“Please avoid saying the J-O-B word! I’m breaking out in hives just thinking about it!”

It’s been a while since we’ve confirm in with the citizenship-challenged couples that TLC’s 90 day Fiance: Happily ever After?, and also it appears that a most that “happily ever after” has actually started to wear turn off for the gang.

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Let’s capture up through our couples, chandelier we?

We start things off with Annie and David. Bad Annie is beginning to realize that her husband has actually a chronic disease: unemployment-itus!

He tho doesn’t have actually a job, and Annie is unhappy the she’s fixed living the glamorous life that she dreamy of. (I guess: v squatting in an old firehouse with your jobless husband isn’t precisely the American Dream, eh?)

David’s sister, Nancy, is coming to town and Annie is going to chef her a timeless Thai dinner. Nancy must have actually some sort of job due to the fact that she was able to actually rent a “vacation house” to stay in for she trip. (Imagine that! paying to live somewhere. David must be confused by the concept. It’s hard for him!)

Annie and also David involved the residence to make dinner. (Well, Annie is do dinner; David is sitting on his rump, complaining, as per usual.) David tells us that that didn’t desire his sister to stay with him and also his bride in ~ the firehouse due to the fact that it’s not very comfortable. (I mean, that doesn’t hate it when their squat house gets as well cramped!?)

Nancy seems fairly supportive of David and also Annie’s relationship. Annie take away the opportunity to call Nancy all about how David refuses to take it a project that’s in ~ him. (Apparently, he is holding the end to become a rockstar or astronaut or something? He can’t be bothered to stock shelves in ~ the Target or something! The horror!)

“Take part job,” Annie claims to David. “Some little job, then you deserve to step up and also take ~ above the huge job friend like.”

Nancy it s okay on Annie’s next immediately. She realizes that her brothers is a big useless lump of complaint and tries to encourage that to stop holding out till he is may be to become President the the totally free World.

“You uncover something and you execute it,” Nancy says, including that she’s “really disappointed” in David and also that she “tremendously worried” around his entirety situation.

David decides to take it what his sister is speak to heart. He also decides to take everything spending money Nancy has brought for she vacation.

He asks his sisters if he have the right to borrow part cash, and Nancy is just blown away. (For some factor she must have actually actually been holding out hope that her brother wasn’t a finish waste of space?)

“I come all the method here for you come ask me for money,? Nancy asks incredulously.

“So….is the a no ~ above the money-borrowing or….?”

David then tells united state that he has previously obtained money native his other sister and also from his father. He only asked Nancy because that cash since he’s running the end of relatives to mooch turn off of.

“I don’t desire to save seeing David borrow, borrow, borrow money,” Annie says.

Nancy claims no, she’s not going to permit David by offering him money. David claims he was not expecting Nancy come say no.

“I feeling helpless,” he says.

If only there was some means that David might go out and somehow gain money through doing…I don’t know…some type of job-related for an agreed-upon amount of money! climate he i will not ~ be helpless!


Speaking that jobless folk, we next examine in through the employment-challenged Azan and his desperate bride-to-be Nicole.

Nicole and her daughter might are in Morocco through Azan. Having Nicole within hugging distance appears to it is in Azan’s worst nightmares come to life. He appears to it is in trying to remove her and also her child (although he’s fine v letting Nicole’s wallet rod around). Nicole, as per usual, is no taking the hint.

“As you can see we room both so, therefore happy around this wedding. Right, Azan?”

Nicole claims she plan to stay in Morocco because that a year or so after their wedding. Azan looks like he wants to start trekking with the desert ASAP looking for a Nicole-less life.

They sit under and shot to find out why Azan’s visa to be denied. Azan claims that the “thinks” it gained denied since of his previous partnership with a woman from Belarus. Azan states he thinks the embassy human being suspect he’s simply trying to get out of Morocco anyway he can. They don’t think he’s yes, really in love v Nicole.

What? WHAT!? host the phones! breaking news! Azan can not yes, really be in love v Nicole? I uncover that hard to believe!

Next, us head over to inspect in v Chantel and also Pedro. Pedro’s big-screen-TV-obsessed “sister” Nicole is in town and also things are still tense in between Pedro and Chantel. Pedro tells Nicole the The family Chantel is having him investigated and Nicole says that’s crazy. Pedro speak his sister the he really desires to move away from The family Chantel because they won’t continue to be out of his business.

Chantel, and her fake eyelashes, do the efforts to mend fences v Pedro and Nicole. Chantel says she’s sorry for disrespecting Pedro and for “whatever taken place yesterday.” But, Pedro says she still has actually an attitude.

Ooooh, girl. If he stated that to me, after ns apologized, he’d it is in pulling the Lee Press-on Nails the end of his eyeballs because that DAYS!

They go ago in the apartment and all three of them just sit around and ignore every other. Chantel goes over to she family’s home to trash-talk Pedro and Nicole (as friend do).

“Lordy…my mom’s gonna finish up top top the news…”

The family members Chantel is mad once they hear that Pedro is walking to remain the night in a hotel v his sister. They carry up an exciting theory: possibly Nicole is no actually part of The family members Pedro in ~ all. Perhaps she’s no his sister….

