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(22) (A) import quota is applied by residential government. VER is enforced by foreign trading partn…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: 22. A key difference in between import quotas and voluntary export restraints (VERs) is the the: A. Domestic govemment administers the import quota, whereas the foreign government administers the VER B. International government administers the import quota, conversely, the residential government administers the VER C. One is a tax, vice versa, the various other is a amount limit D. One raises the price the the imported product involved, conversely, the various other one does not 23. An instance of a nontariff obstacle would be: A. A minimum limit on the amount of imports B. A tax on an imported product C. Voluntary export restraints D. Too much licensing needs 24. \"Offshoring\" advert to: A. Importing goods, services, and resources. B. Stashing money in offshore accounts for the objective of preventing taxes. C. Shifting occupational overseas that was formerly done domestically D. Exporting an essential resources 25. I beg your pardon of the complying with are valid debates for tariff protection? A. Ensuring adequate production levels in sectors deemed to be essential in the occasion of war B. Increasing residential employment C. Financial diversification D. Security from international low-wage labor 26. Tariffs and also import quotas have the right to reduce joblessness in an import U.S. Industry yet A. If foreign nations experience growth, export jobs may grow B. International countries might impose non-tariff barriers on U.S. Goods, reducing tasks in one export industry. C. The U.S. Economy can falter, and also jobs would certainly decrease anyway D. Foreign countries can impose non-tariff obstacles on U.S. Goods, raising jobs in an export sector 27. International transactions autumn into what two large categories? A. Manufacturing trade and also services trade. B. International trade and also international heritage transactions. C. Money transactions and services trade. D. Newly produced assets and also preexisting assets. 28. What would cause a nation's money to adjust in the sector for international exchange? I. Transforms in tastes I. Loved one income transforms III. Instability IV. Price-level alters V. Speculation VI. Black markets VIL intended return on legacy A. I, II, V, VI and VII only B. III, IV, V and also VI only C. I, II, IV, V and also VII only D. All of the above will cause a nation's money to adjust in the industry for international exchange.