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Top price quotes from A location to Stand

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“After gift stripped that everything, every these children had left to be pride-a pride that was distorted, maimed, twisted, and turned versus them, a defiant pride the did not enable them to recognize that they were human being beings and also had been hurt.”

“Language gave me a means to store the chaos of jail at bay and prevent the from devouring me; it was a resource that permitted me to confront and also understand mine past, also to wring indigenous it part compelling truths, and also it opened up the method toward a future the was based not on are afraid o ... ”More

“But if prison was the place of mine downfall, a ar where my mankind was cloaked through the rough fabric of the many primitive manhood, the was additionally the location of mine ascent. I became a various man, not because prison was good for me, but in despite the of its damaging forces. In ... ”More

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