Every track on Netflix's 6 secret Soundtrack i beg your pardon songs room featured in 6 Underground? Here"s a finish track listing, and also a overview for where the song are used in Michael Bay"s Netflix film.

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6 underground Soundtrack
The 6 Underground soundtrack fully complements the film’s action-packed storyline. Michael Bay’s Netflix blockbuster has a potent blend that electro and also rock bangers that underline the major themes: revenge and also justice. 

In 6 Underground, a group of technically-dead outsiders hold together to take down global baddies. Led by the enigmatic One (Ryan Reynolds), the team experiences tragedy in Florence and also later re-focuses to carry down a vicious dictator. The main 6 Underground actors is rounded out by Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona, and Corey Hawkins.

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Overall, the 6 Underground soundtrack is full of adrenaline-pumpers that drive various chase scenes and also pivotal mission moments. As One"s squad travels across the world, the cumulative songs essentially function as mood-setters and narrative exclamation points, through a pair tracks serving as touching musical motifs. Here are the key songs featured in 6 secret on Netflix.

“Dig Down” by Muse“Wannabe” by Spice Girls“O Fortuna” by spiritual Project“Glory” through The Score“The Fear” by The Score“Legend” by The Score“The Handler” by Muse“Never Gonna shed the Love” by Maribou State special Holly Walker“Blah blah Blah” by Armin van Buuren“Getting plank the Plane” through Lorne Balfe“Leave It to Beaver” Score by Gordon Music“Legendary” by Welshly Arms“I’ll take You There” by The clip Singers“Beautiful Sunday” through Lorne Balfe“Bulletproof” by The Score“Nothing Burns like the Cold” by Snoh Aalegra“Run” through AWOLNATION“White Flag” by Bishop Briggs

Explosions and also cars in 6 Underground
Netflix"s 6 Underground kicks off v "Dig Down" together One describes his life story. The track also appears later on in the film during One"s Parisian sex scene v an Italian woman named Arianna. Because that a short moment, "Wannabe" plays during a Florence follow scene that doesn"t end particularly well because that the titular squad. Once the action reaches the Uffizi Gallery, "O Fortuna" represents the beating understanding of the 6 secret team.

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When 4 skywalks atop the Duomo in 6 Underground, "Glory" scores the moment of aerial ecstasy. Quickly after, "The Fear" boosts a stylized succession featuring Two. Throughout the exact same Florentine chase, "Legend" plays over a scene where 5 screams at One. "The Handler" essentially marks the start of the main action after the Italian inciting incident.

"Blah blah Blah" underlines a flashback step midway with 6 Underground. During a ras Vegas sequence featuring various generals, "Legendary" establishes the mood. "Run" plays end a Hong Kong skywalking scene, and "White Flag" is the main song for a country"s revolution. (In a meta moment, One asks his team who picked the track, which deserve to be heard later on during a boat-themed climax.) The closing credits because that 6 Underground on Netflix are scored by "Bulletproof."