Leaders serve people ideal by helping them build their own initiative and great judgment, allowing them to grow, and also helping them become much better contributors.

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According to the trait method to leadership, part personality attributes do differentiate effective leaders from various other people.
True. Part personality characteristics—many of i m sorry a human being need not be born with however can effort to acquire—do identify effective leader from other people.
False. Efficient leaders carry out not count on one leadership style; rather, lock are qualified of using various styles together the case warrants.
Task performance habits has a solid positive influence on monitor satisfaction and motivation and also on leader effectiveness
False. Group maintenance habits has a strong positive affect on follower satisfaction and motivation and likewise on leader effectiveness.
According to advocates of the situational approach to leadership, universally important traits and behaviors carry out not exist.
In the context of the Vroom model, several different decision layouts may work, however the layout recommended is the one that takes the least time.
They use miscellaneous approaches to motivate people. The ideal leaders, speak Kouzes and also Posner, do five things:• challenge the process—They an obstacle conventional beliefs and practices, and they produce change.

• accumulate a common vision—They appeal come people’s values and motivate them to care about vital mission.

• permit others to act—They offer people accessibility to information and also give lock the power to execute to their complete potential.

• version the way—They don’t just tell human being what come do; they are living examples of the ideals they think in.

• Encourage the heart —They present appreciation, provide rewards, and use various approaches to motivate human being in confident ways.

In the context of leadership, which of the adhering to is true the vision?
It expresses the leader’s ambitions because that the organization. A vision is a mental image of a possible and desirable future state the the organization.
Supervisory management is habits that provides:
guidance, support, and corrective feedback because that day-to-day activities.
In organizations, _____ often means the ability to acquire things done or attain one’s goals regardless of resistance from others.
power. Main to efficient leadership is power—the capability to affect other people
A leader who has _____ power influences others since he or she controls valued benefits; world comply v the leader’s desire to receive those benefits.
A leader v _____ power has personal characteristics the appeal to others.
Referent power. People comply since of admiration, an individual liking, a desire for approval, or a desire come be favor the leader.
In the paper definition of the trait method to leadership, _____ describes a set of attributes that reflect a high level of effort, including high need for achievement, consistent striving for improvement, ambition, energy, tenacity, and initiative.
In the context of the trait method to leadership, the correspondence between actions and words is known as:
Ernest, one employee at a company, is very eager to take up greater positions in the organization. That is one extrovert and tries to influence the decision made by his boss. The prefers to command his colleagues quite than follow them. According to the trait approach to leadership, i m sorry of the following traits go Ernest display?
Motivation. Great leaders want to lead. Therefore it helps to it is in extraverted—extraversion is consistently connected to management emergence and leadership effectiveness. Additionally important is a high need for power, a preference to it is in in leadership rather than follower positions. A high power require induces people to shot influencing others and also sustains interest and also satisfaction in the management process.
A leadership perspective that attempts to identify what great leaders do—that is, what habits they exhibit, is known as the:
Behavioral Approach
Actions taken to ensure that the work team or company reaches its goals are well-known as:
Task performance behaviors
In exhibiting _____ behaviors, leader take activity to ensure the satisfaction the team members, develop and also maintain harmonious occupational relationships, and also preserve the team’s society stability.
Group maintenance
Which the the following highlights the importance of leader behaviors, not simply toward the team as a whole, yet toward individuals on a an individual basis?
Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) theory
_____ management seeks information, opinions, and preferences, periodically to the suggest of meeting with the group, leading discussions, and using consensus or bulk vote to make the last choice.
Democratic leadership
Rob, though a vivid person, is a negative performer at work. His boss makes no managerial decisions but asks his employee take important steps in all facets of work. I beg your pardon of he following decision formats does Rob’s boss follow?
Laissez-faire. That is a leadership philosophy identified by an lack of managerial decision making.
In the context of the research study program performed at the college of Michigan ~ above the affect of leaders’ habits on project performance, demonstrating trust and confidence, gift friendly and also considerate, reflecting appreciation, and also keeping civilization informed is recognized as _____ behavior.
In the paper definition of a research program performed at the college of Michigan, planning, scheduling, coordinating, offering resources, and setup performance purposes is recognized as _____ behavior.
Task-oriented behavior
The management perspective the proposes that universally essential traits and also behaviors perform not exist and also that effective leadership habits varies from situation to circumstance is recognized as the:
Situational approach
In the paper definition of Fiedler’s contingency model, ____ leadership is more likely native high-LPC leaders.
According come Hersey and Blanchard’s situational theory, _____ is the level that the followers’ an abilities and technical expertise relative to the job being performed.
Job maturity
The _____ concept is came to with just how leaders affect followers’ awareness of your work aims and the courses they follow towards attaining the end.

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A _____ leader has a special capacity to generate excitement and also revitalize organizations.
A leader who manages through activities, utilizing his legitimate, reward and also coercive strength to offer commands and exchange rewards for solutions rendered is referred to as a:
transactional leader



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