FORT WAYNE, Ind. ( – fort Wayne-based “The Voice” alum Addison Agen had a power Friday night at The Garden on north Anthony Boulevard to celebrate the relax of her latest album.

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Agen and her five-piece band performed the songs off of her brand-new album, “When the Morning Comes.” The Americana album come out Friday and also was her very first album since competing ~ above “The Voice.”

Agen says the album is a mix of various genres to check out what connects through her fans.

“It’s type of a arsenal of mine ideas and also my heart and also my sound. For this reason there’s tidbits the jazz right here in there, varieties of country. For this reason it all intermix is to view what people react to yes, really well and also what ns really gain playing. Therefore it’s kind of like it’s a test run of one album come see just what people affix with and see how it goes,” Agen said.

Addison Agen performance at The Garden on phibìc Anthony Boulevard come celebrate the relax of her recent album.

On Saturday, Agen will have actually a sleeve release that her new album at Neat neat Neat records as component of the store’s document Store work celebration. Agen will certainly be there beginning a 2 p.m. To authorize autographs and also take photos.

For much more information on Agen and her music, visit her website and also Facebook page.

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