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"Forever in her Hands" is the third single from the album get over by American hefty metal band All the Remains. The single contains the an initial full acoustic track by the band ever to be recorded in the studio. The is their 2nd single to crack the top 20 in the hot Mainstream rock Tracks chart, peaking at number 15. The music video clip premiered ~ above October 7, 2009. An alternative version the the music video premiered on November 30, 2009. ~ above April 8, 2010, the song is obtainable as a playable track because that the Rock band Network. Much more »

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I recognize that I deserve to stand mine head highForget not wherein I fallStill I find why and reasonYet that dispute still filling meMistrust venom inside that meI am no the male that you seeJust look inside meTrust in me the means I trusted youI understand we might have excellent this togetherIf you thought in me favor I believed in youMy heart would certainly be forever in your handsHow I miss February stillNow the this i do not care the momentOf all our failures(Repeat)

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all That continues to be All That remains is an American hefty Metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, which developed in 1998. They have released six studio albums, a live CD/DVD, and have sold practically 800,000 records worldwide. The group is composed of guitarists Oli Herbert and Mike Martin, vocalist Philip Labonte, bassist Jeanne Sagan and former Diecast drummer Jason Costa with Labonte and also Herbert being the just two original members. All of their singles have had actually music videos produced for them other than "The wait One". More »


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