“Nicole seems to behave together if Pedro is her boyfriend. It makes me wonder what kind of connection that is,” Chantel’s mother says.

Record scraaaaaaatch! one of two people Pedro and also Nicole are in some sort of monster scam, or The family Pedro is very icky…

Chantel doesn’t seem to believe that Nicole is anything more than Pedro’s demanding sister. Still, she says Nicole is disrespecting her and also this renders The family members Chantel really angry.

“They have actually may have thought they met part stupid Americans, but things are about to acquire a tiny bit more stupider,” Chantel’s mom says. (Um… clearly…)

“I don’t recognize why anyone would certainly think we were stupid!”

“I’ll carry out something about this, let me get these rings off,” Chantel’s mom says, as she starts acquisition her jewel off prefer she’s ready to fight. (It’s all really Snooki-fights-Angelina “hold my earrings”…)

Meanwhile, end in Georgia, Molly and also Luis are officially done. Luis has actually moved out and Molly says she is relieved to have her home back. She claims she’s ready to relocate forward through her life.

Molly admits the she hasn’t viewed her 18-year-old daughter Olivia in around a month, despite the truth that Olivia is in the same town, shacking up at she boyfriend’s ar to stop the pile of Uselessness that’s been congealing on she mother’s couch for the last few months.

Molly calls her daughter and tells her that Luis has moved out and also that she really wants to view her. Olivia agrees to accomplish Molly because that lunch later on in the week.

“At this point, ns regret my connection with Luis,” Molly says. “I wish ns would have actually listened to mine gut a little much more and simply known the this wasn’t going to work.”

Next, we jet on end to Colombia, whereby Paola and also Russ space preparing to leaving to go earlier to the joined States. Paola is really sad to leaving her family.

“I need to go earlier to that Pao who provided to be there for my family,” she cries come Russ.

Russ do the efforts to be supportive and tell she she deserve to still support her family from the U.S. (on she Instagram lingerie design salary, apparently?)

“Maybe I can dance sexy while you and Juan fight to the death, and also we can put the on YouTube! That will certainly make some money!”

Paola and Russ return to Florida and also Russ pipeline on a work trip. Paola meets up through her girlfriend Genny who is additionally from Colombia. Paola opens up up around her miscarriage.

She states she no tell her finest friend, Juan, because she doesn’t think he has the kindness to be supportive.

What? Juan? not kind? that would’ve thought? he is a constant Mother Teresa in gold chains, that one!

Paola claims she doesn’t recognize if Russ knows how much the miscarriage uncomfortable her. She is an extremely worried the if she becomes pregnant again, she will have another miscarriage.

“I feeling guilty. Ns feel the it to be my fault,” she says, adding that she wishes Russ would certainly talk come her much more about it.

Later, we go with Paola come the doctor. The physician tells her that she does have a higher chance the miscarriage since her blood is RH negative. The says now that they understand this, if she it s okay pregnant again, castle will be able to control the by giving her a shot.

Finally, us go check out what our critical dumpster-fire couple, Anfisa and also Jorge, have been as much as lately.

Jorge is meeting with the counselor come talk about his crappy relationship with Anfisa. The counselor asks Jorge what that loves around Anfisa and also Jorge states he loves her honesty. (‘Member once she keyed “Idiot” right into his vehicle because it is what she honesty assumed of him? that was special!)

The counselor climate asks Jorge what he think he needs to do to make Anfisa happy and also he says, “make an ext money.”


Um…Anfisa would have actually it all spent before you gained your mitts on a dollar of it…

Jorge tells the producer the he could fix “all the difficulties that he has” v money. Jorge tells the counselor the money is the most crucial thing in the marriage and the most vital thing in his life. (While this seems choose a skewed view of reality, we need to remember that Jorge is married to Anfisa, so he may not it is in that much off here.)

Jorge goes home and talks to Anfisa around his counseling session.

“Jorge has issues and also he needs to work on them but he hasn’t, so what’s the suggest of going earlier to counseling if he’s no going to job-related on them?” Anfisa asks.

They decision to battered counseling and also Jorge thinks everything is going to be fine, yet Anfisa tells us that she is thinking around divorcing him.

But…but…but…they seem for this reason happy!

(OK, ns couldn’t even type that with a right face.)

“For once I’m no lying! i really perform need an ext money!”

Meanwhile, David, Annie, Nancy and David’s daughter, Ashley, go the end to dinner. (David is surely excited for the free meal.)

At dinner, they cite how much Nancy likes children, so Annie asks her if she will help her v her future kids… if her and also David have actually them. That’s when things obtain awkward.

“Who are you going come have youngsters with? It’s not dad,” Ashley says.

“At David’s age?” Nancy asks.

Annie seems puzzled by your reaction.

“You median his sperm don’t occupational anymore?” Annie asks.

She then reveals the David plan to obtain his vasectomy reversed since he promised she they might have kids. Ashley is flabbergasted.

“You have actually grandkids you can assist raise!” Ashley says. (I view the mooching gene operation deep in the family!)

