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The only introduction to American government text come examine politics through the lens of gyeongju inequality


American government in Black and also White: Diversity and Democracy, fifth Edition, covers the typical topics uncovered in an development to American government text while additionally speaking come today"s student who want to examine just how racial inequality has shaped--and will proceed to shape--who we are and also what us believe. Authors Paula D. McClain and Steven C. Tauber resolve issues the inequality in American government, consisting of the U.S. Constitution, key political institutions, the make of public plan while showing just how to measure and evaluate the prestige of equality in America, from its establishing up to today.

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New come this Edition

Oxford understanding Study Guide provides a an effective digital discovering tools the reinforces key concepts from the text and encourages efficient reading and study habitsAn to update suite of additional digital food materials--now available integrated into an amplified e-Book and assignable v most discovering management systems--includes brand-new weekly "In the News" features new Media Tutorials and also Interactive Media Activities, and brand-new Issue Navigator threaded post board activities that encourage civil debate on crucial topicsAnalysis that the 2020 election season, polling, and other data put the results into political and cultural context for students.Coverage of stylish topics, consisting of the Coronavirus pandemic and also its influence on racial and ethnic minorities, George Floyd"s murder and also the renewal of Black resides Matter, the trump Administration"s affect on race relations and also the LGBTQ+ community, and also the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the can be fried CourtEnhanced and updated discussion to academic debates

About the Author(s)

Paula D. McClain is James B. Duke identified Professor of politics Science and Professor of publicly Policy, and Dean the the Graduate School and also Vice Provost for Graduate education and learning at fight it out University. She is the instant Past president of the American Political science Association.Steven C. Tauber is Professor of political Science and former Chair that the school of Interdisciplinary studies at the college of southern Florida.


"This book is truly unique. Ns feel prefer students are getting two curricula in one, with a emphasis on both an arrival to American government and also race and politics in the U.S."--Jennifer Sacco, Quinnipiac University

"American government in Black and also White surveys the an easy issues that American national politics in an initial fashion. By analyzing racial attitudes and also history, the insights attracted from the book are far various than those from other texts Students reap this focus, and it provides the basis for a an ext heartfelt and also interesting discussion of the worries in class."--Richard Waterman, University that Kentucky

"American federal government in Black and also White provides a much more complete photo of the historic nuances of the country"s policies, and also how grbrickandmortarphilly.coms have actually organized to try and affect the political process towards the betterment that society."--Maria Gabryszewska, Lone Star College-Cy Fair

Table of Contents

To the Student1. American Government and Politics in a Racially divided World2. The Constitution: Rights and also Race Intertwined3. Federalism: Balancing Power, Balancing Rights4. Civil Liberties: Freedom and also Government authority in Tension5. Polite Rights: Inequality and Equality6. Congress: Representation and Lawmaking7. The Presidency: conventional Wisdom Redefined8. The Bureaucracy: Career government Employees, Accountability, and Race9. The Judiciary: blending Law and Politics10. Publicly Opinion: split by Race?11. The Media: Reinforcing racial Stereotypes?12. Society Movements: Civil legal rights as a activity Model13. Attention Grbrickandmortarphilly.coms: great Outcomes with couple of Resources14. Political Parties: Linking voter andGoverning Institutions15. Voting and also Elections: native Obama to Clinton16. The making of Domestic and also Foreign PolicyAppendix I: The statements of IndependenceAppendix II: The ConstitutionGlossaryNotesCreditsIndex

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