it. Of course this doesn’t capture the day-to-day reality of most Singaporeans — how could it?

However, ~ above a depths level our take self stick-wielding cinematographer must perhaps middle his breathless praise.

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I don’t believe it to be paid for (you think our federal government is so generous meh?) but I check out why people involved that conclusion about “The virtually perfect country.”

It looks favor some sort of North oriental propaganda clip edited because that Snapchat and pumped up with amphetamines.