2. We explain charitable donations by corporations come nonprofit institutions as __________.

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A. This firm philanthropy

B. That company responsibility

C. This firm strategy

D. Structure commitment

3. The position a firm takes on concerns that affect the corporation too as society is known as its:

A. Politics philanthropy.

B. This firm policy.

C. Target posturing.

D. Structural positioning.

4. In current years, steady firms have actually embarked top top ____________, whereby they will commit agency resources and also expertise toward helping-out in emergency type situations.

A. This firm philanthropy

B. Corporate society activism

C. Society civility

D. Corporate social initiatives

january 13 2021 06:38 pm

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Subhrata R answered on January 15, 2021
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Answer1: option A all else held equal, socially responsible firms space are viewed more favorably by consumers. Answer2: choice A We explain charitable donations by corporations to nonprofit establishments as corporate philanthropy. Answer3: alternative B The place a for sure takes on worries that impact the corporation also as culture is known...
as Corporate policy. Answer4: option D In the current years, progressive firms have actually embarked ~ above Corporate social initiatives, where they will commit agency resources and expertise towards helping-out in emergency situations.
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