Which the the complying with sentences has correct subject-verb agreement?a.Lady Macbeth, mistress of numerous servants, walk come the banquet hall.b.When draw close the palace, Banquo, not Fleance, are killed.c.Fleance, without Banquo, escape.d.When he first enters the banquet hall, Macbeth appears cheerful.

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When plot III of The Tragedy of MacBeth begins, Banquo claims that he knowsa.he self will one day be king.b.Macbeth killed Duncan.c.Macbeth plan to kill him.d.he himself will certainly not be attending the banquet that evening.
In The Tragedy the MacBeth, action III, step i, what walk Macbeth mean when he says, “Upon mine head they inserted a fruitless crown/And placed a barren scepter in mine gripe,/Thence to be wrenched v an unlineal hand,/No son of mine succeeding”?a.He will certainly be the victim of countless violent crimes, including robbery.b.His royal possessions have no monetary value.c.His children will hate him.

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In the Tragedy that Macbeth, from the start of Act ns to the finish of act III, what significant change carry out we check out in Macbeth?a.He is rapid to usage treachery to fit his needs.b.He enjoys a warm and also respectful relationship with his comrades.c.He has a more loving connection with Lady Macbeth.d.He makes use of logical advice in all his decisions.
In The Tragedy of MacBeth, action III, scene i, Macbeth says he fear Banquo because that which of the adhering to reasons?a.Banquo has actually noble characteristics that make him worthy of being king.b.Macbeth trust Banquo’s great looks will obtain him the crown.c.Macbeth overhears Banquo plotting against him and also Lady Macbeth.d.Banquo constantly carries weapons with him.
Act III that The Tragedy of Macbeth serves greatly toa.introduce the play’s climax.c.introduce important new characters.b.expose Macbeth’s mounting troubles.d.resolve the play’s main conflicts.
In The Tragedy the Macbeth, at the banquet, Lady Macbeth urges her husband to it is in ____ .a.cheerfulc.weakb.loyald.passionate
In The Tragedy the MacBeth, action III, once Lady Macbeth cases “Nought’s had, all’s spent, / whereby our desire is gained without content . . .” she means thata.she and also Macbeth have quarreled.b.she and Macbeth have actually risked everything but have got no happiness due to the fact that they are living in fear.c.she regrets the killing of Duncan.d.she go not desire Macbeth to have actually Banquo killed.
In The Tragedy of MacBeth, act III, Macbeth’s guilt causing him come imagine he sees Banquo’s ghost at the banquet is an instance ofa.external conflict.c.theme.b.internal conflict.d.poetic license.
In The Tragedy of MacBeth, act III, what is the most most likely reason the Macbeth sends along a 3rd murderer to sign up with the first two in death Banquo?a.Macbeth has become terribly suspicious and also trusts no one; he sends the third murderer come make specific the task gets done.b.Macbeth has funds that should be supplied quickly, therefore he rental an extra murderer.c.Macbeth suspects that Banquo will carry his wife and also children along with him, inquiry a 3rd murderer to provide assistance.d.Macbeth desires the third murderer to kill the other two murderers, which would result in fewer world knowing that his devious plot.

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