Complete Koussevitzky Commissions perform
Copland's third Symphony, title page

Serge Koussevitzky, conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra native 1924 to 1949, to be a champion of modern-day music. Transparent his distinguished career, he play a vital role in the production of new works by commissioning such composers as Béla Bartók, Leonard Bernstein and Igor Stravinsky. He created the Koussevitzky foundation in the Library to continue his lifelong commitment come composers and brand-new music.

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Composers" original manuscripts of i was delegated works are housed in the Koussevitzky arsenal in the Library of Congress.

This perform is update annually. Dates indicate year the commission to be granted, and year the manuscript was got by the Library the Congress.

Please consult Recent Grants listing for composers who space not standard for factor to consider during the existing application cycle.

Adams, John, Eros Piano, piano, orchestra (1984/1990)Adler, Samuel, Symphony No. 6 (1983/1985)Alexander, Peter, Ferrafunx, north set, brass quintet (1997/1998)Amy, Gilbert, Echos XIII, room ensemble (1973/1977)Anderson, Allen, String Quartet (1987/1991)Anderson, Julian, Van Gough Blue, chamber ensemble (2013/2016)Andriessen, Louis, Zilver, room ensemble (1993/1994)Antoniou, Theodore, Fluxus, orchestra (1972/1976)Arrigo, Girolamo, Petit Requiem to water une Troisième Possibilité, room ensemble (1966/1968)Asia, Daniel, Piano Quartet (1987/1989)Avshalomov, Aaron, Symphony No. 3 (1953/1954)Aylward, John, Aura, saxophone and also flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (2011/2012)Babbitt, Milton, Relata I, orchestra (1964/1966)______, Septet, yet Equal (1991/1992)Baird, Tadeusz, Symphony No. 3 (1968/1969)Baker, Claude, Märchenbilder, orchestra (2002/2005)Balassa, Sándor, Glarusi ének (Chant that Glarnerland), op. 29, orchestra (1977/1978)Barber, Samuel, Prayers the Kierkegaard, soprano, chorus, orchestra (1942/1954)_______, Die Natali, op. 37, orchestra (1954/1960)Bartók, Béla, Concerto because that Orchestra (1943/1943)Bassett, Leslie, Sextet, strings, piano (1968/1971)_______, Concerto because that Orchestra (1990/1992)Bates, Mason, Mercury Soul, clarinet, piano (2001/2002)Bauer, Ross, Halcyon Birds, chamber orchestra (1994/1994)Becerra Schmidt, Gustavo, Alturas de Macchu Picchu, narrator, soprano, chorus, orchestra (1965/1967)Ben-Haim, Paul, The Sweet Psalmist of Israel, vocal soloists, orchestra (1952/1953) Bennett, Richard Rodney, Woodwind Quintet (1965/1968)Berezowsky, Nicolai, Symphony No. 4, op. 29 (1942/1943)Berger, Arthur, Septet, chamber ensemble (1965/1966)Bergsma, William, String Quartet No. 2 (1943/1944)Berio, Luciano, Traces, opera in one action (1961/1964)Bermel, Derek, A Shout, a Whisper, and a Trace, room orchestra (2008/2009)Bernstein, Leonard, Serenade, solo violin, cable orchestra, percussion (1951/1954)_______, Symphony No. 3, "Kaddish" (1954/1963)Birtwistle, Harrison, Silbury Air, room ensemble (1974/1977)Biscardi, Chester, Sailors and also Dreams, voice and chamber ensemble (also voice and piano) (2007/2011)Blackwood, Easley, String Quartet No. 2, op. 6 (1958/1959)Blitzstein, Marc, Regina, opera in 3 acts (1958/1959)Bbrickandmortarphilly.comh, Ernest, Sinfonia Breve (1952/1953)Bolcom, William, Piano Quartet (1974/1977)_______, Lyric Concerto, flute, orchestra (1992/1993)Boykan, Martin, Symphony (1985/1989)Brant, Henry, Plowshares and Swords, orchestra (1995/1996)Bresnick, Martin, Pontoosuc, chamber orchestra (1986/1989)Brief, Todd, Idols, room ensemble (1984/1988)Britten, Benjamin, Peter Grimes, opera in three acts (1942/1944) Brown, Earl, Cross Sections and Color Fields, orchestra (1972/1974)Cage, John, Cheap Imitation, orchestra without conductor (1965/1972)Campion, Edmund, Small Wonder, two violins, 2 clarinets, 2 percussion (2009/2012)Castiglioni, Niccolò, Carmina (changed come Masques), because that chamber ensemble (1966/1968)Cerha, Friedrich, Curriculum, room ensemble (1971/1973)Chaitken, David, Trio, violin, cello, piano (1997/2002)Chang, Yu-Hui, At the Brink that the Chill, chamber ensemble (2008/2010)Chasalow, Eric, Flute Concerto, room ensemble (2005/2006)Chávez, Carlos, Sinfonía No. 5, wire orchestra (1952/1953)Chen Yi, Chinese folk Dance Suite, violin, orchestra (1997/2001)Cheung, Anthony, SynchroniCities, eight players, digital processing, playback (2011/2012)Chevreuille, Raymond, Short Symphony (Symphony No. 4), op. 54 (1952/1952)Chong Kee Yong, Yun Yong (Clouds Surging),String Quartet No. 4 (2009/2011)Chou, Wen-chung, Twilight Colors, double trio because that winds, strings (2005/2008)Chuaqui, Miguel, Desde el Limite (From the Border), room ensemble (2004/2007)Consoli, Marc-Antonio, Afterimages, orchestra (1981/1983)Copland, Aaron, Symphony No. 3 (1944/1946)_______, Symphonic Ode (1954/composed 1929; revised 1955)Cordero, Roque, Concierto, violin, orchestra (1961/1962)Corigliano, John, One Sweet Morning, mezzo soprano and orchestra (2010/2011)Cowell, Henry, Symphony No. 14 (1959/1960)Crumb, George, Three Madrigals, publications I and II (1964/1966)Current, Brian, Concerto because that Accordion and also Orchestra (2006/2009)Currier, Sebastian, Broken Consort, chamber ensemble (1994/1996)Dahl, Ingolf, Trio, violin, cello, piano (1957/1962)D’Alessio, Gregory, Symphony, orchestra (2002/2004)Dallapiccola, Luigi, Tartiniana, violin, orchestra (1950/1951)Dashow, James, Far Sounds, damaged Cries, room ensemble (1997/1999)Davidovsky, Mario, Synchronisms No. 7, orchestra, electronic sounds (1964/1974)_______, Divertimento, cello, orchestra (1981/1984)Davies, Peter Maxwell, Offenbarung und Untergang (Revelation and Fall), soprano, room ensemble (1964/1966)Dawe, Jonathan, Lieber de Arte Contrapuncti 1477/2001, cable quartet (2001/2002)Del Tredici, David, Syzygy, soprano, chamber orchestra (1966/1967)_______, Wondrous the Merge, string quartet, baritone (2000/2008)Diamond, David, Symphony No. 4 (1945/1945)Dick, Robert, A brand-new Prehistory, room ensemble (2001/2002)Diesendruck, Tamar, Such Stuff, wire quartet (1987/1989)Dobbins, Lori, Tres Recuerdos del Cielo, soprano, chamber ensemble (1988/1990)Dodge, Charles, Changes, ice (1969/1970)Donatoni, Franco, Orts (Souvenir No. 2), room ensemble (1968/1969)_______, Esa, orchestra (1996/2000)Druckman, Jacob, Windows, orchestra (1969/1972)Drummond, Dean, Dance of the 7 Veils, chamber ensemble (1992/1992)Dugger, Edwin, Matsukaze, soprano, room orchestra (1973/1977)Durkó, Zsolt, Chamber Music, two pianos, wire ensemble (1972/1973)Dutilleux, Henri, Concerto for two Orchestras (Symphony No. 2) (1954/1959)_______, Ainsi la nuit, string quartet (1977/1977)Eaton, John, Mass, soprano, clarinet, syn-kets, synthesizer, tape recorders (1969/1970)Eckardt, Jason, Tongues, soprano, chamber ensemble (1999/2001)______, Pulse-echo, piano, cable quartet (2011-2013)Edwards, George, Moneta"s Mourn, orchestra (1981/1983)von Einem, Gottfried, Symphonic Scenes, op. 22, orchestra (1954/1956)Erb, Donald, String Quartet No. 3 (1994/1996)Fang Man, Earth, tune cycle because that soprano, base baritone, sextet (2010/2012)Felciano, Richard, An American Decameron: song from the Interviews the Studs Terkel, soprano, chamber ensemble (1999/2001)Felder, David, Inner Sky, room ensemble (1992/1994)_______, Les Quatre Temps Cardinaux, solo soprano, solo bass, large chamber orchestra, electronic devices (2010-2013)Feldman, Morton, Instruments (II), chamber ensemble (1975/1975)Fennelly, Brian, Fantasy Variations, orchestra (1983/1985)______, Arias and Interludes (String Quartet No. 2) (1999/2001)Fernández, Agustín, String Quartet No. 2, “Sin tiempo” (2011/2013)Festinger, Richard, Tapestries, violin, cello, piano (1997/1998)Fine, Irving, String Quartet (1949/1952)Fine, Vivian, Poetic Fires, piano, orchestra (1984/1985)Finney, Ross Lee, Symphony No. 2 (1958/1959)Fitelberg, Jerzy, Concertino da Camera, violin, piano (1950/1951)Fontyn, Jacqueline, Rêverie et Turbulence, piano, orchestra (1988/1990)_______, Tree of Life, percussion quartet (2004/2005)Foss, Lukas, Capriccio, cello, piano (1945/1946)_______, Symphony of Chorales (1956/1958)_______, String Quartet No. 5 (2000/2000)Franchetti, Arnold, Concerto in Do, orchestra (1961/1962)Frohne, Vincent S., String Quartet (1964/1968)Froom, David, Emerson Songs, soprano, chamber ensemble (1995/1996)Furman, Pablo, Vox Chordae, chamber orchestra (1999/2001)Gaburo, Kenneth, Subito (Theater for 4 Instruments) (1959/1977)Galindo, Blas, Sonata, cello, piano (1947/1948)Gandolfi, Michael, Caution come the Wind, flute, chamber ensemble (1990/1992)Garrido-Lecca, Celso, Cuarteto No. 1, strings (1962/1964)George, Earl, Arioso, cello, piano (1947/1952)Gerhard, Roberto, Collages, orchestra, tape (1959/1961)Ginastera, Alberto, Concierto, piano, orchestra (1958/1961)Godfrey, Daniel, String Quartet No. 3 (1998/2000)Goehr, Alexander, Concerto, piano, orchestra (1969/1972)_______, Colossos or Panic, orchestra (1990/1993)_______, Marching to Carcassonne, piano, twelve tools (2001/2003)Greenbaum, Matthew, Es ist zum Lachen, chamber ensemble (2007/2008)Greenberg, Robert, Among friends (String Quartet No. 3) (1994/1995)Gruber, H.K., Cello Concerto (1984/1999)Guarnieri, M. Camargo, Brasiliana, orchestra (1950/1950)Gustavson, Mark, Quartet, strings (1988/1989)Haddad, Saed, On Silence, base voice, chamber ensemble (2014/2014)Haieff, Alexei, Eclogue, cello, piano (1945/1945)_______, Éloge, chamber ensemble (1964/1967)Halffter, Cristóbal, Symposion, baritone, chorus, orchestra (1965/1966)Hamilton, Iain, Symphony No. 2, op. 10 (1951/1951)Hanson, Howard, Concerto, piano, orchestra, op. 36 (1945/1948)_______, Elegy to the storage of my Friend, Serge Koussevitzky, op. 44, orchestra (1954/1955)Harbison, John, Ditima, orchestra (1973/1976)_______, The seven Ages, mezzo-soprano and also chamber ensemble (2006/2010)Harris, Donald, Prelude to a Concert in Connecticut, orchestra (1977/1981)_________, Symphony No. 2 (2006/2012)Harris, Roy, Symphony No. 7 (1947/1952)Harrison, Lou, Elegiac Symphony (1973/1976)Hartke, Stephen, Concerto, violin, orchestra (1992/1993)______, A Brandenburg Autumn, chamber orchestra (2005/2007)Hartley, Walter Sinclair, Chamber Symphony (1953/1954)Hartmann, karl Amadeus, Symphony No. 7 (1957/1958)Harvey, Jonathan, Timepieces, orchestra (1985/1988)______, Tranquil Abiding, small orchestra (1997/1998)Helps, Robert, Piano Quartet (1997/1999)Henze, Hans Werner, Being Beauteous, soprano, harp, four celli (1961/1963)Higdon, Jennifer, In the zero of Sirius, soprano and also string quartet (2011/2012) Hill, Edward Burlingame, Prelude, orchestra (1952/1953)Holloway, Robin, Double Concerto, op.67, clarinet, saxophone, two chamber orchestras (1982/1989)Honegger, Arthur, Symphony No. 5, "di tre re," orchestra (1948/1950)Horne, David, Five divisions of Time, wind quintet (1995)Hovhaness, Alan, Magnificat, op. 157, vocal soloists, chorus, orchestra (1957/1958)Husa, Karel, Sonata, violin, piano (1971/1973)_______, Five Poems, woodwind quintet (1993/1995)Hyla, Lee, The Dream of chaste III, magnified cello, piano, percussion (1985/1987)_______, Violin Concerto (1999/2002)Hyo-Shin, Na, Cycle the Sixty, cable orchestra, percussion, komungo solo (2002/2003)Ibert, Jacques, Caprilena, solo violin; Ghirlarzana, solo cello; Impromptu, trumpet, piano (1950/1951)_______, Symphonic activity (First activity of Symphony No. 2) (1954/1962)Imbrie, Andrew, Concerto, violin, orchestra (1953/1954)Ince, Kamran, Waves of Talya, room ensemble (1987/1988)Irino, Yoshir, Wandlungen, orchestra (1962/1973)Jarvinen, Arthur, The Modulus the Elasticity, viola, chamber ensemble (1991/1992)Jolas, Betsy, O Wall, room ensemble (1974/1976)Jones, Christopher Wendell, Liquid Refrains, string and also wind ensemble, percussion, piano (2009/2012)Kaminsky, Laura, Piano Concerto, soloist and chamber orchestra, (2011/2012)Kampela, Arthur, “…B…” ten instruments, video, electronics (2008/2012)Karchin, Louis, Quartet because that Percussion (1998/2000)Kassern, Tadeusz, The Anointed, opera in 4 acts (1949/1952)Kay, Ulysses, The Boor, opera in one act (1953/1956)Keleman, Milko, Floreal, orchestra (1969/1970)Keren, Jonathan, On the bridge of Words, room orchestra v narrator, clarinet, and also piano solo (2007/2009)Kernis, Aaron Jay, Songs that Innocents, book I, high voice, piano (1988/1989)Kim, Earl, Earthlight, soprano, violin, piano, lights (1969/1973)Kim, hello Kyung, Isles that Light, cable quartet, percussion (2000/2013) Kirchner, Leon, Concerto, piano, orchestra (1951/1953)Kirchner, Leon, Of things precisely as they are, orchestra (1992/1997)Klebe, Giselher, Missa "Misere Nobis," op. 45, for chamber orchestra (1962/1964)Knussen, Oliver, Ophelia Dances I, chamber orchestra (1974/1975)Kolb, Barbara, Soundings, chamber ensemble (1971/1973)Korf, Anthony, Cantata, chorus, chamber ensemble (1991/1992)Kraft, William, Encounters X, violin, marimba (1992/1992)_____, Vintage Renaissance and also Beyond, room ensemble (2003/2005)Kramer, Jonathan, Imagined Ancestors, chamber ensemble (2001/2003)Krenek, Ernst, Fivefold Enfoldment, orchestra (1962/1969)Krieger, Arthur, Unlimited Partnerships, room ensemble (1998/2000)Kui Dong, Fantasia: A Dialogue through Wind, chamber ensemble (2001/2003)Laderman, Ezra, Duo, cello, piano (1984/1984)Lancino, Thierry, Requiem, orchestra, chorus, soloists (2007/2009)Lansky, Paul, As It flourished Dark, tape (1981/1983)Lee, thomas Oboe, Waltzes, op. 26, chamber ensemble (1984/1985)Leon, Tania, Desde, orchestra (2000/2002)Lerdahl, Fred, Eros, voice, room ensemble (1974/1977)Leroux, Philippe, De la Texture, chamber ensemble, (2003/2007)Levinson, Gerald, Symphony No. 2, orchestra (1990/1997)Lewis, Robert Hall, String Quartet No. 3 (1977/1981)Lieberson, Peter, Horn Concerto (1994/1999)Ligeti, György, Ramifications, wire ensemble (1964/1969)Lindberg, Magnus, Sculpture, orchestra (2002/2005)Lindroth, Scott, Duo, 2 violins (1988/1990)Lindsay, Eric, So I desire to write a Piece around John Cage, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, all set piano, percussion, electronics (2008/2011)Liptak, David, Focusing, chamber ensemble (2013/2014)Lister, Rodney, Where ns Say Hours, clarinet, strings (1984/1985)Lombardo, Robert, Dialogues that Lovers, room ensemble (1965/1966)London, Edwin, Federico’s Follies, chamber ensemble (1997/1998)Lopatnikoff, Nikolai, Concertino, orchestra (1944/1944)Lourié, Arthur, The Blackamoor of Peter the Great, opera in 3 acts (1949/1961)Lunel, Armand, Libretto because that Darius Milhaud"s opera David (1951/1952)Machover, Tod, Nature"s Breath, chamber ensemble (1983/1984)Mackey, Steven, Moebius Band, soprano, room ensemble (1986/1988); _______, Ars Moriendi, wire quartet (1999/2000)Malipiero, Gian Francesco, Symphony No. 4, "in memoriam" (1946/1946)Mamlok, Ursula, Girasol, room ensemble (1988/1991)Mantovani, Bruno, Concerto de room No. 2, alto flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano (2008/2011)Marsalis, Wynton, All Rise, symphony orchestra, jazz orchestra, chorus (1998/2003)Martino, Donald, Fantasies and Impromptus, solo piano (1976/1981)_______, Serenata Concertante, octet (1996/1999)Martinu, Bohuslav, Symphony No. 1, (1942/1942)Martirano, Salvatore, Octet, room ensemble (1957/1963)Matsudaira, Yoritsune, Suite, chamber ensemble (1961/1963)Maw, Nicholas, Trio, violin, cello, piano (1990/1991)_____, Cor Anglais Concerto, orchestra (2003/2005)McKinley, william Thomas, Symphony No. 3, room ensemble (1983/1984)McPhee, Colin, Transitions, orchestra (1954/1954)Meltzer, Harold, The Obscure the Desire, violin, viola, room orchestra (2012/2013)Mennin, Peter, String Quartet No. 2 (1949/1951)Mennini, Louis, Sonatina, cello, piano (formerly Three quick Pieces, cello, piano) (1950/1952)Mernier, Benoît, String Quartet No. 3 (2011/2013)Messiaen, Olivier, Turangalîla-Symphonie, orchestra (1945/1948)Milhaud, Darius, David, opera in five acts (1951/1952)_______, Symphony No. 2 (1944/1944)_______, Symphony No. 6 (1954/1955)Miller, Edward, Orchestral Fantasies, orchestra (1968/1968)Miroglio, Francis, Eclipses, cable orchestra (1972/1973)Mobberley, James, Vox Inhumana, soprano, room ensemble (2001/2003)Moe, Eric, Up and At "Em, room ensemble (1987/1989)_______, Danger: gigantic Frogs, four percussionists (2010/2011)Moevs, Robert, Fourteen Variations, orchestra (1954/1952-54)Moore, Douglas, The Ballad of baby Doe, opera in four acts (1953/1956)Murail, Tristan, De Terre et de Ciel, orchestra (1983/1987)_______, Travel Notes, 2 pianos, 2 percussion (2012/2015)Musgrave, Thea, Space Play, room ensemble (1972/1974)_______, The Mocking-Bird, chamber ensemble (2000/2001)Nabokov, Nicolas, The Return of Pushkin, high voice, orchestra (1945/1947)Nono, Luigi, Canciónes á Guiomar, soprano, room ensemble (1962/1962)Norman, Andrew, Switch, solo percussion, orchestra (2013/2017)O"Brien, Eugene, Dédales, soprano, room orchestra (1972/1973)Olah, Tiberiu, The Time of Memory, chamber ensemble (1971/1974)Olan, David, String Quartet No. 2 (1987/1993)Olivero, Betty, Bashrav, chamber ensmeble (2000/2004)Orbón, Julián, Concerto Grosso, cable quartet, orchestra (1957/1958)Orrego-Salas, Juan, Concerto a Tre (Concerto Grosso), op. 52, violin, cello, piano, orchestra (1960/1962)Ortiz, Pablo, Raya en el Mar, chamber ensemble (1999/2000)Osborne, Nigel, Zansa, orchestra (1982/1985)Overton, Hall, Symphony for Strings (1954/1955)Palmer, Robert, String Quartet No. 2 (1943/1943; amendment 1948)Panufnik, Andrzej, Arbor Cosmica, cable ensemble or wire orchestra (1981/1983)Partch, Harry, Delusion the the Fury, orchestra (1966/1974)Penderecki, Krzysztof, Concerto, cello, orchestra (1966/1973)Perle, George, Serenade No. 2, room ensemble (1968/1968)_______, Concerto No. 2, piano, orchestra (1991/1992)Persichetti, Vincent, Quintet, op. 66, piano, strings (1954/1955)Peterson, Wayne, Diptych, chamber ensemble (1990/1992)_______, A Three item Suite, chamber ensemble (2002/2004)Petrassi, Goffredo, Quinto Concerto, orchestra (1954/1955)Phillips, Burrill, Tom Paine, orchestra (1944/1946)Piston, Walter, Symphony No. 3 (1946/1947)_______, Symphony No. 6 (1954/1955)Poulenc, Francis, Gloria, soprano, chorus, orchestra (1959/1960)Pousseur, Henri, Couleurs croisées, orchestra (1966/1967)Powell, Mel, Quintet, 2 violins, viola, cello, piano (1958/1958)Primosch, James, Five Meditations, orchestra (1987/1993)Quigang Chen, Iris Dévoilée, orchestra, women’s voices, Chinese instruments (2000/2002)Rakowski, David, Sesso e Violenza, chamber ensemble (1996/1996)______, Piano Concerto (2006/2007)Ran, Shulamit, Under the Sun’s Gaze, room ensemble (1999/2005)Rands, Bernard, Suite No. 2, "Le Tambourin," orchestra (1983/1985)_______, Canzoni, orchestra (1994/1995)_______, “now again” Fragment native Sappho, mezzo soprano, chamber ensemble (2005/2006)Reck, David, Number 3 - MeteMusic, room ensemble (1966/1974)Reich, Steve, Three Movements, orchestra (1981/1986)_______, Cello Counterpoint, eight cellos (1996/2003)Reynolds, Roger, Illusion, room ensemble, vocalists, electronics (2005/2006)Riegger, Wallingford, Sextet, op. 53, woodwind quintet, piano (1952/1953)Riley, Terry, June Buddhas, "The Mexico City Blues," chorus, orchestra (1991/1991)Rindfleisch, Andrew, The irradiate Fantastic, wind ensemble (2000/2001)Rochberg, George, Dialogues, clarinet, piano (1957/1957, 1958 <2 versions>)Rohde, Kurt, Minerva’s Pool, cable orchestra (1998/1999)Rogers, Bernard, Trio, violin, viola, cello (1952/1953)Rohde, Kurt, Minerva"s Pool, cable ensemble (1998/1999)Rorem, Ned, Paris Journal, "Letters indigenous Paris," chorus, room orchestra (1965/1966)Rosenzweig, Morris, Quartet, cable quartet (1996/1997)Rouse, Christopher, Compline, room ensemble (1996/1996)Ruders, Poul, Symphony No. 2, "Symphony and also Transformation" (1994/1996)______, Symphony No. 3 “Dreamcatcher” (2006/2006)Russo, William, Symphony No. 2, "Titans," op. 32 (1958/1958)Rzewski, Frederic, Histories, saxophone quartet (1992/1994)Saariaho, Kaija, Sombre, bass flute, voice, percussion, harp, dual bass (2012/2012)Saeverud, Harald, Concerto, op. 37, violin, orchestra (1953/1956)Sanchez-Gutierrez, Carlos, ... Dances the...

