Unlimited liability the owner has for the fan of the firm. Opportunity of arguments between owners.

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Franchised businesses room successful (both domestically and also internationally) because:

Customers prefer the predictability that the product and/or service.

An owner that a coporation, group is recognized as a(n):


One reason franchises have become so well-known is the this plan provides the franchisee with:

A nationally recognized name and also product.

Which the the complying with statements is the most accurate? A foreign corporation:

Does organization in one or an ext states, but is chartered in one more state.

A significant advantage that S companies is the they:

Avoid the problem of dual taxation linked with conventional corporations.

In a leveraged buyout, the managers of a firm, the employees, or other investors:

Borrow funds to buy the end the firm’s stockholders.

If a group of stockholders or management achieve all the share of a previously publicly traded firm for themselves, this is referred to as:

Taking the for sure private

The most popular kind of business for franchising is:


One reason minimal liability suppliers have come to be so popular is that they:

Can be taxation either as a coporation, group or as a partnership, so owners can select the taxation treatment that is most advantageous for their situation.

The kind of organization ownership the usually requires the most detailed record keeping is the:


A(n) ___________________ is a state-chartered legal entity with authority come act and to have liability different from that is owners.

conventional corporation

In a partnership, a(n) __________ companion (owner) actively manages the firm and has countless liability because that claims against the firm.


Which that the complying with is not a disclosure that should be part of a partnership agreement?

The perform of personal assets of each partner.

A human who buys the appropriate to use a company name and sell a product in ~ a offered territory is called a:


One result of taking a firm personal is:

The firm’s share is no longer obtainable for acquisition on the open market.

A(n) _____________ is a agency that has a proven business model and also is ready to market the legal rights to usage the business model to rather so the they deserve to sell the same product or service within a provided territory.


_____________ is by far the most famous target because that American franchisors seeking to create franchises in other countries.


When 2 firms who carry out not participate in the very same industries, for instance a software firm and a fast food restaurant agency decide come merge, the an outcome is referred to as a ____________ merger.


A ______________ merger unites firms at different stages of connected businesses.


A far-reaching disadvantage of owning a single proprietorship is the:

Overwhelming time appointment often forced of the owner.

Any debts or loss incurred by a firm arranged as a single proprietorship are:

The obligation of the owner.

An testimonial of franchising would conclude the this type of arrangement:

Appeals to civilization who want to own a business, however are not comfortable beginning a agency from scratch.

When comparing basic partnerships to sole proprietorships, an benefit of tandem is the they:

Give the firm a more powerful financial foundation.

One reason numerous companies carry out not organize themselves as an S copy, group is the this kind of business:

Has a one-of-a-kind eligibility restriction, which plenty of businesses space unable come meet.

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In the late 1990s, firms uncovered it less complicated to flourish market re-superstructure by:

Merging with other companies or acquiring new companies.

The kind of organization ownership finest suited to raising huge amounts that money for growth is the: