All matter is merely energy condensed come a sluggish vibration, that we space all one consciousness suffering itself subjectively, over there is no such point as death, life is only a dream, and we room the imagination of ourselves. -Bill Hicks

Would the be the late bill Hicks, stand-up comedian? Here's the quote in context:

He would invite his audience to an obstacle authority and the gift nature of "accepted truth." One such message, i beg your pardon he frequently used in his shows, was ceded in the style of a news report (in order to attract attention to the negative slant news organizations provide to any kind of story around drugs):

Today, a young guy on acid realized that all matter is merely power condensed to a sluggish vibration—that we space all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. Over there is no such point as death, life is only a dream, and we're the creative thinking of ourselves. Here's Tom v the weather.

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There is no such thing as death

Given what we know around the universe... And also given the the price of growth of the universe between two an extremely distant objects at some point (at roughly 13.12 billion light years) above the rate of light... The cosmos will ultimately experience Heat death followed by the big Rip.

At that allude there are no an ext vibrations, no an ext energy, and the world is important dead.

Just saying...

At that suggest there room no an ext vibrations, no more energy, and also the universe is truly dead.

No the isn't, we just won't watch it.

Wolf boy.

actually, i always thought that solor systems look a little bit like atoms, v the sunlight as the nucleus. And also our galaxy together a one celled organism. Its exciting to think about.

DARN IT!! ns clicked with the album hoping to see what would certainly come after ~ the recognized universe. I must KNOW!!

I suppose I have to be glad photo #9 wasn't "your mom."

I allways uncover the true scale of the universe so mind-boggling and also incredible, it renders me sad that people willfully confine your minds come this planet and claim the we room the factor that all of this majestic, eternal beauty exists.

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I'm having actually a hard time figuring the end what any type of of the adhering to have to perform with one another:

The invoice Hicks quote around matter being energy condensed to a slow vibration

The images showing the scale of the universe



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