Nancy is simply baffled. David asked her to borrow money critical night, however he is talking around having a infant tonight. Annie it s okay defensive.

“Why perform I have to describe my life come you?!” she yells before she storming out.

Ashley walk after her and tries to define their concern. Annie comes ago in, however she claims she tho doesn’t to trust Ashley. She will, however, continue to be for the rest of dinner, due to the fact that it’s more than likely the just Top-Ramen-less enjoy the meal she’s had actually in weeks!

“When no one’s looking, yet that leftover bread in your purse!”

The following day, it’s time because that Nancy to leave. David claims he think Nancy is “abrasive.”

Why? because she won’t give you money?

Nancy tells David he much better get his s**t together. David keeps telling her the his opportunities are walk to pertained to fruition.

Sure, Jan.

Nancy claims she is upset since David is repeating the specific same scenario he has actually repeated over and also over again.

Later, Annie meets up through Ashley because that dinner sans David. Ashley states she heard the Annie met David in ~ an escort bar. She asks Annie if this is true. Annie denies this.

Annie admits that, in Thailand, there space bars whereby “naked women usage their vagina to open up the beer and put some stuff in there,” however she didn’t job-related at one.

Wait…what?! that doesn’t sound very hygienic!

Basically every viewer as they hear to this story…

Annie stated she had actually never even been to one of those vagina beer bars… until David took she there.

Can we all take it a minute to digest the picture of David in one of these bars?! BRB– gotta walk spew my lunch.

Anyway, ago in Morocco, Azan, Nicole and also May take trip to check out Azan’s family and also start to plan The Lil’ Desert Wedding ‘o’ Horrors. Azan says his household is excited that he is getting married due to the fact that he is the just son, and also that his parents are paying for the wedding.

Azan’s mom and sister say they room delighted to check out Nicole and also May.

“When Nicole knocked on the door and also I witnessed her was standing there, i was for this reason happy, ns can’t even explain it,” Azan’s mommy said. “I am so excited to check out my son gain married.”

So, anyone is excited around this wedding…except Azan. Nicole states she’s excited because that “the wedding night and also every night after ~ that.”

Hearing this, Azan has the very same look on his face I did a minute ago when ns was picturing David in the Thai vagina beer bar.

Azan is about to be called to the carpet. Nicole’s mother, Robbalee, has arrived in Morocco and also she’s over there to grill Azan like a shish-kebab.

“Azan seems reluctant to gain to recognize us and also that provides me nervous,” Robbalee says. “It’s like, what are you hiding?”

“It’s time to pay the piper, Azan! acquire that tux on!”

Nicole speak Robbalee the Azan plans to get a “small project here and there to help out.” (Oh, exactly how nice the him!)

Robbalee says she is worried the they won’t have the ability to take treatment of themselves, much less May. Robbalee instantly starts asking Azan around the other girls he’s been talking to. Nicole gets mad and says she doesn’t want to talk around it. Walk figure.

Over in Georgia, Molly walk to meet with lawyer to inquire about divorcing Luis. Molly says Luis doesn’t have actually his work-related permit or environment-friendly card yet, for this reason she is meeting with an immigrant attorney to discover out the following steps.

The attorney, Irene, starts acquisition notes top top the entirety Molly/Luis debacle.

“So, you didn’t yes, really have any red flags before he concerned the U.S.?” attorney Irene asks snarkily.

“Stevie Wonder might have checked out this coming, girl!”

Irene is acquisition notes top top the mess the is Molly’s life and also then she speak Molly that since she signed an affidavit that support, Molly can be on the hook because that 10 years to assistance Luis.

“He requirements to go back to the Dominican because I’ve currently spent thousands and thousands that dollars to gain him here and also I don’t want to have to pay one more cent for Luis’ ass, anymore,” Molly says.

Irene speak Molly she needs to walk to the environment-friendly card interview and also let them know if she thinks Luis had ulterior motives once he came to the U.S. Irene states this interview could not happen for a entirety year, though.

“Now here’s a though, Irene. Would certainly YOU think about marrying Luis? I’d owe you one!”

“I great you well,” Snarky lawyer Irene states as Molly leaves.

Translation: “Biotch, you’re screwed!”

Finally, us head end to watch Anfisa and Jorge one last time. Things are even much more tense between these lovebirds now, because of the reality that part woman sent Anfisa a direct message ~ above Twitter, claiming the Jorge is the father of she 10-year-old child!

The potential infant mama insurance claims that Jorge to know it’s his kid and that that hasn’t sent out over any pot money to help support his child. (If this doesn’t have actually the makings of a pretty great Maury Povich Show episode, i don’t know what does!)

Anfisa said Jorge denies that it’s his child.

“If this child is yes, really his, ns don’t want to have actually anything to carry out with Jorge ever again,” she speak us.

But, whose vehicle would you key, Anfisa!?


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Next week, Anfisa and also Jorge are still do the efforts to figure out if he has actually a daughter; David is do the efforts to figure out exactly how to pay/mooch rent on the firehouse; Azan and Nicole room trying to number out the procedures to Moroccan marriage. Oh, and Pedro and The brother Chantel, River, obtain into a physics fight.

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