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"For the good Times" is a track written by Kris Kristofferson, first recorded through singer invoice Nash in 1968 before appearing on Kristofferson"s own debut album in April 1970. After ~ a recording by beam Price became a number-one hit solitary in June of that year, the song developed Kristofferson as among country and popular music"s peak songwriters while offering Price his very first chart-topping country and also western tune in 11 years."For the good Times" continued to be taped by a variety of artists in subsequent years, to famous success. The song ended up being a clip of heart singer Al Green"s concert collection in the 1970s, also featuring as a studio recording on his 1972 album I"m still in Love v You. A version by Perry Como invested 27 main on the UK Singles chart peaking in ~ #7 in respectable 1973.more »

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Don"t" look so sadI understand it"s overBut life walk onAnd this worldKeeps on turningYeahLet"s simply be gladWe have actually this timeTo spend together ohThere is no needTo watch the bridgesThat we"re burn hey ohLay her head on mine pillow sweet babeHold her warm and also tender human body close to mine heyHear the whisper of the raindropsRoll softlyAgainst my window hey hey five late in ~ nightMake believe you love me one more time heyFor the an excellent times heyFor the an excellent timesI"ll acquire alongI"m sure you"ll find another but infant please rememberI"ll be here, I"m gon continue to be right hereAnd you need to ever find that you require me yeahDon"t speak a wordAbout tomorrowAh forever and ever and ever and everThey"ll be timesEnough for severance as soon as you leaving hey hey heyFor the an excellent timesFor the an excellent timesLay her headOn my pillowOh this is one time girlHold your warm and tender human body close come mineHear the whisperOf the raindropsRolling softly versus my windowOh girlfriend gotta do isOh you gotta execute is make believe you love me one an ext timeFor the good timesFor the good timesHere"s what friend outta execute isLay your head on mine pillowHold her warm and tender body close come mines....

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Al environment-friendly Albert Greene (born April 13, 1946), far better known as Al eco-friendly or Reverend Al Green, is one American gospel and soul music singer. He reached the optimal of his popular in the 1970s, through hit singles such as "You Oughta Be v Me", "I"m tho In Love through You", "Love and Happiness", and "Let"s stay Together". In 2005, Rolling stone named the No. 66 in their list of the "100 biggest Artists of all Time".

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The nomination stated that "people are born to do particular things, and Al was born come make us smile." The Rock and Roll hall of reputation inducted green in 1995, referring to him as "one that the most gifted purveyors of soul music." green has sold more than 20 million records. More »