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, piano duo, percussion, cable quartet (2005/2007)Sanford, David, Scherzo Grosso, cello, big band (2004/2005)Sanguineti, Edoardo, Libretto because that Luciano Berio"s opera Traces (1964/1964)Saygun, Ahmed Adnan, Symphonie No. 3, op. 39 (1959/1961)Schafer, R. Murray, Sapho, room ensemble (1968/1970)Scherchen-Hsiao, Tona, Lo, trombone, strings (1976/1979)Schoenberg, Arnold, A Survivor from Warsaw, op. 46, narrator, male chorus, orchestra (1947/1947)Schuller, Gunther, Concerto, twin bass, room orchestra (1962/1968)_______, Singing Poems, because that soprano and also chamber ensemble (2014/2015)Schuman, William, Symphony No. 7 (1954/1960)_______, Symphony because that Strings (1943/1943)Schwendinger, Laura, Celestial City, room ensemble (2001/2003)_______, The Artist’s Muse, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (2014/2017)Selig, Robert, Concerto, 2 pianos (1983/1986)Sessions, Roger, Symphony No. 3 (1954/1957)Shapero, Harold, Symphony for timeless Orchestra (1945/1947)Shapey, Ralph, Partita-Fantasia, cello, chamber ensemble (1965/1968)Sheinfeld, David, Dear Theo, baritone, chamber ensemble (1993/1996)Sheng, Bright, Tibetan Swing, orchestra (1996/2002)_______, The to sing Gobi Desert, saxophone quartet, five classic instruments, percussion (2010/2011)Sheriff, Noam, String Quartet (1968/1983)Shifrin, Seymour, String Quartet No. 3 (1962/1966)Shinohara, Makato, Cooperation, room ensemble (1984/1992)Sierra, Roberto, Concerto para Orquesta, orchestra (1999/2000)Silverman, Stanley, Crepuscule, room ensemble (1971/1974)Silvestrov, Valentin, Eschatophony, orchestra (1966/1967)Sims, Ezra, String Quartet No. 4 (1983/1984)Singleton, Alvin, When provided A Choice, orchestra (2002/2005)Smit, Leo, Symphony No. 1 (1951/1955)Soley, David, "de camara...," room ensemble (1991/1992)Sollberger, Harvey, Flutes and Drums, room ensemble (1966/1984)________, Obsessions, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (1997/2009)Somers, Harry, Lyric, orchestra (1958/1960)Soper, Kate, I Was below I was I, theater for singers, ensemble (2012/2014)Spratlan, Lewis, Sojourner, room ensemble (1997/1999)Stock, David, Parallel Worlds, room ensemble (1982/1984)Stockhausen, Karlheinz, Mixtur, 5 orchestral ensembles, electronics (1964/1964)Stravinsky, Igor, Ode, orchestra (1943/1943)Street, Tison, Variations ~ above a Ground, orchestra (1975/1984)_____, Symphony V: early american Scenes, room orchestra (2003/2004)Stucky, Steven, Four Poems that A.R. Ammons, baritone, chamber ensemble (1991/1993)Sydeman, William, Texture research No. 2, orchestra (1966/1970)Taddie, David, Amazonia II,piano, harp, percussion, orchestra (2003/2007)Takemitsu, Toru, Dorian, the Horizon, wire ensemble (1965/1966)_______, Fantasma/Cantos II, trombone, orchestra (1993/1994)Talma, Louise, All the job of mine Life, tenor, room ensemble (1959/1967)Taxin, Ira, Timpani in Solo and also Ensemble, room ensemble (1975/1976)Tcherepnin, Alexander, Symphony No. 4, op. 91 (1951/1965)Tenzer, Michael, Sources the Current, orchestra (1995/1996)Thomas, Augusta Read, ...dawn dream dazzle landscapes in ~ twilight..., string quartet (1998/2000)_______, Earth Echoes: Homage come Gustav Mahler, mezzo soprano, baritone, room orchestra (2010/2013)Thompson, Randall, A pilgrimage to Nahant, orchestra (1948/1954)Thomson, Virgil, Lord Byron, opera in three acts (1949/1970)Thorne, Francis, Rhapsodic variations No. 5, violin, piano (1987/1987)Thorne, Nicholas, From the dice Earth, books 2 and also 3, room ensemble (1981/1983)Tiensuu, Jukka, Hou, violin concerto with chamber ensemble (2010/2012)Tippett, Michael, King Priam, opera in 3 acts (1957/1961)Toch, Ernst, Peter Pan, op. 76, orchestra (1954/1956)Torke, Michael, Chalk, wire quartet (1986/1992)Tosar Errecart, Héctor, Te Deum, brass, chorus, orchestra (1958/1961)Tower, Joan, Music, cello, orchestra (1982/1984)______, Viola Concerto, “Purple Rhapsody,” viola, orchestra (2000/2013)Trimble, Lester, Symphony No. 2 (1963/1968)Tsontakis, George, Winter Lightning, orchestra (1987/1993)Turnage, Mark-Anthony, Chicago Remains, orchestra (2004/2007)Ung, Chinary, Mohori, mezzo soprano, chamber ensemble (1973/1974)_______, Spiral VII, chamber ensemble (1993/1994)_______, Spiral X “In Memoriam,” amplified wire quartet (2005/2007)Vayo, David, Signals, chamber orchestra (1997/1999)Varèse, Edgard, Notturno, soprano, bass, percussion, chamber orchestra (1958/1961)Viera, Julio Martín, Ricercare, orchestra (1998/2000)Vieru, Anatol, Steps the Silence, wire quartet, percussion (1966/1968)Villa-Lobos, Heitor, Madona, orchestra (1945/1945) Sinfonia No. 11 (1954/1955)Wagner, Melinda, Whirl’s End, chamber ensemble (2001/2005)Walker, George, Sinfonia No. 2 (1988/1990)______, Wind Set, woodwind quintet (1998/1999)Walton, William, The Bear, opera in one action (1958/1967)Wang Jie, Oboe Concerto (“For the real Heart the Sadness”) (2012/2015)Weisgall, Hugo, Lyrical Interval, short voice, piano (1961/1984)Wernick, Richard, Trio, violin, cello, piano (1996/1996)Wheeler, Scott, Northern Lights, orchestra (1986/1988)_______, Wakefield Doubles, dual string orchestra (2002/2004)White, Barbara, Enough Rope, soprano, flute (2003/2007)Wilson, Olly, Expansions II, orchestra (1984/1988)Wilson, Richard, Triple Concerto, horn, base clarinet, marimba, orchestra (1996/1999)Wolfe, Julia, Four Marys, wire quartet (1990/1991)Wolpe, Stefan, Chamber item No. 1, chamber ensemble (1961/1965)Wood, Hugh, Trio, op. 29, horn, violin, piano (1985/1990)Wuorinen, Charles, Chamber Concerto, oboe, room ensemble (1964/1966)_______, Concertino, orchestra (1984/1985)_______, Symphony Six, orchestra (1996/1997)Wyner, Yehudi, Intermedio, soprano, cable orchestra (1958/1975)_______, Second Madrigal: Voices that Women, soprano, room ensemble (1992/1999)Xenakis, Iannis, Akrata, chamber ensemble (1964/1965)Yu-Hui Chang, At the Brink that the Chill, violin, viola, cello, dual bass, piano (2009/2010)Yuasa, Joji, Time that Orchestral Time, orchestra (1972/1977)Yuhas, Dan, Collisions, room ensemble (2007/2009)Yun, Isang, Konzert, oboe, orchestra (1987/1991)Zhou Long, The Ineffable, chamber ensemble (1993/1994)_________, Five Elements, concerto because that flute and also orchestra (2004/2009)Zupko, Ramon, Canti Terrae, orchestra (1981/1983)